In Gear: Old School Bugatti EB110 GT Up for Grabs

Bugatti fans love the all mighty Veyron, but the stuff that rolled out back in the day is just as cool to collect and experience—like the 1993 Bugatti 110 GT hitting the auction block at RM Sotheby’s soon! The flashy time capsule will be at the RM Sotheby’s auction January 28th-29th, 2016 and is anticipated to fetch between $600-$800k. Collectable car pricing varies according to many factors, and it appears that this 1993 Bugatti is on the up right now.

Bugatti EB110 GTThe 1993 Bugatti EB110 GT at a glance:

  • This is a single-owner specimen. Much like the Ferrari packs the most curb appeal in classic red—the Bugatti seems to generate the most praise in this shade of blue. Why is there no color coined ‘Bugatti blue’ in existence?
  • Power is derived from a quad-turbocharged V12 producing 550 horses. While that amount of power is nothing insane in today’s terms, it certainly was back in the early 1990s!
  • To make it more unique, power is fed to all wheels and driven via a six-speed manual gearbox. Top speed is over 213 glorious miles per hour in this little aerodynamic street devil.
  • This is the 6th unit of the 139-unit production run.

The upcoming RM Sotheby’s Arizona car sale will showcase over 100 blue-chip automobiles from industry icons. The specialty collection is all hand-selected by the blended experts at RM Sotheby’s—so you know they are top-level investments. Remember that they used to be two separate auction houses: RM Auctions and Sotheby’s, and they were competitors. Now the two companies have joined hands and since that time are creating some of the most sophisticated and well-themed automotive auctions on the planet.

The 1993 Bugatti EB110 GT could be yours and would make a complimentary addition to any enviable luxury car collection.  

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Winning a Luxury Car Rental Just Went All Mainstream: 5 Steps to Enter!

 Instagram contestImagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals is at it again—giving away a free luxury car rental! This time we are taking to Instagram under #want2rent, because it is where the photos of you and your supercar experience will end up anyhow, #amiright? Let’s get straight to how you win our Instagram contest:

Just 5 easy steps stand between you and the shot to spend an unforgettable day with a free luxury car rental (that is right—it is all on us!):

Once you have completed that easy task, the contestants with the most likes per month shall become the victorious one and get treated to a luxury rental car for a day!

free luxury car rental contestTips to up your game: Stop by an Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals location in New Jersey or Miami and snap some selfies with the cars. Nothing says I am serious about this passion quite like a few uploaded Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati selfies to share!

The fine print

You can win a free Imagine Lifestyles shirt by stopping by our showroom to take photos. This contest must receive a minimum of 25 entries per month in order for a winner to be selected. Posts during the month are entered for that specific month’s contest only. Only one entry per person though they may enter the following month. Winners must be 21 years or older with a valid driver’s license and insurance. Offer does not include delivery, tax, fees or security deposit. If you are shaking your head at this, remember: by winning you are getting up to a $500 rental car for the day—those small pesky charges will be forgotten the second your behind hits the seat.

Looking forward to your entries and best of luck friends!

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Aston Martin Vulcan Pairs Well with the Avro Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vulcan is pretty much the most powerful thing the brand has produced lately, an extreme track-focused beast given the look of a show car. There is also another famous Vulcan in the UK—the Avro Vulcan aircraft. Watch the two epic creations encounter each other in the short clip below!

The Avro Vulcan is stunning in the air and the Aston Martin Vulcan has the ground effects covered. The Avro version is an iconic jet bomber craft that originated back in the 1950s. It is unclear if the aircraft is the car’s namesake, but it is nice to think as much. The Vulcan car retains a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V12 engine during the time of the hybrid, and churns forth 800 horses for the road to reckon with. There will only be 24 examples of the car crafted, and all are likely pre-sold.

Aston Martin VulcanThe Avro Vulcan aircraft is a bit more rare than the Vulcan car. During its time, just 134 units of the craft were produced and just one, the Vulcan XH558, remains in operation. The crafts were a part of the British Royal Air Force from 1956-1984. The XH558 is a part of the Vulcan to the Sky charitable trust, but is fated to soon serve as a display slice at the Vulcan Aviation Academy & Heritage Center at Robin Hood airport. Yes, Robin Hood airport—we all know the British love their stories as much as their spirited automobiles.

