#butterflydoors on the BMW i8 Exotic Rental Car Now Available

Meet the BMW i8 Hybrid, among the most pristine and exotic cars available on the luxury car rental market today!  The BMW i8 has heads turning all over the East coast with its insane exotic styling, and unique hybrid performance. This BMW i8 rental rental is available from Imagine Lifestyles in New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

The BMW i8 exotic rental vehicle is the ultimate way to feel for yourself the overall power  strategically crafted for this model.  The increased performance tweaks ensure extremely perfect handling and incredible acceleration. The interior of the i8 is sleek and exotic.  This haute luxury car rental provides utmost comfort for cruising the streets.

Save now on this exotic car rental with the code #butterflydoors only $795/day regularly $995/day

The fine print…

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Must have valid drivers license
  • Security deposit required
  • Must provide insurance
  • Minimum 2 day reservation
  • Reservations subject to availability
  • Prices are plus tax and delivery
  • Can book up to 6 months in advance
  • Must complete reservation by 08/01/2017
  • Must mention #butterflydoors

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Why the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan A Better Sport

There is good news for the next calendar year: The next-gen Lamborghini Huracan will offer that RWD experience. A departure from the first Huracan, which offered AWD, the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 will mark a return to the rear. Why does it matter? As with any new model, even the most pragmatic of test cycles cannot predict everything and every machine can be improved.
The clip above is the official introduction of the Lamborghini Huracan.

The Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 stepped in to fill the rather large shoes of the outgoing Gallardo—the social and non-threatening offering. That is not to say that the Gallardo is not a beast, it simply means it lies somewhere beneath the more extreme brand offerings. The Huracan was developed to serve in that capacity, beneath the more aggressive and powerful Lamborghini Aventador and Veneno machines. Let us take a look at how the next-gen Huracan will measure up:

The 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 at a glance:

  • While the AWD LP 610 car is certainly nothing worthy of a scoff, some drivers found it irritating on the track. The return to a RWD corrects the issues of using an AWD on the track, giving more of the decision-making power back to the driver and away from the computer. Track braking was also a problem area.
  • The RWD LP 580-2 delivers the solution to these woes via the capacity to nail the proper performance figures in admirable times while providing that distinctive and historic Lamborghini driving experience.
  • She hits the 0-60 mile per hour jump a shaving slower than her predecessor, and packs the same healthy 5.2-liter V10 tweaked to grip the back.
  • Further adaptations include the ever-so-slight grill changes. She is also 73 pounds lighter on her wheels thanks to the reduction in equipment feeding the front.

2016 Lamborghini HuracanThe first-gen Lamborghini Huracan in her regular attire.

2016 Lamborghini HuracanThe first-gen Lamborghini Huracan dressed for success. 

Overall, not only is the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 a return to RWD, she is around $30k less than the AWD, making it a win-win.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals


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Mahindra KUV100: An SUV for the Future Types

Mahindra brand of India has been busy creating concepts for their own burgeoning market, including the KUV100 SUV, their entry into the hatchback crossover arena. The company has been slinging images of the newbie around Mumbai and intends to take on competitors like the Ford Figo, Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki WagonR.

Mahindra KUV100Images courtesy of MahindraKUV.com gallery

The Mahindra KUV100 SUV will be offered in both diesel and standard petrol, with no mention of an electric or hybrid offering just yet. The brand launched the TUV300 earlier in the year, which looks very much like an Indian version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because the swanky new KUV100 is still a concept, it simply looks cooler than its predecessor, but it may appear quite similar in production form—a perhaps smaller version of it. That said, it is important for potential buyers to be realistic about what a concept vehicle is actually going to look like when it hits the market. Automakers spend countless hours and dollars drumming up love for their new offerings– but by the time the actual product emerges, too many hands have had their way and it is often a disappointment in comparison to its promise.

