The Sophisticated Lady now sailing in Chicago

Here at Imagine Lifestyles we spend our days scouring the globe for the finest luxury experiences. We have recently located The Sophisticated Lady, a 72ft luxury yacht in Chicago for 10 – 49 passengers. On the Sophisticated Lady you have access to 3 indoor levels and 2 outdoor levels. She is the largest yacht in Chicago for 49 passengers.  All 49 passengers can comfortably relax outside at one time or all comfortably inside at one time.  While aboard, our goal is for every whim to be met.  We have several packages to choose from including a 3 hour yacht rental, food and beverages.  You can increase your number of hours and/or upgrade your bar on any package.  The Sophisticated Lady is known for not only her size, beauty and luxury, but also the service of her crew. The Sophisticated Lady boasts a higher guest to staff ratio than any other yacht. Our guests never have to wait in line at the bar to get a drink as our staff will bring it to them.

To charter a service aboard The Sophisticated Lady please Request a Quote online. It is free, and there is no obligation!


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Freedom of Choice Sales Event

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men and women have the right to drive in style! Imagine Lifestyles Luxury & Exotic rentals is offering our guests the chance of a lifetime. During our Freedom of Choice promotion we will be offering 25% off all mid-week rentals and chauffeur services for the entire month of July.

Take your Pick of any of our luxury and exotic cars:

The possibilities are endless, but in order to qualify for these savings you must meet the following requirements:

  • All renters and drivers must be 21 or older
  • Guests must provide insurance
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • All rentals require a security deposit (deposit amount varies depending on the vehicle chosen)
  • Rental must be redeemed by July 31st
  • Rental must take place Monday – Thursday
  • Chauffeur service requires 5 hour minimum reservation

Don’t wait to save, call us today at 866-436-3514 or request a quote online, it’s free!!

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Discover 5 Secret Mansions That Celebrities Rent – Luxury Mansion Rentals

It should come as no surprise that celebrities will rent mansions from time to time. Not everyone wants to settle down in one location, and many have a hard time paying $25 million at one time just to call themselves a homeowner. Instead, the A-listers decide to rent around the United States for a few months at a time. They settle into luxury in a variety of different mansions, providing marble, chandeliers, high-end appliances, and spectacular views.

1. Lenox Hill Townhouse

Sonya Morgan, one of the Real Housewives of New York, rents her townhouse, better described as a mansion. The five-story, five-bedroom home rents for approximately $32,000 a month. Located on the Upper East Side, it boasts landscaped gardens, several fireplaces throughout the home, and a spa-style bathroom. The master bathroom has a claw tub and a crystal chandelier that hangs over it, providing the ultimate level of luxury.

2. Tribeca Apartment

Not all mansions have to be single-family homes. Jennifer Lawrence has been known to rent her apartment in Tribeca to various celebrities (as well as anyone else) on occasion. The three-bedroom place measures at 3184 ft.². It currently rents for approximately $27,500 a month. The kitchen alone is sigh-worthy with a large kitchen island and state-of-the-art equipment on every wall.

3. Las Flores Beach Mansion

With an amazing view of Las Flores Beach, the mansion owned by Daisy Fuentes is commonly rented to celebrities because of the multiple glass-enclosed balconies that overlook the Pacific Ocean. It’s definitely a party house, though it also features three bedrooms and four baths. She has chosen to rent it out since marrying Richard Marx, where the two purchased a bigger home in Malibu. This home on Las Flores Beach rents for approximately $25,000 a month.

4. South Beach-Front Mansion

Ray Allen of the Miami Heat has been renting an 11,533 square foot beachfront mansion in South Beach for the past few years. You can tour the home to see the nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, pool, whirlpool spa, man-made private beach, four-car garage, and even an elevator. It’s undisclosed as to how much he is paying for rent a month, but the view of the beach and the size of the swimming pool might be well worth it.

