DeltaWing Gearing Up To Spread Improved Fuel Economy Tactics?

It is quite common for a new vehicle to boast about power and fuel economy figures, it is not so typical, however, for a company to attempt to share the wealth of information with competitors in efforts to spread the trend. It seems that the DeltaWing concept is taking the initiative to lighten the load on the planet–recommending lighter weight vehicles and sharing ways to achieve better fuel economy both on and off the track.


The DeltaWing concept first emerged back in 2010 as a potential replacement for the Indy car chassis. It was developed for racing, so it is obviously insanely lightweight. Over the past few years, the concept found its niche in endurance racing, competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other feats. In an unusual maneuver, they opted to tweak out a road version of the DeltaWing, perhaps just to see what could be achieved. The street DeltaWing concept has traditional doors, a windscreen and even packs in 4 seats. Key areas like power to weight ratio, drag coefficient and aerodynamics were considered and reconsidered to return an impressive EPA-rated fuel economy of nearly 74 miles per gallon highway, with a combined rating of 57 miles per gallon. This information is made even more important with the upcoming regulations taking effect in 2025 forcing all vehicles to meet the 54.5 mile per gallon mark.


Rather than hoard the findings and benefits, the company is using its success to help other carmakers meet the same EPA figures through education and experimentation.

In the end, DeltaWing does not even intend to produce a line of street cars. It is gearing up to team up with interested automakers to share its vision and knowledge. That means they want to be hired by automakers to help create the future of the automobile, a more environmentally sound road without sacrificing the power we all love.

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Lexus Reviving the Larger Than Life SC Badge?

Right now it seems like everyone is busy making compact SUVs, city cars, hybrid options and going in the general direction of a more compact and green future, and Lexus is all like “Hey! Let’s bring back the great big SC badge for another rumble!” Ok, those were certainly not the words of Lexus, but it is an interesting angle for them to take and therefore it has piqued interest.
The Lexus SC emerged around 1991 and ran through 2010. It was a luxurious grand tourer with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout and a big old fashioned thirsty V8 engine. The models were designed by top-notch talents from California to Europe, and if it returns for a third act it would provide a perhaps welcomed option on the changing market. What will the latest installment of the Lexus SC have to offer? Let us take a sneak peek at the possibilities:

The next-gen Lexus SC potential at a glance:

  • This early in the game, there is mostly speculation to make sense of, but the rumors are exciting.
  • It could be the first-ever vehicle to utilize a special 10-speed automated transmission. As if that isn’t fantastic enough, she may also get the Lexus RC-F’s torque vectoring mechanism for RWD.
  • The chassis is said to be the next-gen Lexus LS sedan and there may be 3 engine options: a 5.0-liter V8, a twin-turbocharged version of that good for around 600 horsepower, and a hybrid version kicking out approximately 500 horsepower.
  • To put those figures into perspective, the sleek and aggressive Lexus RC-F produces 467 horses and is serving as the brand’s runner up to their LFA supercar.

Lexus SC

While design is not selected just yet, it will likely maintain that current pronounced grille and hold some of the styling from the LFA and RC-F cars. Stay tuned for more information on what is next from Lexus.

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BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The glorious BMW i8 is continuing along its personal road, and that journey is defined by the future and potentially powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. It would not be BMW’s style to simply settle for the current hybrid and electric powertrain trends, now would it? This is, after all, a brand that analyzes what is going to be popular far into the future and focuses on preparing for what is to come just as hard as it does on what it is currently producing. The formidable competitor is rumored to be experimenting farther into the future than most competitors at this juncture.

