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Big events and luxury events going on around the world in big cities. Key annual events and star-studded schedules will mesh here, giving our readers and fans things to look forward to, and a place to add information to. If you know of a local luxury event that we have not covered, please let us know via email or comment, and we will share it with the rest of the Imagine Lifestyles luxury blog readers.
The scene and schedule every socialite should be on. In the land of luxury, there are always “must attend” events, and it is important to stay abreast of what is coming up in a city near you.

Hot Cheerleaders & Exotic Cars

Imagine Lifestyles is always looking to bring you the best in entertainment and luxury, and occasionally beautiful women. We recently visited Cheerleaders Gentlemens club in Philadelphia, PA and started putting together an amazing giveaway. Well, the bosses put together an amazing giveaway, the rest of us spent some time with the beautiful ladies, and a few of our exotic cars. Details will be available soon for the giveaway, but for now, take a peek at some of the video we captured while we were there.  

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Imagine Lifestyles visits 97.5 Fantasy Fest 2017

We here at Imagine Lifestyles love to have a good time. That’s why we had to say yes when the opportunity came for us to put our cars on display at the 97.5 Fantasy Fest in Philadelphia. The Fantasy Fest  was held on August 27th 2017 at Xfinity Live in Philadelphia, and brought together one of the biggest parties that venue has seen all year! Take a look at our video recap! Special thanks to Tom Messenger for his support creating this video:

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Winning a Luxury Car Rental Just Went All Mainstream: 5 Steps to Enter!

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals is at it again—giving away a free luxury car rental! This time we are taking to Instagram under #want2rent, because it is where the photos of you and your supercar experience will end up anyhow, #amiright? Let’s get straight to how you win our Instagram contest: Just 5 easy steps stand between you and the shot to spend an unforgettable day with a free luxury car rental (that is right—it is all on us!): Step 1: Follow @ImagineLifestyles Step 2: Take a photo of a luxury or exotic vehicle Step 3: Post said photo on Instagram … Continue reading

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2016 Audi: The Big Brand Is Set to Launch 10 New Rides

Amid the fierce competition throughout all markets, for 2016 Audi is poised to bring it on by releasing ten new rides. While that seems like quite a tall order, it may be a must in order to stay on top of the game against big players like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Audi plans to unleash some fury in the form of tons of new vehicle options. With a healthy bank account and ample able engineers on their team, it will be an exciting few years to come. The often-comical competition between the leading three continues as Audi announces intentions to introduce … Continue reading

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What Are You Driving Super Bowl Week? Book an Exotic Rental Car Today!

If you are one of the lucky ones holding a coveted ticket to the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey, now is the time to compliment that luxury with an exotic rental car from Imagine Lifestyles. We are thrilled that the excitement will be in our backyard, and our fleet is going fast for the week, including our chauffeur and concierge services. We want to see all of our luxury cars on the roadways that week! Have you reserved a sports car rental for the Super Bowl? Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to take fun … Continue reading

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How Long is the Wait List for the 2013 Range Rover?

The 2013 Range Rover launched just a few months ago, and already the demand is high! Those interested in the newest luxury SUV from the marquee will now be waiting 6-12 months for delivery! Can’t wait that long? Rent a Range Rover from us for your next weekend getaway! The news came directly from Land Rover’s North American chief, Chris Marchand, who revealed that the 2013 units are already sold out for the next 6-12 months. The next-gen Range Rover is equipped with all the best technology, sumptuous luxury and those high-performance road credentials we have all come to expect. … Continue reading

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Give the Ultimate Gift: Vintage Driving Experiences in New Jersey!

The holidays are here, and they are often accompanied with the challenge to give the perfect gifts. This year, Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals allows you to change gears and give the ultimate gift: the gift of pure power and adrenaline! Our special Vintage car experience is starting at just $99, so you can rev up the auto aficionado on your list without breaking the bank! The cars: 1956 Porsche 550 speedster 1965 Shelby Cobra 1968 Shelby GT 500 The Porsche 550 at the Imagine Lifestyles Miami Headquarters 1968 Shelby GT500. Hello, Eleanor! The perks: Recipients get to relish a slice … Continue reading

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2013 BMW Lineup Lines the Track

BMW is holding nothing back this year, unleashing hybrid incentives along with a new lineup geared toward change: the next M5 and M6. Loaded with upscale amenities and electronics, these agile machines pass road and track tests with excruciating ease, offering up a bit more than standard luxury. Performance perfection–what else is to be expected from BMW? The M5 and M6 were crafted to merge luxury with performance, a sought after feat by all exotic carmakers. The two new siblings were tested at the track, and there was very little difference in performance noted between the sedan and the coupe! The M5 … Continue reading

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Audi Goes Off Road

With the semi-recent roll outs of the Ferrari FF wagon, Lamborghini SUV, Porsche Panamera and more, very little surprises. Audi is aiming to join the ranks with their remarketed luxury wagon, a power-swilling and off-roading machine meant for much more than transporting offspring and groceries.

 Audi Allroad Quattro 2013

Nothing says offroading like a…wagon? The Audi Allroad Quattro 2013

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Aston Martin Rapide Gaining Traction and Power for 2013

Aston Martin’s Rapide is already impressive, and rumors announce that it may unleash even more power next year! It is rare for a 5.9-liter V12 to be considered standard, so what is next for the luxury marquee and its flagship car? Watch someone crash a Rapide here…and imagine more horsepower!

2013 Aston Martin

Will adding more horses get sales racing for Aston Martin’s Rapide?

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