5. Saddle River Mansion

Mary J. Blige has her home up for sale in Saddle River, New Jersey. While it’s been on the market, a number of celebrities have chosen to rent from her. What could easily be described as a chateau is in high-demand for rent. It offers a French Renaissance style with swimming pools, an impressive wine cellar and much more. No expense was spared when creating this beautiful architectural masterpiece. How much rent celebrities have paid is unknown, but it has to be worth it to be able to stay at an $8.8 million château owned by a nine-time Grammy award winner.

It’s clear that luxury mansion rentals are filled to the brim with the utmost detail. Celebrities aren’t shy about dropping $10,000 or more a month in order to live in the lap of luxury. They do it for privacy as well as to treat themselves. Plus, it makes it easier to continue their high lifestyle when filming in a particular area so that there is no need to stay in a hotel.

There are so many incredible mansions that remain hidden, which is why celebrities can always find someplace not only luxurious but also reclusive to rent. The next one being rented by a celebrity could be in New York City, Miami, or some other metropolitan city.

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Why Choosing A Luxury Car Is The Ultimate In Safety

Owning a luxury car is a thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience, but it needn’t be unsafe. Luxury models such as the Mercedes-Benz S550 and the Lexus RX 350 are featured in the list of the few cars that regularly experience zero traffic fatalities. Renting a vehicle with advanced safety technology is the best thing you can do to keep your family safe, while you indulge in your love for luxury automobiles. So fire up the engine and get ready to experience that thrill, with the confidence that you will be protected in the rare event of an accident.

Use of cameras and sensors

One of the most important factors in staying safe on busy streets is to do with drivers losing their concentration. The road is full of potential dangers, from all directions and it’s impossible for a driver to be 100% aware of everything, 100% of the time. This is why luxury cars are increasingly doing some of the work for you, through the use of cameras and sensors. As the most advanced vehicles move towards becoming fully automated, the probability of a crash caused by distracted driving decreases.

Cameras and sensors allow the driver to still be in control. This is important for luxury vehicle enthusiasts who take great pleasure in driving. However, they can also help to alert the driver of obstacles, to decrease the risk of an accident. Only cars in the top price bracket will have the latest and best sensor technology.

Electronic stability control

Cars built more for the track than the road, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, have long used computers to keep them steady in the corners. Smaller, less powerful and cheaper cars often lack this technology and can, therefore, be unsafe at high speeds. If you take a Lamborghini up to the speed limit on the highway, then you can be confident that the onboard computers will prevent skidding.

These systems aren’t perfect. After all, they still give most of the control to an imperfect driver. However, they do help even inexperienced drivers to reach high speeds and still have total control over the vehicle. It is estimated that a third of fatal crashes could be prevented with the use of electronic stability control.

Pedestrian detection

Being able to sense obstacles is one thing, but modern technology is now capable of discriminating between living and non-living objects in the road. Driverless vehicles are far from mainstream, but, in chasing their ultimate aim of full automation, tech companies have come up with some ingenious solutions. Pedestrian sensors will be able to slam the breaks on if it judges a pedestrian to be at risk. This may not protect the safety of a luxury vehicle driver, but it certainly protects them from causing unthinkable damage to another human being.

Luxury cars are beautiful, comfortable, fast and a joy to ride. However, the importance of safety should not be overlooked. From sensors and cameras, through to electronic stability control and pedestrian protection, driving a luxury vehicle can help keep you and other road users safe from traffic collisions.

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Go Big On Luxury Travel In Florida

Whatever your occasion, what could be more memorable than luxury travel in the sunshine state of Florida? In particular, Miami will tick all the boxes and with over fifteen million visitors to Miami in 2015 it’s just the place for an unforgettable vacation. It’s about the whole package: the car, the accommodation and what you choose to do for fun and relaxation. Find yourself somewhere luxurious to stay and don’t forget to visit South Beach, allegedly the second sexiest beach in the world.

