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Sports attract people of all ages, and often create a lifestyle based around them. Sports players and fans adhere to a specific set of rules and standards, similar to the definition of “sport” itself. Sports can often provide a luxurious lifestyle, and attract celebrities and regular people alike. It is always newsworthy to follow the high-profile lives of athletes, because fans love not only the sport, but the people who play them as well. Sports fans always want to feel like they know each of their favorite athletes personally.
The Super Bowl is one of the bigger-than-life luxury sporting events, and it is often hosted in beautiful Miami, Florida. Here you can find information on what is going on in the world of luxury sporting events and the high-profile lives of the players.

Drag Race! BMW i8 vs Lamborghini Huracan

  What could be more fun than watching two of the worlds greatest supercars duke it out in a head to head all out race? The only thing that I can think of would be if the win was major upset. Last week we pitted the Lamborghini Huracan spyder against the BMW i8 hybrid in a drag race, and the photo finish showed a shocking result.   If you think you can do better, try a rental of one of these luxury supercars for yourself, and send us your videos Lamborghini Huracan BMW i8 Hybrid

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Acura’s First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial is Hilarious!

Acura hit a homerun, or should I say touchdown, with the new NSX luxury car concept (following a lengthy lull in production, might I add). The brand nailed it once again with their first-ever Super Bowl ad featuring celebrity car collectors Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, see full commercial below!

Now that you are amused, please share your opinions below or on Imagine Lifestyles Facebook!

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Eminem Sues Audi for Using His Music in Chrysler-like Ad

A while back we covered the Eminem endorsing Chrysler Super Bowl ad, which displayed the carmaker’s Detroit roots, where the famous rap star is from.  Now it seems Audi has stepped on some industry toes, as they aired an ad in Germany for the new 2012 Audi A6 Avant rolling to an interpretation of Em’s “Lose Yourself”.  Yep, that was the song featured in Chrysler’s ad…watch below!

This Audi ad features an Audi cruising the streets of Germany to Eminem’s "Lose Yourself", strikingly similar to Chrysler’s epic Super Bowl ad

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Christina Aguilera to Tribute Aretha Franklin at Grammys?

Christina Aguilera National Anthem 2011

Oh say can you see…where Christina Aguilera went wrong?  The famous Star Spangled Banner flub has certainly landed the star in the hot seat, though rumor has it she is still set to tribute the great Aretha Franklin at the Grammys.  Well, was she any worse than the Black Eyed Peas?

Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show

It is just that not all of us make mistakes at an event as mammoth as the Super Bowl, watched by millions and millions around the world.  And then not many have then flubbed a patriotic song at such a huge and patriotic event…I am starting to feel a pang of sympathy for the girl here. 

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Super Bowl 44-Another Fabulous Finish

Saints Win Super Bowl 44It’s another Super Bowl that will go down as a “thriller.”
And one with a few twists, some trickery, some bold decisions, and, ultimately, a popular outcome.

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The Lingerie Bowl-The Super Bowl’s Favored Halftime Show

What is hotter than a girl who loves football?  How about a model that plays football, during Super BMiami Lingerie Bowl Teams owl halLingerie Bowl Teams Competeftime, in front of millions of viewers-in her lingerie.  Yes, the Lingerie Bowl began in 2004 at Super Bowl XXXVIII, and its popularity is literally on the rise. 

This tradition is as hot as the Victoria Secret Super Bowl commercials.  The girls are scorching on the field, sporting sexy little nothings and looking absolutely adorable with the football face paint.  We are curious how many viewers are actually keeping score, or if anyone bets on their favorite team.  Is it possible to have a favorite team?  We like them all. 

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Super Bowl 44 Week Events in Miami Florida

The Super Bowl Miami competitors are now known- it will be the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New Orleans Saints.  So now that fans of each team have scored their tickets to Miami for game week, here are some of the upcoming events to plan for:

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Super Bowl XLIV Combatants Decided

Peyton Manning Indianapolis ColtsSo will the Saints go marching in?  Or will the Colts ride into the Miami sunset with their second Super Bowl title in three years?  The NFL’s Most Valuable Player, Peyton Manning, led his Indianapolis Colts to a superb comeback victory over the New York Jets on Sunday, to book their spot in the Super Bowl game February 7th in Miami.

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Scoring Super Bowl 44 Tickets-Pay to Play

Super Bowl TicketsWe at Imagine Lifestyles have been checking out what tickets to Super Bowl 44 Miami are selling for, and they are certainly not cheap.  If you are heading down to Miami to join us for the big game, you may be in the process of searching for the best deal you can score on the coveted tickets.

Stubhub is advertising a variety of pricing options, and the ability to search by price bracket, here are a few:

•    $1835-$2426
•    $2426-$2695
•    $2695-$3284
•    $3284-$4775
•    $4775 and up

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