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Pardon our French, but this is where you can find stories and happenings that will make you thing, WTH? Think Britney Spears shaving her head, Chrysler’s luxury car attempts, Vanilla Ice trying to rap again, or Sarah Palin succeeding in politics. So WTH are you waiting for, dive into this section and share your comments with the rest of us today! Hear about something insane? We want to know all about it!

Is the W70 Concept Just a LaFerrari Copy?

The burning question regarding the recently revealed W70 concept is this: Is it ok to pretty much copy the design cues of a big brand, switch up the engine and attempt to sell it? Recently we covered the LandWind X7 from China that may as well be a carbon copy of the Range Rover Evoque. The other little number making headlines is the W70 concept, which closely mimics the LaFerrari. Has integrity been replaced by the unimaginative, and is there an emerging market for high-end forgeries? This is the accused: A LaFerrari forgery that has the automotive circuits chirping online. … Continue reading

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Drama: China’s LandWind X7 Mimics Range Rover Evoque

One can find a Chinese forgery of practically any product, including the upscale Range Rover Evoque! The LandWind X7 SUV bears such a close resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque that Land Rover is busy deciding which course of action to take on the rather blatant annoyance. The LandWind X7 was unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show in southern China recently. It would have been hilarious to be among the heads of Land Rover when they witnessed the copy for the first time! The LandWind X7 The Range Rover Evoque So who is responsible for the LandWind X7 SUV? A joint … Continue reading

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Video: What Happens When A Lamborghini Is Fired by Stupid

Watch this driver rev-punish his Lamborghini Aventador in efforts to impress onlookers—only to cause a fire! This poor chap got a bit overzealous on the gas pedal, pushing flames from the exhaust that enveloped half of the bumper of the car . Warning: watching the Lamborghini fire make you cringe. The very brief clip above shows what happens when a driver does not know enough about their vehicle to be showing off. The guy just kept revving the car until flames shot out the exhaust and caught it on fire.  The incident occurred on the streets of London, where it is … Continue reading

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True Story: Idiot Steals Same Ferrari 458 Supercar Twice

There never seems to be a shortage of odd stories in the news, but the man who stole the same Ferrari 458 sports car twice may just win the world’s dumbest contest! Authorities in California will not soon tire of retelling the Ferrari 458 theft tale to anyone who will listen. Man steals Ferrari 458 Italia, gets away, and then steals it again from the impound lot!   The man was identified as Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles. Hooks got his hooks into the brand new 2014 Ferrari 458 spider and made no attempts to hide it, driving it around … Continue reading

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The 2016 Mazda MX-5 is Pint-Sized Perfect–for a Child

The 2016 Mazda MX-5 has arrived, and she is not fooling anyone. The next generation of the Mazda Miata is attempting to tout itself as badass tricky angled photography that makes it look different online–but it is still just a Miata. Before I continue my bashing, let me point out that this is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the rest of the staff at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals. The clip above from ‘Family Guy’ accurately demonstrates how many gearheads feel about the Mazda Miata. Dear Mazda, please stick to the RX7. That said– why are they … Continue reading

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Pelican Brief: Man Who Blamed Bird for Bugatti Crash Finally Admits Fault

Who could forget the Bugatti crash from 2009 where a man drove directly into a body of water and blamed a pelican. The video made a splash online, of course, and an even bigger wave through the court system. The verdict is in, and it is ridiculous. Who can forget this clip? Listen as one occupant says: “I’m pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude”…I think I clapped like a seal the first time I watched this video years ago.  Case recap: The owner of the Bugatti Veyron is Andy Lee House of Lufkin, Texas. He purchased the $1 million dollar … Continue reading

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Just a Subaru Powered Porsche 917/10 Replica

What you are looking at is likely a first even for the aftermarket automotive arena. It is a Subaru powered Porsche 917/10 replica–and it is available. I have met many, many gearheads over the years and there are many who are fans of both Subaru and Porsche, so molding the two together to create a beast does make sense in a strange way. Who would have thunk it? This guy fused two Subaru flat sixes to amass a flat twelve engine. Next, he placed it into a replica of the 1971 Porsche 917/10. Yep. Let’s check out this Subaru-powered Porsche … Continue reading

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World’s Most Expensive Surfboard Priced at $1.3 Million

There are plenty of options to consider when making the decision to part ways with million dollars. For example, one could acquire a reasonably priced exotic sports car and be left with the funding to properly maintain it, or simply toss it all at a Bugatti Veyron and faith. There is also the world’s most expensive surfboard for $1.3 million bucks. One might just offer a shark their leg and defend the board in this situation? New Zealand surf pro designs most expensive surfboard for the bargain price of just over a million bucks! You are paying for specialty wood, … Continue reading

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Lamborghini Aventador Fitted with New Engine Bursts into Flames

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the best hypercars ever produced by the Raging Bull. It is backed by an impressive amount of awards to show that I am not the only throttling heart to feel that way. Recently, an orange Lamborghini Aventador met its flaming end on Germany’s famed autobahn, apparently overheating, yet the details are a bit on the fascinating end. Gone in 60 MPH? A pricey Lamborghini Aventador with a replaced engine meets its flaming end on the fastest road: Germany’s autobahn. What happened? It seems that this particular Lamborghini Aventador was fitted with a new engine. … Continue reading

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A Terrible Lamborghini Reventon Replica Making Headlines

This is a tragedy everyone must see to believe! It is quite possibly the worst Lamborghini Reventon replica in the world…and perhaps the only.  It is entirely possible that the buyer of this horrible Lamborghini replica did not see it prior to purchase, or quite understand what they were purchasing. Either way, it is rumored that someone shelled forth $28k for this Lamborghini kit.   This Lamborghini Reventon kit hails from Australia, where it should have stayed…safely isolated.  The creator of this Lamborghini Reventon replica kit used a Nissan Z32 300ZX for the base and then just clearly lost his mind. … Continue reading

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