Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Focuses On Daytona 24 Hours Race

The Lamborghini Huracan GT3 is poised to make a debut at the 2016 Daytona 24 Hours endurance race. The newbie was officially introduced earlier this year and the Raging Bull is not going to spend much idle time prior to unleashing its variants. The standard Huracan was created to replace the long-running Gallardo model, but the GT3 Huracan is for the track.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3Look for the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 at the Daytona 24 Hours endurance race.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3The Daytona race will be the first Stateside venue for the Huracan GT3, having already indulged in the Blancpain Endurance Series. There are well laid plans for an expanded motorsports circuit slated to include the United SportsCar Championship and others. According to Lamborghini Squadra Corse director Giorgio Sanna: “We are only focused and committed to customer racing. We are excited to make this next step in North America as our motorsport program competes for the first time in Lamborghini history in the 24 Hours at Daytona and in multiple full-season GTD efforts.” Lamborghini GallardoThe outgoing Lamborghini Gallardo was certainly no slouch in the Blancpain series.

While the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 does indeed share many of the bare-bones components of her street-legal sibling, including the 5.2-liter V10 engine, the racing version has been enhanced to bring 585 horses to life which are driven via a 6-speed sequential. The skeleton is comprised of carbon fiber, of course, and aluminum for added strength and stability. The double-up of high endurance materials results in a svelte curb weight of just 2,731 ultra-light and modified pounds.

Lamborghini Huracan Overall, this Huracan racer should be a force to contend with, and it will be a fantastic indulgence to see all of the many looks that emerge because one of the best aspects of racing is wrapping the cars and making them appear fierce!

Check out the official Huracan GT3 video before you duck out:

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Missing James Dean Porsche to be Recovered?

Most know the tragic tale of Hollywood legend James Dean and his untimely death behind the wheel of his beloved Porsche 550 Spyder back in 1955. Since that time, numerous stories about the car being cursed continue to fascinate—along with the mystery of where the Porsche ended up when it disappeared somewhere between Florida and California during transport in the early 1960s. It seems someone has come forward claiming to know exactly where the car has been hidden all of these years.

James Dean PorscheHas the missing wreckage of James Dean’s Porsche 550 been discovered?

The person who has come forward claims that he was just six years old when his father and others hid the James Dean Porsche behind a false wall in a building somewhere in Whatcom County, Washington, which is nearly in Canada. This person is withholding the location of the stolen and prized car until documents are produced that guarantee him a portion of the reward–which is a healthy million dollars put up by the Volo Automotive museum in Illinois and possibly others. If this person is indeed telling the honest truth, should he receive a reward or just be a decent person and return the famous vehicle to its rightful place in the world? The ethics involved are a bit thick, because of the many angles in the case. Should the family of a brazen thief stand to gain financially from an illegal act or should the car simply be returned to Dean’s relatives, who are very much alive?

James Dean PorscheThe history of the James Dean Porsche crash

The star was behind the wheel of his cherished 550 Spyder in Salinas, California on September 30th, 1955 when a young college student in a Ford Custom Tudor veered into Dean’s lane and a head-on collision ensued. Dean was pronounced dead within hours and because of his youth and stardom, it was much like the shock of the Paul Walker Porsche crash we all remember so vividly today. Dean was born and raised in Fairmount, Indiana—where I happen to be from.

It is not everyday I get the opportunity to touch on something so familiar to me and share that perspective. Each year on the last weekend in September thousands flock to the annual ‘James Dean Days’ festival in Fairmount to walk through the gallery and museum dedicated to him and view the artifacts of his early years. There is also a rather large classic car show in the town that weekend and a much-loved ‘James Dean look alike’ contest held in good fun and love for the local. The otherwise uneventful farm town is transformed into a carnival for three full days and the children and die-hard Dean fans liken it very much to the anticipation of Christmas holiday.

Even though the star will always be larger than life–folks from Fairmount live among Dean’s relatives and treat them as normal friends. Fun fact: Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, is also from Fairmount and we have a huge sign off the highway depicting the funny fat kitty cat as well as James Dean.