Aston Martin Vulcan

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Buffering: Aston Martin Smartphone Ranges from $6k-$30k

Supercar themed smartphones are not a new thing, and while they seem to be fading out a touch, a high-priced gadget still makes headlines here and there. Like the latest Aston Martin smartphone, which ranges delicately in price from $6k-$30k. Seriously, it is dubbed the Aston Martin Racing 808 smartphone, though those wielding it could perhaps be perceived as dummies for dropping so much on something that will be old within a year. On the upside, owning an Aston Martin car would sustain a lasting curb appeal.

Aston Martin smartphonePhotos ©Aston Martin

The Aston Martin smartphone is at least cheaper than the actual car, and offers interested buyers the chance to feel like 007 instead of the standard Apple geek. Much like a car, the phone starts as a base model and works its way up in both abilities and pricing. The top-of-the-line Aston Martin Racing 808 features 18-karat gold and diamonds for $30k. It is unclear if the materials will retain as much value when the user tires of the phone, which often happens within a few months of owning a new gadget. The phones use a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.5GHz and around 32GB of space. The tiny display screen is 4.7-inches and the resolution is mediocre at 1,280×720 pixels. On the upside, it is shielded by a sapphire glass screen with questionable visibility. This seems forgivable for a prototype, but not for a floor model demanding such a sum.

What is special about the Aston Martin smartphone

Nifty features of the 808 Racing phone include a 13-megapixel rear camera and duel SIM LTE support. It uses Android 5.0, inline with Google mobile stuffs. The back is slathered in high-end leather covering a durable metal frame. To protect the components, there is also a ceramic shell over the speakers and such. Don’t expect to see this phone at the local Best Buy, as it will likely be sold in sparse specialty boutiques in London, Hong Kong, Dubai and other locations.

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How the VW Crisis Could Affect Bugatti

By now, everyone in the automotive world and all others know about the VW crisis dealing with the emissions scandal. While accusations and opinions will continue to fly for a while, an important issue will be the future of Bugatti. How will the Volkswagen emissions crisis affect the future of the beloved Bugatti brand?

VW crisis

The Bugatti brand actually costs money to stay alive, meaning that VW loses money on each unit sold. Even though the basic cost of a Bugatti Veyron is around a million and up, it has been revealed that VW loses around $3 million for each Veyron sold. Many find these figures difficult to grasp and assume that selling million-dollar-plus hypercars can only lead to profit. The reality is that development and materials often outweigh profits by a large margin, making the boutique brand reliant upon the other VW brands for its financial survival.

VW brands

Now that the VW brand is enduring so much scrutiny and likely an astronomical financial hit, what will become of Bugatti in the foreseeable future? Will this put a halt to the Bugatti Veyron successor’s development? It seems safe to assume that any expensive expenditure will be put on hold at this time, causing unfortunate delays to fans already waiting for the next big thing.

VW crisis As with most legal issues big automakers invariably encounter, this will likely be addressed and managed with impeccable speed and attention to detail, with lessons learned and a wiser future path mapped. VW is simply too large and good at its game to allow this to be a fatal hit, which leaves ample hope that the Bugatti brand will survive, just perhaps after a brief pit stop. VW is currently focused on righting the wrongs and working to earn back trust in the brand. Overall, while it certainly does not make the emissions errors ok, the media has done a splendid job of making it seem like they are the only brand guilty of such a thing. Carmakers have been trying to adhere to constantly changing environmental regulations while trying to remain profitable to shareholders, and at times taking the easy route can prove to be too tempting. With innovative new powertrains and the idea of a hybrid being more accepted in the market, these illegal issues should begin to diffuse on their own and the world should have its Bugatti Veyron successor in due time.

