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The most expensive things on earth can be found here-from million-dollar bottles of vodka to obscenely priced exotic items and jewelry. Yes, the rich and the famous are often out-doing themselves with their latest purchases, business ventures, investments and more-and we love to share the decadent details with our loyal fanbase.
Private jets, luxury racetracks, super yachts and other outrageously expensive items can be drooled over right here. From Dubai to South Beach, the most expensive things make headlines all over the world as billionaires spend amounts of money that would even shock the well-to-do types.

Most Expensive: Engine Shaped Coffee Machine

Some compare their coffee of choice to ‘jet fuel’. Now java addicts lovers who happen to also be automotive aficionados have the option of obtaining their favorite drink from an engine shaped coffee machine. The ‘Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio’ coffee maker will be offered in V8, V10 or V12 engine format for the lofty sum of $16,500. If money is no object, buyers can begin their day with a little engine work that will offer plenty of horsepower in return. This could be considered true coffee engineering–geared toward a perfectly tuned workday.  Imagine the jolt of making coffee in a … Continue reading

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Most Expensive: Taste of Diamonds Champagne Costs as Much as a Bugatti Veyron

For those who have a thirst for the insane, there is ‘Taste of Diamonds’ Champagne. This bubbly can be purchased for the reasonable rate of just $1.8 million per bottle…or about the same as a brand new Bugatti Veyron hypercar. Created by luxury connoisseur Alexander Amosu, this could be the most expensive Champagne in the world. Taste of Diamonds Champagne is hard to swallow at $1.8 million per bottle. Would you rather have a bottle of bubbly and a shiny rock, a Bugatti Veyron or a lifetime of unlimited supercar rentals?  If the price sounds a little steep, relax–Taste of … Continue reading

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It Was For Sale? The Nürburgring Has Been Sold

The famous Nürburgring racing circuit has just changed hands for the loft sum of €100 million Euros, or roughly $140 million USD. Many were not even aware that the uber-popular track was suffering insolvency. German auto firm Capricorn Group purchased the struggling circuit. It was strange to read that the Nürburgring had been sold, as I did not know it was for sale.  The Capricorn Group became the proud new owners of the Nürburgring just over a year after the previous owners filed an insolvency application. While most do not notice when tracks are struggling, there are clearly companies monitoring for bargains! … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Private Jets Provide a High

When it comes to expensive toys, exotic sports cars, superyachts and private jets tend to take the cake in the pricing arena. The following are among the most expensive private jets in the world, fitted with every amenity and a price tag to match! There are some out there who only need to use a private jet charter or exotic car rental company when they are too far from their own fleets.  3. The Gulfstream G550 owned by Lakshmi Mittal. This $38 million dollar private jet is a variation of the Gulfstream V with an extended range of 12,500 km. … Continue reading

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The $27 Million Dollar Setai South Beach Penthouse

There is a bit of confusion about which is the most expensive Miami penthouse. Last year, the Setai South Beach penthouse sold for a staggering $27 million USD. A few months later, a buyer picked up two penthouses at Ian Schrager’s for a total of $34 million and then claimed they were the most expensive. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t one penthouse for $27 million more expensive than two for $34 million? The Setai South Beach is one of the very best luxury hotels in the area. The penthouse in question is penthouse B, a full-floor unit … Continue reading

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Want an Aston Martin One-77 Black Jack Edition?

They are gorgeous, powerful and nearly impossible to obtain—the Aston Martin One-77 fleet. Because a scant 77 units rolled off the production line, each one was lusted after and had a predetermined home anxiously awaiting their arrival. Like this (kinda) one-off One-77 Black Jack Edition, specially designed for the Guo family in China that is now for sale. All 77 units of the super-exclusive Aston Martin One-77 were pre-sold. One of them is for sale now, and it is certainly a looker.  This Aston Martin One-77 Black Jack Edition boasts a pearl white coat and sporty red leather interior. The … Continue reading

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Fetching Bentley Furniture Parks the Brand Indoors

Just because luxury automaker Bentley is typically occupied with engines and upholstery does not mean it cannot shine headlights in other directions: Check out the lavish Bentley furniture collection. Every inch as high end as their automobiles, the fashionable furnishings are understated and overpriced. The collection is just as plain Jane as the Bentley handbag line, which lacked overall curb appeal. This is the Bentley butterfly sofa and accent chair. It is ensconced in ivory leather with that signature Bentley diamond design. The armchair is a classic pinstripe wool.  Many automakers experiment with making different stuff, like Bugatti with its … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants of 2013

Looking to spend a bit more on a meal? While some places are known for one or two extravagant items, the following list of meals could be a bit hard to swallow and may not be the best place to take a complete stranger for a first date. Though, if you are in the market to test the limits of both the palate and bank account, here are (some of) the top 10 most expensive restaurants of 2013: 10. Schloss Schauenstein, Furstenau, Switzerland: $269 9. Michel Bras Toya, Toya, Japan: $287 8. Alain Ducasse at The Dorschester, London: $289 7. … Continue reading

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Bugatti Belt Buckle Costs More Than Some Exotic Cars

The Bugatti Veyron currently reins king among supercars, holding tight to the title of the World’s Fastest Production Car. Now it can also hold something else: a pair of pants. The Bugatti belt buckle will hold up any pair of pants for the bargain price $84,000 USD. For that price, one could purchase a 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV, a Porsche 911 Carrera, a 2014 Jaguar XK and many other exotic sports cars. The new Bugatti belt buckle will leave jaws on the floor, but not pants at $84,000. The clip above gives a glimpse of the belt buckle and its … Continue reading

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The Laraki Motors Epitome Hypercar Breaks all the Rules

The Laraki Motors Epitome hypercar emerged at Pebble Beach this year, and it is far more than its unprecedented appearance. With a $2 million dollar price tag and the capacity to unleash 1,750 horses, it truly is the embodiment of what the future of a supercar should be. Is the Epitome ahead of its time in the styling arena or right on time? The Laraki Motors Epitome breaks the standard mold of how a supercar should look. It looks like it was pinched in the middle for a pronounced waistline that only serves to showcase the extreme air intakes and … Continue reading

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