Porsche Tales from the darkside

In the few years following the death of James Dean, the Porsche wreckage was utilized to promote highway safety and taken around the country as a visual aid of the serious dangers of high speed–a vivid reminder that it can happen to anyone. Dark stories began to emerge that unexplained accidents befell some who came in contact with the car. This presents the larger question: Did people steal the Dean Porsche in hopes of profit or perhaps a sort-of Batman attempt to prevent further paranormal events that had become associated with the vehicle? Indulge in the link above and let the surreal mysteries sink in!

James B. Dean

James Byron Dean

James Dean PorscheThe Porsche was given name ‘Little Bastard’ and has certainly lived up to that sentiment.

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The Only Black Maserati MC12 Nets $1.5 Million

There are just 50 examples of the Maserati MC12 that were created for road use. All were given the very same pearl paint coat with attractive light blue accenting, save a single black car. Think of it as the ugly duckling of sorts, it just stands out. The rare black MC12 recently netted over a million at Mecum Auction House, $1.575 million to be exact.

Maserati MC12The Maserati MC12 at a glance:

  • The MC12 car was based on the bare bones of the Ferrari Enzo, which is quite interesting.
  • Power is derived via a robust 6.5-liter V12 engine that was kindly sourced from…you guessed it—the Enzo.
  • Performance specifications indicate 620 horsepower and 652 Nm of torque with a not to 60 mile per hour sprint of 3.8 seconds.
  • The black Maserati MC12 has just 1300 kilometers on the odometer, while the new owner is over a million dollars lighter in the bank account—totally worth it.

Maserati MC12The black MC12 Maserati car opens up to a fine dark blue leather cockpit with all of the high-end interior accents one would expect from the brand at that point in time. The overall look was finished off with a pair of 7-spoke shoes with a sporty red center on one side and blue on the other—which is a bit odd, but this is the odd duck of the bunch!

Maserati MC12

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Why Manual Lamborghini Option Is Gone For Good

With many companies doing away with the manual transmission, Maurizio Reggiani of Lamborghini explains exactly why Lamborghini has opted to put the brakes on the option for good. The manual Lamborghini will no longer be an offering when buyers eagerly begin their orders, those desperate for the hands-on experience must locate an aftermarket tuner with the capability to alter the gearbox.

manual LamborghiniWhy Lamborghini will no longer offer a manual transmission

Even though most of the minds in charge at Lamborghini love a manual transmission, it has been phased out due to both technology and progression. Reggiani, who is director of research and development at the Raging Bull admitted that the option is indeed gone for good and explained: “All the systems that are integrated in the car need to have a dialog with one another. The clutch is one of the fuses of the system, whether you’re engaging or disengaging the torque. This creates a hole in the communication between what the engine is able to provide and how the car reacts to the power of the engine. For this reason, unfortunately, I must say I am sure that in a premium supersports car like the Huracan we will only do a semiautomatic. Unfortunately, it’s the demand of the control of the chassis. If you want to control the chassis, you must control the power. If you want to control the power, the clutch must be under the control of the brain of the car, not your brain.”

Lamborghini HuracanHe went on to mention that many of the so-called manual transmissions on modern cars may have three pedals, but when there is a servo it is not exactly pure.  “I’ve been working for Lamborghini for 20 years. I started at the time of the Diablo, a clutch without a servo. You needed 40 kilograms of force to disengage the clutch. At that time, we were making 450 N m of torque. Now we are at 690. It’s a problem to manage the closing point of the clutch. If you have hesitation, with this torque you’ll burn the clutch immediately.”

To put this all into perspective, with the power created in the Lamborghini machines today, the average or even somewhat experienced sports car driver will lack the ability to properly control and pilot the car. While that may be a bit difficult for some to accept, it is the simple truth and the automated gearbox is the simple solution.

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The Halcón Falcarto German Newcomer: Hit or Miss?

There is a new automaker emerging in Germany called Halcón and it is eager to show off the very first model. The Halcón Falcarto begins with a Nissan 370Z chassis and then takes on its very own carbon fiber infused persona. Check out the racy video clip of her in action below.

The Halcón Falcarto is a newcomer on the automotive scene hailing from Germany, which is no slouch in the luxury car arena and has always had plenty to bring to the table.

The Halcón Falcarto means Falcon, which the new company chose to communicate that the vehicle means to soar both in terms of speed and sales we presume. Let us take a look at what the newbie has to offer in terms of specification, power and performance.