The Wonders of Miami

With over fourteen and a half million drivers in Florida, there’s a lot of other road users to be aware of and consider. Know where you’re going, don’t drive for too long and if you are older consider whether your hearing or vision will affect your safe driving. Miami, known as the “Magic City”, is located in Southeast Florida and is home to the Miami Dolphins and South Beach. If you want to experience luxury on the ocean then consider renting a speedboat or charter a luxury yacht. This will allow you to head North to view the stunning Miami skyline or head toward Key Biscayne and spend a day at Biscayne Bay. Other sights include Millionaire’s Row or even the Bahamas in one day.

Fine dining and cocktails

There are endless restaurants to choose from but if you fancy experiencing the delights of an award winning chef José Andrés, head to The Bazaar located in the SLS Hotel on South Beach. The Latin inspired food is fused with Andrés’ Spanish heritage and boasts both indoor and outdoor spaces. La Mar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel offers Peruvian cuisine and is a perfect choice for stunning views of the bay, speciality cocktails and for a romantic dinner at the top end of fine dining. If perhaps you want a chain restaurant, but one that is renowned for outstanding food and service, Nobu Miami is situated in the Shore Club and offers world class Japanese food and is a hot Miami nightspot where you could sup cocktails once dinner is finished.

Dance into the early hours

If you’re a member, then Soho Beach House is must whilst in Miami, but the Cecconi’s restaurant which is part of it, is open to non-members. If dance music is your thing, then the club Story is host to many famous DJs and has sixty exclusive VIP tables. With a recent ten million dollar renovation and supposedly one of the best places in Miami to spot a celebrity, Liv on Miami Beach is a high end club offering a VIP entrance and valet service. If you’re looking for a poolside club with indoor space too, then Hyde Beach is located at the prestigious SLS Hotel and offers unforgettable poor parties.

Where to lay your head

When deciding where to stay live like a local and stay in a luxury villa or a condo on the waterfront or with a pool. Alternatively stay in a one or two bedroom residence in a hotel overlooking the ocean where you can benefit from your own large space but also from the hotel’s facilities. You can arrange daily, weekly or even monthly rents so you could even stay in a few places.

Florida is a perfect place to visit and it goes hand in hand with luxurious travel. If you’re going to do it properly it’s worth investing in the best rental car, luxury accommodation and activities that are experienced at the highest standard. Choose exactly what you want to do and then find the best options. You can’t do at that and not hire a speedboat or charter a yacht, surely a visit to the Bahamas is an essential part of your trip?

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A Blast From The Past: The Finest Luxury Vintage Cars

From the Mercedes Gullwings of the 1950s to the Ford Mustangs of the 1960s, there are vintage cars to be found in all corners of the USA. And CNN reports, the value of vintage cars skyrocketed by 430% between 2005 and 2015 – making them an excellent investment as well as beautifully retro. And with luxury cars now taking up an estimated 6% of the US car market, many people are now combining two of their passions and searching for luxury vintage automobiles in which to invest. With that in mind, here are some of the best luxury cars from the history books.

Porsche 356

Nothing says luxury quite like having a Porsche, and if you want to combine your taste for fine brands with the retro bliss of the Swinging Sixties, the 356 is perfect. This rear engine vehicle is gorgeous – and even better, it’s still around. It’s relatively easy to find this amazing vehicle compared to other luxury vintage models: while only just over 70,000 of these cars were ever manufactured, it’s believed that 50% of them are still available to find.

Model T Ford 

While it might not quite top a list of the world’s oldest cars compared to the very basic models which came out decades earlier, the Model T Ford is certainly one of the oldest automobiles as they are known today. Although the original 1923 touring model cost just $298, it was seen at the time as a much more luxurious alternative to the horse and cart. And while seats in modern cars may be more comfortable, there’s no doubt that this model is a very rare commodity – and will make you the talk of the town if you can get hold of it.

Jaguar E-Type 

Jaguars are still seen to this day as an ultimate symbol of status and wealth, and if you’re looking to take it one step further, jumping back in time to the 1960s and 1970s when the world-famous Jaguar E-Type was released is a great idea. Made in Coventry in England’s West Midlands, this car is believed to have been described by the founder of Ferrari as the most beautiful car ever to have been made. Made even more famous by a range of popular culture references such as the TV program Mad Men and the movie franchise Austin Powers, this is an instantly recognizable vehicle that makes an excellent investment as well as a fun car to drive.