VW crisis

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Range Rover Evoque Convertible Is Naked But Not Afraid

In efforts to show that the new Range Rover Evoque convertible is every bit as rugged and ready as her siblings, Land Rover put together a video of her showing off in her natural habitat: some off-roading with mud and water. Check out the clip below proving that the Evoque convertible is naked but not afraid! Spoiler: The clip is far more engulfing and entertaining than the unfortunate television series ‘Naked and Afraid’.

The publicity for the Range Rover Evoque convertible is intended to serve as a preview for the newcomer, poised to claim her spot as the very first luxury convertible compact SUV. It is certain that other brands will follow in the tracks of the Evoque, but few will match her in aesthetics or performance. While the camo is on for the clip, photos have already circulated and the production version will likely be even better looking than the standard Evoque, with new finishes and features.

Range Rover Evoque convertible The top for the convertible Evoque is likely to be a type of insanely durable fabric, but renderings have not been leaked at this juncture. There are, of course, tweaks to the chassis to provide added stability when her top is down, enabling her to retain the same power output and off-roading performance as the regular version. Both versions of the Evoque will be packing the same 2.0-liter 4-banger beast producing 240 horses. While that figure does not seem like much with so many supercars out there with over 400, it is ample for the cause and the climbs.

As for the official launch date for the convertible Range Rover, it will likely be sometime in 2017, unless Land Rover takes us by surprise and gives up the goods sooner. Stay tuned friends.

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The Gorgeous Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport

When it comes to the coveted Italian sports car, the Maserati GranTurismo convertible Sport has curb appeal. There are drivers who prefer the Ferrari or Lamborghini, but for some, it is Maserati and its less-intense yet sophisticated styling cues that steal the show. The brand has been around for just over 100 years, making it an apparent success.

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport(All Photos ©Maserati USA)When it comes to a true exotic sports car, it is difficult to find a flaw in the design of a Maserati. That signature face has been around for a long time, and it just keeps getting better with modern tweaks and tunes. 

The Maserati GranTurismo convertible Sport at a glance:

  • This nice lady is a head-turner, more so than even some of her siblings. That smooth drop-top vibe is quite irresistible to certain buyers, depending heavily on where they reside.
  • Inside lurks a Ferrari-sourced 4.7-liter V8 engine churning forth 454 horsepower
  • With all of the superior looks and performance features, some find the technology lagging behind current standards. To that it seems some would say to hell with it—who needs all that when the time comes to drop the top and experience the open road with the throbbing acoustics of the engine serving as the entertainment. If that is not enough, pick up a lady friend from the salon and listen to her lament the death of a perfectly good blow out.
  • Curb weight is an evenly distributed 4,365 pounds with a wheelbase of 115.8”.

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible SportThe cockpit is nothing short of divine.

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible SportDesign house Pininfarina had a heavy hand in the look and feel if this model and many others.

This Maserati comes with an MSRP of $150k and a decent MPG rating of 13 city and 20 highway. The video below shows how rapidly the top of the Maserati GranTurismo Sport drops and then shows her zipping away to indulge in a nice ride.

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Toyota S-FR: The Angry Animated Family Member

The Toyota S-FR is set to show off at the Toyota Motor Show. It certainly seems that the brand has become well…rounded…following the success of the Lexus LFA supercar and her smattering of reminiscent siblings. Looking at the S-FR it can be confusing to ascertain which direction the brand is heading, but it also seems to create a sense of amusement and happiness with that angry animated cartoonish countenance.

Toyota S-FRThe Toyota S-FR at a glance:

  • This is to be one of 6 or so vehicles heading to Tokyo. It is small by design, a nod to current city car trends and perhaps the looming environmental guidelines dangling from the necks of all automakers like an albatross.
  • Though the S-FR is a tiny slice of toast, she manages to provide 4 seats with her front engine layout.
  • Word is the transmission is a 6-speed manual, something most automakers are phasing out forever.
  • Exact powertrain and performance are being kept under wraps until the show it seems, but it is likely social and nonthreatening and quite possibly is a hybrid or at the very least offers a hybrid variant.