The Halcón Falcarto at a glance:

  • The engine is a Nissan 370Z 3.7-liter V6 which has been modified with a sweet twin-turbo setup and tuned to kick 640 horses from the stable.
  • Like many brands, they intend to offer various power levels, including an entry level putting out around 420 horses. With the base model anticipated at $190k, the more robust siblings should be north of the $200k range—placing them in competition with the bigger dogs like Lamborghini and Ferrari. You know, the base models of the bigger dogs…it is a start, after all!
  • The not to 60 mile per hour sprint is a reported 3.5 seconds and topspeed is approaching 200 miles per hour.

Halcón Falcarto

Photo ©Frankfurt auto center. The Halcón Falcarto emerged at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show, which is always well-attended and vigorously covered by all automotive news outlets.

The brand has hit the scene rolling, and is already taking orders. Ever so German, they are timidly limiting the initial production run to just 15 handcrafted cars, likely to test the market.

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Aston Martin Confirms Rapide EV and ‘Stupid’ Competition

Fans of alternative powertrain options and Aston Martin can revel in the recent confirmation that there will be a Rapide EV. CEO Andy Palmer has revealed that the Aston Martin Rapide EV will be a reality with in the next two years or so, and that it will pack power along with the sophisticated styling we all adore.

Rapide EVPalmer shared that it made little sense to only offer thirsty V12 engines without offering something at the other end of the spectrum. We all know that global regulations are tightening and that automakers are scrambling to meet the deadlines–that is not new news, but it is noteworthy as each big company joins the ranks with their hybrid and electric offerings. Ten years ago the world would never bet on Ferrari creating a hyper hybrid like LaFerrari, and yet she lives and drinks. What is to come from all brands over the next decade will truly be enthralling as they fight for attention and loyalty.

The Aston Martin Rapide EV could boast convenient all-wheel-drive and even offer a lengthy range of 200 miles between charges. Recall that the first electric vehicle offerings provided rather small ranges, which did not go over well with potential buyers who had what is now called ‘Range anxiety’. No one wants to fuel their ride with prayers hoping to make it to work and back home if they encounter unexpected delays like a road blockage! Companies caught on quick and have been responding with greater range.

Aston Martin

In the end, it will all boil down to a superior product and sense of humor. At the Pebble Beach gathering Palmer could not resist a jab at Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode: “We don’t do Ludicrous because ludicrous speed is stupid.” It is likely a statement others wanted to make but were not bold enough to follow through with. The Aston Martin Rapide EV will, after all, be rivaling the Tesla products.

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Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Buyers Boldy Invited to Own the Sky

Lamborghini has released a special short film to showcase the new Huracan wherein it alerts drivers to the idea that they now ‘own the sky’. The catch phrase is to make drivers fall for the Lamborghini Huracan spyder in all of her drop-top glory. Do they actually own the sky? No. Will it feel like it when the wind of 610 horses whips them right in the kisser? You betcha.

The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 spyder short drama can be enjoyed above:

The love affair with the convertible sports car is a bit like the love riders have of a motorbike. It offers the ability to let go and become one with the wind while drowning out the noise. The video depicts a couple in their penthouse during a storm. They look to one another and wordlessly agree that they need to make haste to their Lamborghini Huracan and change the weather. Once inside the Huracan, they proceed to slice a ray of sunshine through the dark clouds and ultimately ‘Own the sky’. Clever. So Moses parted the Red Sea and Lamborghini parts the clouds.

Lamborghini Huracan spyderPhoto ©Lamborghini. On the official Lamborghini website, the company invites clients to feel “limitless”, an emotional freedom. The stark naked core of an exotic sports car is to evoke the most extreme emotions in their owners. 

Why it matters: Lamborghini owners want to take control of their happiness and a convertible is one of the best ways to lose control and gain it at the same time.

Lamborghini Huracan spyderPhotos ©Lamborghini. Overall, the Huracan has stepped up to fill the void left by the long running Gallardo model. The Gallardo was the most modestly priced offering by the brand for many years, with faster siblings coming and going. Now, the Huracan shall provide the more social and non-threatening option while cars like the Aventador come in with more power.