The Mahindra KUV100 is pronounced “One double Oh” and will be rolling out over the next few months as the major auto shows begin to occur. The SUV concept was developed in the company’s own facility in Chennai adhering to global standards and regulations, including those pesky emissions. According to director Pawan Goenka of Mahindra (which is actually named Mahindra & Mahindra, like an egotistical law firm): “We are all set to create a new segment with the launch of the KUV100 which also marks our foray into ground up petrol engines. An ambitious project from the very start, the KUV100, is all set to carve its niche amongst first time car buyers with its unique propositions.”

Mahindra KUV100So…is this what American automakers will be driving while they are living in India making the most of the economic auto boom?

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Plans for 2016? Rent a Ferrari for New Year’s Eve

You could take the train to Times Square and spend the holiday smashed and uncomfortable among a massive crowd of strangers in the freezing cold—or you could rent a Ferrari for New Year’s Eve and usher in an unforgettable start that pulls out all the stops! Hey, you can always just watch the ball drop from the ipad screen while parked high on a hilltop overlooking the glittering city. If you consider it, most will watch the ball drop via their smartphone screens while taking boring photos anyhow! Sharing photos of a Ferrari will never be lame.

Rent a FerrariFerrari F430 from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Now that you have the right idea, let me explain how easy it is to make this dream a reality:

  • Give Imagine Lifestyles a call at 866-436-3514 and discover how affordable it is to spend the day with a Ferrari. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  • This number allows 24/7 access to rental information. So when you awaken at 2 am still thinking about this article, you can call. You know you want to.
  • Still not convinced? Stop by our New Jersey headquarters and lay eyes on our gorgeous inventory. Take a few selfies with the cars, grab a t-shirt and get further acquitted with our friendly staff while you get more details on renting a Ferrari or similar exotic car for the holiday.
  • Which Ferrari rentals are available? We are glad you asked! We keep the latest 3 models in stock for clients: The Ferrari 430 coupe and convertible, the Ferrari California T and the newer Ferrari 458 Italia coupe and convertible. The cars are offered in a variety of colors, if the classic Ferrari red isn’t your thing. The color will take the backseat to that Prancing Horsepower, in the end.
California T
Ferrari California T rental 
Rent a Ferrari

Now that you have traction started for a different style of New Year’s celebration, you will need to devise a plan to share your amazing experience via social media. Imagine the videos, photos and fun you can share with your friends and followers to kick off 2016 behind the wheel of a supercar!

Ferrari 458 rental

Until next time,

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

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Reward for Stolen Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Hits $100k

A 2015 Lamborghini Aventador roadster was stolen in New York City, and the reward has since skyrocketed to a healthy $100,000. The white Aventador is valued at $795,000 and was last seen on October 28th cruising the streets of Flushing, Queens. Was it begging to be stolen? Some may ask that very question, but it was a very unique car. Authorities feel the vehicle is likely in a shipping container or already gone because it would certainly stand out even in the stolen parts market.

Stolen Lamborghini Aventador

A white Lamborghini Aventador

What went down to lead to the Lamborghini theft is a mystery that the snoops at NYC private detective agency Pinkerton intends to solve with the higher than usual bribe money. It would seem that they really want this case closed before the holidays to offer such incentive, or perhaps the owner is a pal of theirs. Either way, with the Lamborghini Aventador model still a head-turner and relatively new, it would be too hot for the underground rings and as the authorities feel, is likely already packaged up and en route overseas where it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

For the adventurous bounty hunters, the only other info on the car as that it was parked near the Al Oerter Recreation Complex in Queens. Reports indicate that a luxury car theft ring has been busy in New York and New Jersey lately, and arrests are beginning to be made in connection. The total number of arrests so far exceeds 20 but it is not clear if that ring has anything to do with this missing Aventador. A safe bet is that a buyer was prearranged and that the thieves simply filled the order, Fast and Furious style!