See the vehicle taking some test laps in the short clip above:

The potential BMW i8 hydrogen fuel cell car could possibly pack a cryogenically-stowed hydrogen tank in the center, tempered by a cooling system. The system would connect to a rear-mounted engine. What new wonders will the future of automotive energy hold? Keep your eyes on BMW–they seem to be creating the curve.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Photos ©BMW

The standard BMW i8 concept has been around for over 3 already—positioning it around that marker when a concept becomes a reality. It typically takes around 3 years from concept to production for a vehicle. The hybrid BMW i8 machine features a 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder pushing out 357 horses with assistance of an electric motor. Because electric cars and hybrids are poised to become commonplace in the near future, BMW has been busy creating plug-in cars and also charging stations for its wares. The brand is sharp enough to work out that when electric cars begin to grow in numbers on the roadways, charging stations are going to be a necessity.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Photos ©BMW

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Video: Rare Bugatti EB112 Spotted on the Streets

The video below shows the rarely seen creature strutting her stuff in the wild: The Bugatti EB112. This car was created as a mere prototype, but has broken out in full daylight to distract those in the scenic French enclave and luxury hotspot known as Monaco.

The short clip above shows the exquisite and almost-never seen EB112 Bugatti prototype hitting the streets. You can see onlookers snapping photos and video, knowing that they are witnessing something unusually special. 

Just two examples of the Bugatti EB112 prototype were made. It is rumored that there is a third, belonging to the car’s designer Giorgetto Giurgiaro, but it has not been proven.

The Bugatti EB112 at a glance:

  • This project took place in the early 1990s when they were focused on crafting a stylish four door grand sedan with ample power. Few were prepared when the hypercar Veyron came hissing out in the early 2000s!
  • The EB112 was clearly the design inspiration for the current Bugatti Galibier concept, which remains on the back burner for the time being.
  • The sleek sedan is packing a thirsty 6.0-liter V12 engine churning forth 450 horses, a staggering amount for a road car in that time.
  • The EB112 travels from not to 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds thanks to all of those glorious horses.

Bugatti EB112While the Bugatti EB112 car is elegant and sporty, it seems she did not meet with enough interest during that time for the brand to consider a production run. The same story must be holding true for her successor, the Bugatti Galibier concept, as it is continuously brought out to flirt and returned to its shelf.

Bugatti Galibier

The Bugatti Galibier concept above is currently on the back burner. If it ever reaches production, it will likely be quite some time.

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Some Say This Is The Raciest Rolls-Royce Ever

This rich red dish is the Rolls-Royce Wraith. The color red is not exactly the first shade one envisions coating a sophisticated and generally understated luxury vehicle like a Rolls-Royce–but that little visual expectation only seems to add to the intoxicating effect. The color is a special edition named “St. James”, for the patron saint of Portugal and Spain.

Rolls-Royce WraithDoes the Rolls-Royce Wraith do red right? Look out, Ferrari! All images ©Rolls-Royce

The St. James red Wraith pays homage to the patron saint via the rich color, shapely fastback body and name. There are ample chrome accents to glitter in the sun and the iconic suicide doors that have been capturing hearts and raising pulses for decades. The overall curb appeal is polished off with two-tone silver and gloss black wheels. Imagine arriving to any event in this vehicle—the exuberance would be unparalleled. It is highly unlikely to ever join an exotic rental car fleet, but there will always be other Rolls-Royce rentals to enjoy as the new models emerge.

Rolls-Royce WraithAll images ©Rolls-Royce

The cabin of this special hued Rolls-Royce Wraith is drenched in supple handcrafted leather and telltale accents to proclaim its status. The kick plate simply reads: “Wraith, Hand built in Goodwood, England”.  Purring under the hood lurks the standard Wraith powertrain, a robust 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 boosting forth 632 horses to push around that 5,000-pound curb weight. The engine is capable of catapulting the red vision from not to 60 miles per hour in a rapid 4.4 seconds. The Wraith is among the most powerful, if not the most powerful, Rolls-Royce out there.

Rolls-Royce WraithAll images ©Rolls-Royce

Will this scarlet shade be at the top of the list for new orders as the roll in?

