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Super yachts, yacht charters, upscale parties, excursions and yachts for sale- this luxurious category will give you a peek at some of the most expensive homes on water. Come aboard and view some of the most elegant yachts and super yachts in the world. Sit back and enjoy the private yacht charter view right from your computer.
It is astounding how much some of the most expensive yachts in the world cost-and that is why they are known as “super yachts”, because they are in a price class entirely their own. Very few individuals alive can afford to own and maintain a super yacht, and for this reason, the few of them out there are closely monitored and adored.
South Florida is the Venice of America, featuring hundreds of miles of intercoastal waterways. This fact also makes South Florida the yachting capital of the east coast, and home to some of the world’s most lavish yachts and super yachts.

Palmer Johnson Bugatti Yacht Action

If you are lucky enough to own a Bugatti hypercar, it is entirely likely that a mere luxury yacht may not be exciting enough. To remedy this, there is a concept in the making that is being dubbed the “Bugatti of the sea”—the Palmer Johnson Bugatti yacht. The Palmer Johnson Bugatti yacht will offer just a bit of size and, of course, that speed. The price range will be about the same as throwing down for a million-dollar Bugatti Veyron, but this one can swim. For the yacht concept, Bugatti teamed up with Palmer Johnson yacht builder. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Luxury Yacht Toys: Check Out the BAC Mono Marine Edition Car

When it comes to yachts and cars, it is important to have the proper pairing. To make luxury travel a bit easier, BAC has created the Mono Marine Edition car. It comes complete with a carbon fiber crane to hoist it aboard, and there are even special lifting points on the car to avoid damage. Photos ©BAC Mono  The BAC Mono Marine Edition car at a glance: It features a single seat layout, so it is not exactly a family vacation cruiser. This is more for trips at ports of call. The special crane was crafted to be usable with … Continue reading

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The $86 Million Dollar Toy We All Need: 125’ Yacht J’Ade

What you are looking at is the $86 million dollar toy we all need: Meet the 125’ yacht J’Ade . She is a fine lady capable of transporting up to 10 in supreme luxury. The battle for ‘most expensive yacht’ title will always rage on, yet even those who cannot afford this level of extravagance enjoy checking them out online! While she is certainly not the most expensive yacht in the waters of the world, the $86 million dollar yacht J’Ade is noteworthy and packing some seriously cool amenities.  The 125’ Yacht J’Ade at a glance: J’Ade boasts 4 oversized decks … Continue reading

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LaFerrari Yacht Concept is a Water Rocket

There have been ample examples of supercar superboats making waves lately, from the Lamborghini Aventador inspired variety to the AMG Vision GT. Enter an exotic yacht concept based on the illustrious new LaFerrari. Is the LaFerrari yacht for real or simply for wow? The LaFerrari inspired yacht concept is packing some serious power via two 900 horsepower Volvo engines likely capable of evaporating water on contact. Think of it as a $4 million dollar knife slicing through the sea. The deck is reinforced with carbon fiber and military grade protective materials, while the engine room features fitted diamond plate flooring … Continue reading

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Ferruccio Lamborghini Yacht Looks Amazing Restored

It may not purr like a Lamborghini supercar, but this slice of history can cut through the seas with two V12 engines from the old 350 GT cars. The nearly forgotten Ferruccio Lamborghini yacht has been fully restored to its former glory, and it is beautiful! The Ferruccio Lamborghini yacht at a glance: Not one but two rumbling 4.0-liter V12 engines. These are derived from the original Lamborghini 350 GT. Each engine kicks out 350 horses for a combined total of 700. Not bad at all for 1963. It is a one-off yacht commissioned by Ferruccio himself. It is a … Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Yacht Arrives in Monaco in Scaled Model Form

The Mercedes-Benz yacht ARROW460 Granturismo is generating attention. The motor company’s motor yacht appeared at a show in Monaco in scale model form. The brand paired with UK-based Silver Arrows Marine to create the yacht concept, which is being labeled the ‘Silver Arrow of the seas’. The Mercedes-Benz Granturismo yacht releases the traditionally compartmentalized layout in favor of an open structure. The look and feel is a luxury car capable of rocketing on water. To explain why they are interested in the motor yacht arena, Gorden Wagener, VP of Design at Daimler AG stated the following: “Under the label Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading

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The Bugatti Sang Bleu Yacht Concept that Sank

For those familiar with the Bugatti Sang Bleu supercar, that deep Oceanic blue is ideal inspiration for a luxury yacht. British designer Ben Walsh saw this potential and ran with it, drafting the Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht concept. While this majestic yacht sank in the concept stages, it is still worth remembering. After all, a seaworthy Bugatti would certainly be a sailor’s dream come true! While there is a smattering of specialty yacht concepts to drool over annually, one with the Bugatti badge is something special. The Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht concept at a glance: The yacht spans 30 feet … Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo Yacht

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is getting their hands wet with a new project: the Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht. This yacht packs some of the expected perks of a luxury liner, downsized, with the exterior appeal of the powerful Mercedes-Benz GT roadsters. Imagine blasting over pristine waters in this yacht concept! A seaworthy silhouette: The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht is more aqua-auto than yacht, as it lacks the main exterior points of larger vessels…like deck space. The Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht will make its official debut at the much-anticipated Monaco Yacht Show this September. The yacht is the result of a … Continue reading

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Current Most Expensive Yacht is $4.8 Billion

The current most expensive yacht in the world is the History Supreme. The History Supreme is valued at $4.8 billion dollars—that is more than double the most expensive home, which is a mere $2 billion. It also eclipses the 2nd most expensive luxury yacht, ‘Eclipse’. Eclipse is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Let’s get to the bottom of what makes this superyacht worth billions. Hint: it has something to do with the ship’s bottom. The competition for most expensive yacht gets more extravagant every few years. With the current winner worth $4.8 billion dollars, we can’t wait to see … Continue reading

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A Private SubmersibleYacht? Meet Migaloo

There is a new toy in the works for the extremely wealthy: a submersible yacht. The 007-esque luxury yacht effectively doubles as a submarine! It was dreamt up by Austrian design studio Motion Code: Blue. The project is code named ‘Migaloo’ for an albino whale. The reason the submersible yacht has been named after a whale lies in the marketing package. One of the main selling points of this creation is its ability to submerge, and they claim it is entirely possible for those on board to enjoy a spot of tea while traveling along with a pack of whales, … Continue reading

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