Stolen Lamborghini Aventador

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Luxury List: Top 5 Most Expensive Holiday Gifts for 2015

Most expensive holiday giftsImage ©Neiman Marcus

Tis the season once again, and with it comes the annual analysis of the most expensive holiday gifts available! With much-loved publications like Harper’s Bazaar and the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book to thumb/click through, there is no shortage of staggering price tags and baubles to check out this year. Let’s take a look at some of the expensive fare we have seen thus far:

  • A $3.2 million smackaroo couture dog collar by Amour Amour tipping the scale at a whopping 52 carats and laden with 1,600 individual sparklers.
  • A pair of $230,000 solid gold ladies high heels, for the well-heeled types. Created by Christopher Michael Shellis, this pair features 2,200 diamonds but costs less than the dog collar.
  • The $345,000 robot servant will be more adept to your adult needs but will cost far more than the child’s play versions. The minds at Hammacher Schlemmer claim the robot is controlled via a wireless remote while the operator enjoys the stationary life. Sadly, this is true.
  • Experiences seem to be the popular route for the Neiman Marcus book this year, with some of the following offerings standing out: A $90,000 ride into the atmosphere in a pressurized space balloon from World Views, a $150,000 tour of Florence and Venice with Italian jewelry designer Ippolita Rostagno (for 4 guests over 7 days), and an $80,000 lunch and personal styling with legend Iris Apfel of the fashion industry (this one comes with a trunk brimming with accessories).
  • The disappointment this year was the car selection for the Neiman Marcus book…a special-edition 50th anniversary Mustang convertible for $95,000. Yawn.

Most expensive holiday giftsPhoto courtesy of Neiman Marcus 

If the price tags for these holiday gift ideas seem a touch decadent, you can always opt for a $300-$500 card from the Gilded Age instead…no, that is not a gift card—it is just a greeting card with some gold and bling that the recipient cannot even wear. Share your favorite extreme gift item for this year!

Bottom line: A LaFerrari would have suited just fine, Santa.


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Bold Claims: Haas F1 Chassis is Better than Ferrari

When you are an established force in the automotive industry but a newcomer to the F1 Racing arena, you can be humble or you can be Haas–who just announced that they think their first-ever F1 chassis is superior to Ferrari’s. True or false, you simply must admire their bravado with that exceedingly bold claim. So what makes them think this to be true?

Haas F1 ChassisHaas seems to have some arrangements with Ferrari, but also knows how to utilize the media to spread awareness of their new game. And what better way than to jolt readers with bold claims?

The Haas F1 chassis, according to founder Gene Haas, is going to be “substantially different in construction from the Ferrari one, because we are just doing it separately.” He also claimed that the overall design is better and that is because rather than mimic the established racing brands, they have taken a new and different road. Haas tapped Italian manufacturer Dallara for the chassis, rather than creating it in their California-based automation headquarters.

Haas F1 will start their racing career next season with Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez piloting vehicles with Ferrari engines. While borrowing power from Ferrari seems ok to Haas, they view the Prancing Horse’s chassis as comfortable, a tried-and-true safety net that is somehow about to be viewed as a relic.

Haas F1 ChassisOverall, Haas is a start-up team with precious little to actually boast about at this premature stage in the game. That does not make it less amusing or attractive to follow, however, and they certainly managed to grab the attention of the F1 circuit. Grosjean is currently with Lotus racing and Gutierrez possesses knowledge of the Ferrari brand from his time served as the team’s reserve driver.

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Palmer Johnson Bugatti Yacht Action

If you are lucky enough to own a Bugatti hypercar, it is entirely likely that a mere luxury yacht may not be exciting enough. To remedy this, there is a concept in the making that is being dubbed the “Bugatti of the sea”—the Palmer Johnson Bugatti yacht.

The Palmer Johnson Bugatti yacht will offer just a bit of size and, of course, that speed. The price range will be about the same as throwing down for a million-dollar Bugatti Veyron, but this one can swim. For the yacht concept, Bugatti teamed up with Palmer Johnson yacht builder. Let’s take a look at some of the preliminary specs for the project:

Bugatti YachtPhotos ©Bugatti

The Bugatti yacht concept at a glance:

  • The desired top speed shall sit at around 43 miles per hour or 38 knots.
  • The craft will boast lightweight and durable carbon fiber hulls like the record-breaking car.
  • Pricing will range according to size, power and customizations, of course, and is anticipated to be $1-$2.3 million. There will be 3 sizes to order from initially: a 43-foot, 63-foot and 88-foot yacht.
  • Names align with sizes, and are as follows: the PJ43 Niniette, PJ63 Niniette, and PJ88 Niniette.
  • As for looks, sleek titanium and dark blue exposed carbon fiber should do the trick.