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Official: The Bugatti Chiron Shall Pack a Hybrid Powertrain

The rumors regarding the Bugatti Veyron successor have been churning for quite some time, with little revealed but the name. Now it has finally been released by VW Group that the Bugatti Chiron shall indeed be packing a hybrid powertrain. This news comes as little surprise with super hybrids like LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 already out there competing, leaving just one very important question to be answered: Will this be the fastest car on the planet? And because there are no real photos leaked at this point– what will it look like?

Bugatti Chiron

Will it look something like the above rendering with a bit more of the Veyron styling blended out? We must wait to see what the Chiron will actually look like (if they keep that name).

Word is that there will be a standard Bugatti Chiron as well as the hybrid offering. These are unique times in automotive history, with companies clamoring to meet stricter fuel emission guidelines by implementing hybrid technology while still struggling to deliver more power than ever before. It is only common sense that the fight must redline at some point, but that point has not been reached this year. What that means is that there are only so many horses that can be trapped in a standard road going or even racing machine. Porsche called for an end to the ‘Horsepower war’ recently, citing the same glaring reality. How much will be enough and how much is too much? Let us examine the upcoming Bugatti Chiron:

  • It seems that batteries and electric propulsion may be added to the already beastly W16 Veyron engine. The W16 is comprised of 2 healthy V8 engines that have become best friends.
  • This is the best possible scenario to grapple at thus far because the brand is going to continue producing W16 engines. It can be deduced that the engines are for the Veyron successor, because they are certainly not for the Jetta.
  • The Chiron should churn out around 1360 horses, which is only 160 more than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. There is ample room for experimentation and additional power.

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Veyron successor has huge shoes to fill

With the Porsche 918 spyder already sold out and the LaFerrari nearly impossible to obtain, the Bugatti Chiron is likely to be the center of focus for a time and equally challenging to obtain. In the end, we all just want to see her body.

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The Best Looking Land Rover Defender Ever?

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show was the ideal stage for this unique Land Rover Defender kit. Kahn Designs is based in the UK and specializes in Land Rover Defender alterations with a quite imaginative flair. This one is called the ‘Flying Huntsman’ and packs a serious punch in the size and sheer mass arenas.
Click on the short clip above to get views of all angles of the Kahn Design Flying Huntsman 6×6:

The Kahn Design Flying Huntsman Defender 6×6 is packing an LS3 engine. The aftermarket tuners used the Land Rover Defender 110 as a base and modified 15 more inches up front to accommodate a GM 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine. The engine is paired with a 6-speed automated transmission feeding power to all 6 wheels. That is correct, 6 wheels. This beast is prepared for any type of mission with a larger windshield for a better view and 30 extra inches of space in the rear. But for what excursions exactly is this creation intended? Transporting extremely heavy items around the countryside? There must be a purpose behind the design besides military usage?

Land Rover DefenderThis version of the Land Rover Defender is an additional 45 inches larger than the 4×4 model from which it drew its inspiration. The possible uses for a giant of this magnitude are endless–but it is far from a practical daily driver. The company has plans to produce both 4×4 and 6×6 layouts of the Flying Huntsman in the UK, where they will certainly be a treat to see out and about where larger vehicles are often frowned upon and scolded with a zesty vocabulary. For those who are confused, it is common in the UK for people to be more concerned with fuel economy and getting a fair price than it is for them to be impressed by bells and whistles and flashy vehicles. It leads to quite amusing encounters; some captured by the former series “Top Gear”.

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Rolls-Royce Porto Cervo Wraith Celebrates The Exclusive Summer Studio

This year marks the second year in a row that Rolls-Royce has held the “Summer Studio” celebration at the lavish Porto Cervo in Italy. The brand drummed up further excitement in the area by unveiling a special edition Wraith named for the hotspot: The Rolls-Royce Porto Cervo Wratih.

