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Tips for luxury travel destinations such as Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Chicago, LA and other high-profile and exotic destinations.
If you have ever wondered the right way to tip at a 5-star restaurant, this section is here to assist. Upscale travel inquiries, tips on where to dine, what to do, what to see and how to get exactly what you want are answered here.
Imagine Lifestyles and our readers have scoured the globe to stay at the best hotels, experience exotic cuisine, and immerse ourselves in other cultures-and this is our outlet to share those experiences with others and provide useful feedback. Luxury travel is a web of well-shared secrets, and we are here to help to get them out there!

Winter driving tips

How to Cope with Driving in the Winter If you’ve woken up to discover the roads of New York are completely snow-covered but you have to get in the car, then what do you do? The arrival of winter often means streets are covered in snow, ice is on the highways and low visibility is common if you’re caught in a snowstorm. In some regions, it can become especially challenging to drive safely in bad weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive your Porsche in the winter. Although the weather might slow us down, it’s not impossible to carry on regardless, … Continue reading

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Deliver a Luxury Rental Car to your door. How does Imagine Lifestyles get you the car of your dreams?

Not a week goes by that I am not asked the question, “do you guys offer delivery?” The answer is an enthusiastic YES! Imagine Lifestyles maintains a fleet of trucks and trailers that are ready at a moments notice to deliver you the luxury or exotic car that is just right for your weekend getaway, or your month long stay. Some of the common questions asked about this service include whether or not we can operate at the airports. The answer to this is also YES! Our team of professionally trained drivers can meet you right at the terminal, enabling … Continue reading

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Meet One of the Most Expensive Superyachts on the Market

It is official: Yacht Anastasia is on the market! If a private yacht charter simply is not enough to quench your thirst for opulent ocean travel, perhaps she can open your sails!

Yacht Anastasia

Yacht Anastasia

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Mandarin Oriental Menu Goes Sky High

For those love the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel and Lufthansa airline, you will be pleased to learn that Mandarin’s delectable delicacies will now be available on the airliner’s business and first-class flights! It is upscale dining fused with first-class travel, a luxury travel tip to relish!

Mandarin Menu hits Lufthansa air

Suddenly, long flights seem more palatable

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Video: Qi Megayacht Concept Boasts Luxury iQ

Toyota has the iQ hybrid car, and Feadship has the Qi superyacht concept…though the names are where the similarities end! A scale model of the megayacht Qi made waves at the 2012 Dubai show, previously unveiled at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. This yacht concept is sharp and futuristic, and would look outstanding in the water! Video at bottom of post.

Feadship yacht Qi concept
The name Qi is derived from an Asian concept for the life force that surrounds the flow through all creation.

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Top 5 Exotic Luxury Car Rentals for New York

New York is about versatility, options and most of all, fun! What better way to indulge in the Big Apple than behind the wheel of an exotic rental car New York style? Exotic cars come in every shape and size, loaded with amenities and ready to rock. Transform your entire experience with one of this year’s hottest cars at the Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals location in NY, and share this tip with friends to receive a $200 discount off of your next rental with us!

The top 5 cars for this season in New York are as follows:

5. Mercedes S550
4. Range Rover HSE
3. Cadillac Escalade
2. Lamborghini Gallardo
1. Audi R8

Mercedes S550

Mercedes S550

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Luxury Spotlight: The W Hotel South Beach

There are many exquisite luxury hotels in South Florida, but none of them are the unique and chic W Hotel in South Beach! Upscale hotels are as unique as their clientele; offering perks that pull in the masses and a completely customized stay.

W Hotel South Beach

The W

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Luxurious Valentines Day Getaway Ideas

While candy, roses and wine are all great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you can really rock his/her world with an exotic sports car rental this year! What better way to show that you are in tune with his interests than to hand him the keys to a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other exotic car rental in NY, Miami, Chicago or LA? Exactly!

Ferrari California rental in New York

Ferrari California rental in New York

Our exotic car rentals are available hourly, daily or weekly and we often have luxury driving experience deals as low as $139 USD! The driving specials are offered through Groupon and allow drivers to experience the rush and power of a sports car on a real racetrack, complete with photo and video opportunities!

Bentley Arnage rental in New York

Bentley Arnage rental in New York

If you really want to take this Valentine’s Day into overdrive, pair the exotic car surprise with a luxury property rental and discover the true meaning of escaping reality! We can streamline the process and avoid all snags, simply call Imagine Lifestyles and let us do all the prep-work for your unforgettable holiday! Follow link to view our entire inventory of luxury rentals, just click on the location where you wish to rent and shop by brand!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

The only thing hotter than this is an exotic car rental special! Make him sizzle this Valentine’s Day with a truly unique gift—the gift of pure adrenaline with a supercar rental!



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Ferrari 330 GTO Worth $30 Million to Make Rare Appearance

While the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO may be one of the world’s most coveted collector cars, the ultra-rare 330 GTO may be worth more. Ferrari made just two examples of the 4-liter V12 330s, and now one will be on display at the 2012 Concours d’Elegance in Amelia Island, Florida, giving gawkers a rare glimpse at an even rarer exotic slice of history! This car even has a bit of luxury racing experience, which only makes it cooler.

Ferrari 330 GTO

Ferrari 330 GTO

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Rent “The Bachelor” Pad for $35,255 a Month

If you are one of the many out there seduced by the hit TV series “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”, and you have a healthy bank account, you may be interested to know that you can rent the actual bachelor pad used in the series for just $35,255 per month, which is high, even for Los Angeles. Personally, I would prefer to rent the Dude’s pad from The Big Lebowski…that rug really tied the room together.

The Bachelor house

The ultimate Bachelor pad

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