Bugatti YachtPhotos ©Bugatti

The Bugatti yacht will rely on Palmer Johnson for its hull shape and carbon fiber for the material, a blend of car meets boat that will extend to the core. The Palmer Johnson SuperSport series, the Niniette vessels will draw models like the Bugatti Type 57 C Atalante and Type 41 Royale to the imagination. Inside a rich blend of brown bubinga, maple and naturally blue morta oak create the perfect pallet for the sea.

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Last Stop: Bugatti Veyron Successor to Emerge at Geneva Motor Show!

The so-called “Fastest car on the planet” is about to break the Internet again. The most drawn-out and not exactly seductive tease for the newbie initially captivated but has shed some zest over time. The ridiculous wait for the Bugatti Veyron successor is about to come to a screeching halt, however, depositing the suspect onto the well-attended concourse of the Geneva Motor Show in France.

Bugatti Veyron successorThe Bugatti Chiron 18/3 concept from 1999 is pictured above. What will the new version look like? Fun fact: This year marks the 86th for the Geneva Motor Show.

The mere mention of the Bugatti Veyron successor in the automotive world seems provoke a yawn or two, though that does not mean there is no longer any interest. Now that it is finally coming out and rumors can get run over and die–let us just hope that they do not immediately begin efforts to tease on the next edition. Alas, they must be doing something right because annoying or no, there are already a full 100 orders placed for the Bugatti Chiron—the rumored name for the Veyron successor.  The brand has announced that fans can look for the Chiron at the Geneva show in March, a venue entirely befitting the launch because it is among the most luxurious and anticipated automotive events of the year.

Bugatti Veyron successorThe 1999 Bugatti Chiron concept was created by Fabrizio Giugiaro.

Will this little number be enough to perhaps draw some negative attention away from parent Volkswagen Group’s recent transgressions in the environmental arena? Well, if adding a thirsty and insane new sex kitten to the family fails to do the trick, it would be interesting to know what would! As to what we can expect from the engine in the Chiron, but it will be an enormous shock if it lacks in the power department or fails to compete with the likes of current offerings like LaFerrari. The ride is rumored to be named for Louis Chiron, a historic Bugatti racer from the 1920s and 30s.

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Bentley Bentayga Gets All Boost on Us

The upcoming Bentley Bentayga is the topic of much debate because she seems to be a very complex lady right off the jump. Now it is being teased that the diesel Bentayga is getting an electric-aided turbocharger to go with that glorious W12 engine. The feature will be called the E-boost to appeal to gearheads with thunder in their veins and a thirst for that boost. Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga is all about that boost, bout that boost—no trouble. 

The luxury carmaker has revealed that the Bentley Bentayga will eventually offer both diesel and plug-in hybrid variants, with the keyword being eventually. And to keep attention focused in their direction, they have begun to build up on those future models by sharing details like the turbocharging. Is anyone else getting the vibe that Bentley wants us all to be aware that not only is the Bentayga going to be capable of competing in the SUV arena, but that it will be a threat to competitors in the hybrid and speed sectors as well? It is only natural for the hard-working engineers at Bentley to want to share the good news regarding what they are working on and what is to come from the marquee. While the automotive industry is certainly fierce when it comes to competition, secrets do not remain so for extended periods of time because everything must emerge and sell at some point!

Claims are that the electric-aided turbocharger for the Bentley Bentayga works by an electric motor that spools up the turbo compressor wheel at lower revs. It keeps a spin during acceleration and factors out turbo lag for refined responsiveness. The electric turbo requires the new 48-bolt electric system to function, look for it in the next-gen Audi SUV offerings because that will be the prototype hidden in plain view, ladies and gents.

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