Rolls-Royce Porto Cervo

The event

The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio is a luxury event that showcases the latest offerings from the marquee, giving attendees the opportunity to soak in a bit of history and even get their paws on the steering wheel for a scenic drive along the area coast. Driving a gorgeous Rolls-Royce vehicle along an Italian coastline? It is the stuff fantasies are designed from. The exotic location was not simply chosen by chance, however. It seems that the area is a popular summer vacation destination for many Rolls-Royce owners—indicating that they certainly did their homework to ensure a good turnout for the event.

Rolls-Royce Porto CervoThe Rolls-Royce Wraith is the latest edition to the lineup.

The car

The special edition Rolls-Royce Porto Cervo Wraith met the crowd in striking bright orange metallic coat. Just 3 examples of the Porto Cervo car will be created, with their styling cues derived from Costa Smeralda. Rich orange, Navy blue and an interior cabin befitting a luxury yacht all signal that these members of the fleet are something unique. A brilliant Arctic white was selected for the cabin to draw to mind the feeling of a ship at sea. The powertrain remains unchanged, with the same thirsty 623 horses purring beneath the hood ready to catapult passengers from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds.

Rolls-Royce Porto CervoFun fact: The Sardinian resort of Porto Cervo boasts a population of just 421 ultra-wealthy individuals.

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Land Rover Pothole Alert Feature Reshaping Roads

There are few driving experiences as frustrating as nailing an unseen pothole and ruining a perfectly good rim. Not only are potholes damaging to rims and wheels, they can cause problems with alignment and deeper unseen issues as well. This is why Land Rover pothole alert technology is long overdue and a great preventative measure.
Land Rover seems quite busy in the technology arena these days, focusing on much more than just crafting the world’s most luxurious off-road vehicles. The brand’s pothole alert technology goes further than simply alerting the driver of impending danger—it also alerts the crews tasked with repairing the potholes so that the problem is corrected. The big picture of the alert includes it as but a slice in the road toward autonomous vehicles, a direction that seems unavoidable with brands already testing their wares and making great strides in development.

The pothole detecting technology is currently being tested using the swanky and adorable Range Rover Evoque model. The Evoque is equipped with the ability to pinpoint the location and severity of discrepancies in the roads. It then has the capacity to broadcast that information to other vehicles and crews needed to fix them. Will potholes and broken manhole covers be fixed in a more timely fashion, or will their locations just be noted and maneuvered around due to budget issues as per usual? While the operations of each particular city are not exactly a controllable feature, at least soon drivers will have the technology to avoid more potholes on the roadways and prevent damages to their expensive investments.

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What Happens When Autonomous Cars Crash Into Each Other?

There has been some chatter hitting the headlines about a Google autonomous car cutting off an Audi driverless car. While many wild theories circulated, it seems that the scenario was a planned exercise by the companies to see how their wares interacted under real world conditions when cut off, even by another autonomous car. So what would happen if two autonomous vehicles crashed into each other?

Autonomous carsWhile all companies touting their autonomous technology want to highlight the positive points and reiterate that the other points are still being ironed out, it is entirely feasible that these types of vehicles can collide, though it is not quite likely. There are precious few driverless cars on the roads today, because not many have the legal permits required to do so. Google and Delphi Automotive have the jump on competitors, as they are not only already out on the roads testing, but they are interacting with each other for testing strategies to simulate real driving exposures.

During the incident in question, a modified driverless Lexus operated by Google cut off Delphi’s modified autonomous Audi, forcing it to abort changing lanes. It is impressive that the technology seems to be advancing so rapidly, with the autonomous cars able to seemingly “change their mind” mid-maneuver to avoid crashing.

Autonomous cars

Google is the big player in the game, as usual, with about 20 driverless vehicles on the public roads while Delphi Automotive is more narrowly focused with just 2 cars out testing. So…who would be ‘at fault’ if two driverless cars crashed? Would they replay the video and analyze the driving conditions and moves just prior to the incident? Will the bulk of pesky insurance claim specialists soon be eliminated by technology? Share your opinion on the matter below!

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