With luxury cars and vintage vehicles all the rage these days, there’s no better way to enjoy both passions than combine a high-status brand name or rare find with a blast from the past. Whether’s it’s a sixties Porsche or a sleek retro Jaguar you’re after, there are all sorts of choices available. All you need to do is find the one you like the look of best.

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97ft Private Charter Yacht JUSTINE has returned to the Big Apple

Justine is a 97 ft luxurious private charter yacht based in New York City. She hosts up to 12 guests for day and evening cruises, and can accommodate eight overnight in four staterooms. The yacht has an elegant and spacious main deck salon, full service bar, formal dining room, and fully equipped galley. There is an aft deck observation area and seating, upper deck outdoor area with lounge seating and 360 degree views, and spacious sun pad on the bow. Located throughout the yacht is a premier sound system with MP3 and microphone inputs, as well as satellite HDTVs. The interior was completely rebuilt in 2010 and is continually and meticulously updated.

Standard menus or custom catering available. Our chef coordinates closely with the crew and guests to provide the freshest ingredients and highest quality foods. Five Star dining and the ambiance of New York under the stars is a reality to be savored. Justine’s cuisine ranges from French/American to Latin Fusion. Specialties include butter-poached Maine lobster with roasted wild mushrooms, gnocchi and cucumber blossoms; honey-glazed duck with fig, radish and black currant; and Japanese Kobe filet with seared foie gras, spinach and Pinot Noir sauce.

Astound and impress your partners, investors, and clients with a private cruise on NYC’s premiere charter vessel. Treat your team for work well done. Showcase your waterfront real estate holdings or developments. Custom itineraries can be prepared including Sag Harbor, Montauk, Greenwich CT, the Mystic Seaport, Albany, West Point, Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore, Cape May, Newport RI, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vinyard, and Nantucket. Justine is available for film shoots, fashion photography, weddings and post-wedding cruises, unforgettable proposals, burials at sea, and any other special event on a luxurious yacht.

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Volkswagen Reveals 570BHP Supercar

Volkswagen Polo R WRC (2015)

Volkswagen Polo: not the first car that comes to mind when you think “supercar”. However, with a revenue of over €230 billion, VW has the means to compete with giants in the motorcar industry. In March 2018, the company revealed that they had a new car out, called the Polo R WRX. This car was designed to follow on from the Polo R WRC, which was retired in 2016. However, this latest version is supercharged and with more power than ever before. So what makes this car so great in the world of exotic and luxury vehicles?

What’s It For?

The Polo R WRX is a version of the regular Polo, modified to defend VW’s World Rallycross title. It is an updated version of the WRC, which won 43 of its 53 rallies in its first year. With previous wins by Citroen and Audi, VW took title in 2017 with its Polo GTI. Now they are back, stronger than ever and looking to retain the title. The vehicle is designed for off road performance, but its power and speed capabilities put on par with many Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Engine Specs

The value of this car comes from a 2.0 litre, turbocharged, four cylinder engine. It’s the turbocharge that makes all the difference, making this vehicle significantly more powerful than your average road going Polo TDI. Combined with lightweight materials and a stripped back interior, the BHP to weight ratio is bound to make this a serious contender for the 2018 World Rallycross. The engine will be capable of producing upwards of 562 BHP, making it more powerful than your average Aston Martin DB9.

Faster than a F1 Car

So what does all this power mean? Well, it means speed like VW drivers will have never experienced before. The Polo R can accelerate from 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds. This means that it can get up to speed quicker than an F1 car. With any luck, this engine will be put into VW’s road legal vehicles, so that real pistonheads can experience this acceleration on a daily basis.

While the Polo R is specially designed for rallycross, it is possible that the luxury car market can learn a thing or two from its design. Even on public highways, car enthusiasts want to feel the thrill of getting up to speed in under two seconds. Hopefully, the Polo R will come to market at least in one form or another so that we can all have a go.

