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Gain inspiration while taking a journey across the USA from Miami, Las Vegas, New York to Los Angeles. Tap in to remote places in the world while experiencing other cultures, customs, luxury restaurants and adventures. Enjoy Iceland, Dubai, Paris, Italy and more and gain the knowledge of the best and more luxurious hotels, condos, restaurants, spas, clubs and let Imagine Lifestyles provide you with the ultimate lavish vacation itinerary.

5 Famous Houses That Appeared on Movies and Television

By Los Angeles Luxury Mansion Rentals There are homes that become just as famous as the actors starring in the movies and TV shows they appear in. These homes often receive plenty of visitors who want to take a peek at the place they’ve only ever seen on their screens. When visiting a home that you’ve seen in a show or movie, it can feel almost as though you’re meeting a celebrity because the familiarity of a place you’ve never visited can create a feeling of nostalgia that is exciting and powerful. These five famous houses, thanks to the shows … Continue reading

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5 of the Most Luxurious Airport Lounges in the U.S.

By Luxury Mansion Rentals Air travel can be a pleasure for travelers who have access to exclusive lounges within the airport. These are quiet, comfortable, and spacious, offering amenities not available in the terminal. Here are the three lounges across the US that offer the best in comfort and services. 1. Emirates Lounge, JFK, New York City Revamped and re-opened in July 2018, this luxurious lounge in Terminal 4 is an oasis in the chaos. The lounge design is elegant and inviting, with private seating areas. Padded chairs with pillows line the windows facing two east end runways. The lounge … Continue reading

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Discover 5 Secret Mansions That Celebrities Rent – Luxury Mansion Rentals

It should come as no surprise that celebrities will rent mansions from time to time. Not everyone wants to settle down in one location, and many have a hard time paying $25 million at one time just to call themselves a homeowner. Instead, the A-listers decide to rent around the United States for a few months at a time. They settle into luxury in a variety of different mansions, providing marble, chandeliers, high-end appliances, and spectacular views. 1. Lenox Hill Townhouse Sonya Morgan, one of the Real Housewives of New York, rents her townhouse, better described as a mansion. The … Continue reading

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Delta VIP Select Has A Secret Paparazzi Proof Tunnel and Offers Porsche Shuttle

Laying low in Los Angeles as a celebrity can be more than a challenge—it can be impossible. Factor in the constant travel demands of being a star, and the LAX airport seems more like trap than a convenience. For these reasons, Delta Airlines has created a special VIP service at LAX called ‘Delta VIP Select’ to assist celebrities with a secret tunnel to shield them from cameras and prying eyes, and also a nifty Porsche shuttle service. The Delta VIP Select service is not advertised, but is available upon request to the airline’s clients for a surprisingly small fee of $350 … Continue reading

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Watch A Ferrari 458 Tackle the Stelvio Pass

Recently, the cool folks at Car and Driver sent us this amazing video of a Ferrari 458 spider taking on the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy. Perhaps they are trying to tempt us into jetting our own 458 to Italy and doing the same? If so, I do like the way they think. It is just as exhilarating as the 458 drifting…though far more informative.

458 on Stelvio Pass

The Ferrari 458 Italia, overshadowed only by the new Berlinetta?

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Meet One of the Most Expensive Superyachts on the Market

It is official: Yacht Anastasia is on the market! If a private yacht charter simply is not enough to quench your thirst for opulent ocean travel, perhaps she can open your sails!

Yacht Anastasia

Yacht Anastasia

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Vintage Airstream Restoration is Pretty and Possible with ARC

American Retro Caravans (ARC) is a unique company specializing in vintage Airstream restoration. Started by Kathy Morrison and Darren Perry in 2008, ARC has quickly proven itself to be a competitor in the upscale interior design game!  

Vintage Caravan Restoration ARC

Thinking Airstream? Think ‘Glamping’, or glam-camping! Revisit our luxury camping blog from last year for a refresher on this popular and intriguing trend!

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Mandarin Oriental Menu Goes Sky High

For those love the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel and Lufthansa airline, you will be pleased to learn that Mandarin’s delectable delicacies will now be available on the airliner’s business and first-class flights! It is upscale dining fused with first-class travel, a luxury travel tip to relish!

Mandarin Menu hits Lufthansa air

Suddenly, long flights seem more palatable

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Video: Qi Megayacht Concept Boasts Luxury iQ

Toyota has the iQ hybrid car, and Feadship has the Qi superyacht concept…though the names are where the similarities end! A scale model of the megayacht Qi made waves at the 2012 Dubai show, previously unveiled at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. This yacht concept is sharp and futuristic, and would look outstanding in the water! Video at bottom of post.

Feadship yacht Qi concept
The name Qi is derived from an Asian concept for the life force that surrounds the flow through all creation.

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Boeing-Inspired Lamborghini Aventador Photo Gallery

Lamborghini has publicized its unique partnership with Boeing with a special one-off Lamborghini Aventador created to pay homage to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Aventador boasts some distinct Boeing characteristics and uses advanced carbon fiber from the 787 Dreamliner. Video of 787 Dreamliner at bottom of post!

Boeing Aventador

The Boeing-inspired Aventador

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