Aside from the Toyota S-FR, the brand will be touting the Kikai and the FCV Plus, which is their futuristic fuel cell concept poised to challenge the Honda fuel cell vehicle. It is said to run purely on hydrogen and have the capacity to power a home. What? The hydrogen fuel cells are mounted in various locations on the car, with some powering it and some accessible to power homes and stuff—which seems kinda strange and we can’t wait for further explanation from the brand at the show.

Toyota S-FRBut wait, that is not all! Toyota will also bring the Kirobo Mini along, that adorable mini robot created for space coms, the C-HR concept and the next-gen Prius because it just will not die.

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Did Subaru Just Break Out Some Sexy with the Viziv Future Concept?

Subaru Viziv FutureAll photos ©Subaru  

Subaru is best known for its performance and family fare offerings, with the standard Forester serving as the social and nonthreatening SUV for families and rides like the WRX, STI and BRZ attracting power craving petrol heads worldwide. But has everyone noticed the Subaru Viziv Future concept SUV? Are they breaking out the sexy for the Tokyo Motor Show or what?

Subaru Viziv Future The Subaru Viziv Future demonstrates the design language of the brand’s future.

Subaru Viziv FutureThe Viziv Future concept illustrates where the future of the Subaru SUV is headed, and it is so much better than previous  SUV siblings. As a tuned WRX owner with a fondness for the visual cues of the Audi Q5 and Q3, the Viziv Future caught my eye and seems to be superior to the luxe Q5 at least in terms of visuals. Rather than copycat many of the popular sporty SUV crossover bodies out there today, Subaru charted into its own territory with bold unique lines, contours and lighting concepts–it will not be confused with another brand. The Future fun doesn’t stop there–with the cabin renderings providing a preview of the racing inspired seating and upscale vibe.

Subaru Viziv FutureAll modern inside and out with panoramic views to show that the sky is the limit. 

Subaru Viziv FutureSubaru is brining sexy back—them other brands don’t know how to act.

The Subaru Viziv Future concept at a glance:

  • This concept is pumped full of tech, with sensors, radar, and nifty road monitoring cameras that allow it to operate completely autonomously at highway speeds. Accidents are avoided thanks to obstacle detection and it can even park itself in tight spots. Take that, mister valet dude friend guy.
  • Conveniences include climate control, connectivity and touch navigation.
  • The back bench folds neatly away to reveal an integrated bike rack concealed beneath the floor. Word.
  • Power will stem from the currently popular hybrid style engine. A turbo flat 4 from the Levorg wagon to be precise.
  • Finally, the look is polished off with suicide doors. As if the model did not stand out enough, this feature provides the final punch for the knockout.

Subaru Viziv FutureThe Viziv Future is the 3rd installment in the concept process, and it has certainly evolved from last year’s renderings. More will emerge when the Tokyo Motor Show rolls out October 29th, 2015.

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What the Bugatti Vision GT Sounds Like When Started

When it comes to speed and titles, few match the long-standing Bugatti Veyron. That said, some find the startup and throttle sound to be a bit too soft and gentle for such an epic monster. Queue the Bugatti Vision GT concept, it seems that the engineers took note (pun intended) of the situation when developing this nice lady and gave her a much throatier voice. Take a listen in the clip below!

This video was captured at the Frankfurt Motor Show where the Bugatti Vision GT concept was shown for the first time. Here you can see her showing off her looks and special sounds to the obviously captivated crowds:

Fans gathered around the Bugatti Vision GT concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and the aftermath of information has been entertaining. Some assume that the car is most definitely the replacement to the Veyron, which has ended its production run of 450 units. Now for the shocker: The Vision GT concept is but a shell…a life-sized body cradling the 8.0-liter W16 engine that somehow sounds better inside it. Perhaps it is that glorious carbon fiber skin.

The company has stated that the Bugatti Vision GT shall demolish the 250-mile per hour marker in about 4 seconds, giving passengers ample time to contemplate their life plan and budget to buy one. They are not revealing the official specifications or if the car is actually to hit production. Some think they are beta testing the exterior stylings at this juncture, but for the facts we likely have to wait until the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. It is quite common for the Bugatti brand to perform a slow, decadent and nearly unbearable striptease prior to giving up the goods on any changes. You win Bugatti, you win.

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