Charter Super Medium Jet

Charter Super Medium Jet

Somewhere between medium jets and large jets, you can find the super medium jet class. These are a well-kept secret by connoisseurs of travel worldwide. For superior executive air charters, a medium jet could be your solution. These jets offer a lighter weight than a jumbo jet, translating to less fuel consumption. A super medium jet also boasts more cabin space than a medium jet, transporting around 9 passengers in the lap of luxury, literally. Nonstop trips of around 3,500 miles are a breeze with these luxury jets, and they are cleared to travel at the highest and fastest altitudes.

Models include citation X, Hawker 1000 and Falcon 50 more luxury super medium jet charters to come.

Hawker 1000 Private Jet Charter

The Hawker 1000 jet charter is among the elite in the mid-size luxury jet charter category. Everything that is considered a priority in the way of luxury and private air travel has been incorporated into these ultra-luxe aircraft. The Hawker 1000 charter has the capability to transport passengers on transcontin...

Falcon 50 Jet Charter

The Falcon 50 private jet charter is truly an asset to the industry of transcontinental business jet travel. Emerging in the 1970s, this luxury aircraft charter has stayed at the top of its game, providing superior private travel for its pampered guests. The Falcon 50 charter is quite recognizable, with a low s...

Cessna Citation X Private Jet Charter

The Citation X is the fastest of the Cessna business jet line, and with its inception brought new standards in luxury air charter speed. And as for luxury, it is all you can expect with an aircraft that boasts Rolls-Royce turbofan engines mounted high on the rear fuselage. As with other luxury air charter model...