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Pardon our French, but this is where you can find stories and happenings that will make you thing, WTH? Think Britney Spears shaving her head, Chrysler’s luxury car attempts, Vanilla Ice trying to rap again, or Sarah Palin succeeding in politics. So WTH are you waiting for, dive into this section and share your comments with the rest of us today! Hear about something insane? We want to know all about it!

Seriously: Kid Suing Ferrari for Facebook Copyright Infringement

There is an interesting social media legal case going on involving Ferrari. It seems that before Facebook became an empire, a 15-year-old Sammy Wasem created a Ferrari Facebook Page. Now Wasem is 21-years-old and because both the fan page and Facebook itself have exploded during those years, Ferrari has taken control of the Facebook page he created. Now Wasem is suing Ferrari for copyright infringement. Yes, I am serious. Is it fair for just anyone to have the freedom to step in and reap the benefits of a brand online? Sammy Wasem is learning the hard way that acting like … Continue reading

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Unhappy BMW Customer Smashes M6…Again!

Who could forget the jaw-dropping display at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show when a disgruntled BMW customer used the publicity of the show to smash up his E63 BMW M6? The extreme display was to draw attention to an incident regarding BMW customer service. The clincher: The man made the promise that he would do it again if the issue remained unresolved…and he has! This is one passionate BMW protest. Crazy or crafty? Man takes another go at protesting BMW by destroying the same car…twice. Watch the short clip above of the men smashing up the BMW. They should have … Continue reading

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Just a Homemade Miniature Lamborghini in China

It never gets old checking out what people can create with a little imagination and a matching wallet. Case in point: Get an eyeful of this homemade miniature Lamborghini a Chinese man crafted for just $815 dollars! The best part of this itty-bitty project would have to be the scissor doors, fully functional. Chinese man builds a running mini Lamborghini complete with scissor doors for just $815. Yes.  All awesomeness aside, the owner has some bragging rights in the case of this bizarre counterfeit Lamborghini. For one thing, it can be assumed that his insurance is more than affordable and … Continue reading

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Hennessey Venom GT Proves It Is Faster Than Bugatti But Record Denied

The favorite supercar underdog, the Hennessey Venom GT, has finally proven that it is the fastest production car–a bittersweet victory that will not go down in the records just yet. That is right folks, the Hennessey Venom GT has beaten the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, but the Veyron holds the title. The Hennessey Venom GT supercar has beaten the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at long last. Alas, the Venom GT will not be given the title of ‘Fastest Production Car’.  The reason that the Hennessey Venom GT’s victory over the Bugatti Veyron SS will not become official is sparking much … Continue reading

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Behold the $15,000 Lamborghini Volvo Experiment

Every red-blooded man has the dream of  owning an exotic sports car. Sadly, not all have the bankroll to buy the brands they really want, though some can be quite creative rather than defeated! Case in point: This Lamborghini Volvo was created for roughly $15,000. Does it look like a real Sesto Elemento? Hell no. Does it please its master? Probably. They say that where there is a will, there is a way. Still, there is no way this Volvo could be mistaken for a true Lamborghini. Kudos for the attempt and entertainment, however!  Meet the Lamborghini Volvo. A creation … Continue reading

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Man’s Best Friend Loses Title After Chewing on Aston Martin

A testy dog in England found itself re-homed after it made the poor decision to spend the day gnawing on its owners $130,000 Aston Martin. Close your eyes for a moment and picture what it must have felt like to return home from a long day’s work to discover the photo below!  Just look at the aftermath of an encounter between an Aston Martin parked innocently in its garage and the home’s 4-year-old dog! While the outcome could have been worse for both dog and car, both are in a better place now.  The culprit’s name was Luce, a four-year-old … Continue reading

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Interesting: Rolls-Royce Predicts Drone Ships?

While autonomous vehicles are already a stark reality, there has not been much said of ships or aircraft becoming self-sufficient. Rumors are emerging that Rolls-Royce is betting on drone ships becoming commonplace in as little as a decade. Will there be autonomous cars on the roads, drone ships and planes? Reality could become a science fiction flick quite soon if companies begin to get their way with their research. Yes, the power systems and defense enterprise bearing the same name is swimming with the idea of autonomous ships, and soon. The reason for the decade holdup seems to be in … Continue reading

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The Unattainable LaFerrari Hits a Used Car Sale Lot?

Ferrari will produce just 499 units of the obsessed-over LaFerrari supercar. The brand announced last year that it would favor exclusivity over volume–and backed up the claim by turning away many hopeful LaFerrari buyers with loaded pockets, with the famous and even icons subject to rejection. In fact, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo hand picked the list of buyers personally…leaving many to wonder if the Prancing Horse could be a bit miffed that number 1/499 is now gracing a used car lot with an asking price much higher than the purchase price? That is correct, there is a LaFerrari for … Continue reading

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The World’s Ugliest Rolls Royce—Hands Down

This simply must be the ugliest Rolls Royce in the world…at least, if there is a worse example in existence, I do not care to see it! I have often said that money does not buy taste, and this owner dropped around $300,000 to customize this Phantom. There is such a thing as too many options, clearly. The ugliest Rolls Royce on earth is a combination of far too many options gone awry.  It seems that the buyer had a difficult time deciding between purple, yellow, white and gold for the exterior. The entire thing is then perched on gold-plated … Continue reading

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Would You Pay $14 Million for a Number Plate?

Recently a Ferrari 250 LM sold for $14.3 million dollars. That is a high price for an exotic car, but a number plate in Abu Dhabi was purchased for the exact same amount: $14.3 million. The most expensive number plate sold for the staggering sum was number 1–the most desired digit in Abu Dhabi. The kicker is that the plate graces a mere million dollar ride, a 2006 Pagani Zonda roadster. Let us dive deeper into the subject in order to grasp the insanity. The most expensive number plate is the number 1 in Abu Dhabi. There is a tremendous … Continue reading

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