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Winter driving tips

How to Cope with Driving in the Winter
If you’ve woken up to discover the roads of New York are completely snow-covered but you have to get in the car, then what do you do? The arrival of winter often means streets are covered in snow, ice is on the highways and low visibility is common if you’re caught in a snowstorm. In some regions, it can become especially challenging to drive safely in bad weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive your Porsche in the winter. Although the weather might slow us down, it’s not impossible to carry on regardless, it just helps if you’re better prepared.
What you need to do to prepare for driving in snow
Learning how to deal with driving on ice or on a snowy road is difficult as these kind of skills can only be learnt through experience. Remaining in control of your vehicle while you car starts to skid or slide can be tricky so it’s a good idea to learn how to achieve maximum efficiency of your anti lock brakes, before you end up in an emergency situation. This is particularly true as the older we get, the more our bodies are slower to react. For example, before getting into a car consider the driving risks involved as a pensioner or if you have a health problem.
What your car needs to have for the snow
To be as safe as possible for driving in extreme conditions, most luxury automakers offer all-wheel drive along with features for traction control for those times when grip becomes minimal. In addition, ensure your tires are in excellent condition and have at least a 6/32-inch deep tread in order to have adequate snow traction; preferably you should change to four snow tires, rather than just two of them.
What you need to have for your car
Whatever kind of car you have, a winter car kit is crucial to keep inside the trunk, just in case to do get stuck somewhere! This should include: a snow shovel and preferably some sand (or even cat litter) so you can dig yourself out of a situation if necessary; in addition, carry a blanket, flashlight and snow scraper so you’ve got every angle covered. Before winter even sets in, check the battery power and antifreeze levels.
Nowadays, luxury cars are expected to have it all: comfort, performance and technology which includes all-weather capabilities so most will do a great job of navigating snow-covered roads. However, when treacherous weather prevails, it’s often best just to stay at home.
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Half day rentals available for the start of 2018

Available for a limited time only, Imagine Lifestyles is offering half day rentals of our luxury and exotic cars for the months of January and February 2018. This is an amazing opportunity for you to try the car of your dreams, and save big at the same time!

Half Day Rentals available at Imagine Lifestyles

With half day rentals of an exotic sports you can sample the feeling of performance for a few hours without having to break the bank. With stunning vehicles from Lamborghini exotic car rental, Ferrari, Bentley Rental Car, Rolls-Royce luxury car rental , Mercedes Rental and more, Imagine Lifestyles half day rentals are a great way to experience the best that the automotive world has to offer. Available only during the months of January and February 2018, you may pick up your rental vehicle from our Pennsauken New Jersey facility, and return it the same day.  Call us now at 866-436-3514 for pricing and availability. We still require license, insurance, and security deposit for all rentals, and all drivers must be 21 years or older.

Half Day Rentals Rolls Royce Ghost

So you may be asking yourself, will Imagine Lifestyles offer half day rentals forever? Sadly, we will not. Booking a half day rental for a client means that we will not be able to provide a full day rental, or even a second half day rental on that same day. Likewise, we are not able to schedule half day rentals on Saturday, or Sunday as these days often draw our highest number of requests. We will schedule a half day rental as a walk-in on Saturday and Sunday morning if the vehicle you are interested in is available, however we are unable to guarantee a reservation for a half day rental on a weekend ahead of time. Please note that all half day rentals include up to 8 hours with the vehicle, with all vehicles needing to be returned before 8pm regardless of the time of pick-up. Half day rentals include 35 miles of use before charges will be applied for additional miles.

Half Day Rentals Details

  • Available January and February 2018
  • 8 Hours Time
  • Must be returned by 8pm
  • 35 miles included
  • Price per additional mile varies by vehicle
  • Security Deposit required
  • Drivers License and proof of Insurance required
  • May be reserved for Monday – Thursday only
  • Friday – Sunday available as walk-in only
  • Must pick-up from Pennsauken NJ location only


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