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Lamborghini Making More Vehicles While Ferrari Withholds

While Ferrari is quite vocal about its stance on maintaining exclusivity via small production runs and buyer prequalification lists, Lamborghini is poised to double its sales. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann is gearing up to boost sales of the new Huracan and Urus SUV models.


Lamborghini and Ferrari have been pitted against each other for so long that they have become famous rivals. With such differing marketing stances these days, it seems quite confusing trying to see their end game. Perhaps there simply is not one—but simply two separate brands forging their unique futures. The Lamborghini is boldly bringing back an SUV offering, something it has not attempted since the raging 1980s. The Lamborghini Urus SUV is dramatically altered from its LM002 predecessor, with a sleek modern shell and all the expected modern gadgets waiting inside. The Lamborghini Huracan emerged this year to bring a close to the reign of the Gallardo, which lasted far too long in some opinions. So, with a fresh lineup including the award-winning Lamborghini Aventador hypercar, the Raging Bull is zeroed in on selling its wares to those who can afford them rather than withholding them.

lamborghini SUVThe Prancing Horse takes a completely different stable on the matter. The Ferrari brand has flourished for decades and plans to maintain its distinctive vibe by withholding its offerings—even from those who can certainly afford them. There were many frustrated people who attempted to purchase the insane LaFerrari—only to be rejected even if they met the strict criteria list. That list included items like having to own several other Ferrari cars and the promise not to sell it within a certain time span.

LaFerrariIn the end, it seems like the two leading supercar brands are hardly concerned with competing against each other—they are confident in their respective followings and tackling other competitors.

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Far Out: Janis Joplin Porsche Goes to Auction

While hippie music legend Janis Joplin May have squalled lyrics asking, “Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz”, when it came time to purchase, she went for a popular Porsche. The Porsche was the car of that era for celebrities and musicians, with such curb appeal that even the self-proclaimed anti-materialistic Joplin could not resist her charms.

Janis Joplin Porsche

That psychedelic Janis Joplin Porsche is now up for auction at the RM Sotheby’s “Driven by Disruption” sale coming in December 2015. 

Janis Joplin’s Porsche is expected to net around $400,000 when it changes hands at the sale. The 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet was originally a mute white, which simply did no suite the star’s style. Joplin customized the car with a distinctive hippy mural called ‘The History of the Universe”, which was painted by roadie Dave Richards. There are images of jellyfish and butterflies and all things imaginable for that era. Far out, man.

Joplin’s brother, Michael Joplin, stated the following on the flashy Porsche: “Like most people and their car of choice, her Porsche is a direct link to Janis. She drove it everywhere—and with everyone that was anyone in the San Francisco music scene—with the top down and her feathers flying. Her music, life and car are a part of rock and roll history.” She often parked it outside of her recording studio and fans would leave notes and gifts on it for the star.

Janis Joplin PorscheOddly, Janis Joplin purchased the Porsche a couple of years before belting out the lyrics “My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes-Benz”.

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Video: Christian Von Koenigsegg Piloting a Bugatti Veyron

The video below shows Christian Von Koenigsegg, founder of Koenigsegg, piloting competitor Bugatti’s Veyron supercar. While the clip calls it a rolling start race, it just appears to be a bit of fun. For one thing, there is a passenger action and that is added weight, indicating it is not a serious go-round but likely rather simply for jollies.
The cars are a Koenigsegg CCXR and a Bugatti Veyron. The clip was filmed at an airstrip located in Angelholm, Sweden, where Koenigsegg is based and maintains operations. It is not uncommon for competitors to drive each other’s machines, because what better way to know exactly what you are pitted against than to grip the wheel and give it a go? Watch Koenigsegg’s head meet gravity when he accelerates the Bugatti Veyron—if Bugatti fails to utilize this treasure in some mad marketing, well…perhaps they are mad!

Christian Von KoenigseggThe Koenigsegg CCXR boasts a healthy 4.7-liter V8 engine nourished with biofuel. It produces 1,018 horsepower to the Veyron’s 1,200 and feeds it to the rear wheels. The Bugatti Veyron, as we all know, packs that special W16 engine, which is a pair of V8’s married for the love of all things fast and exceptionally thirsty. Her power is distributed to all four wheels. Which would you prefer to drive if the two were racing full throttle? Chime in below!

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