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Luxury racing fans love all that is Formula 1 Racing, and Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals brings the highlights to you! Formula 1 Racing is one of the best races in existence, and the annual calendar gets more exciting every year. Following the F1 Racing teams and drivers is a guilty pleasure of ours, aside from amazing exotic car rentals. If you are interested in accelerating your exotic car racing interest, Formula 1 Racing is the place to start, spanning approximately 20 countries across the globe!

Bold Claims: Haas F1 Chassis is Better than Ferrari

When you are an established force in the automotive industry but a newcomer to the F1 Racing arena, you can be humble or you can be Haas–who just announced that they think their first-ever F1 chassis is superior to Ferrari’s. True or false, you simply must admire their bravado with that exceedingly bold claim. So what makes them think this to be true? Haas seems to have some arrangements with Ferrari, but also knows how to utilize the media to spread awareness of their new game. And what better way than to jolt readers with bold claims? The Haas F1 … Continue reading

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2015 McLaren and Ferrari F1 Cars to Make Debut in Days

Ferrari will be touting the new Formula One car online on January 30th, 2015. What will the next-gen Ferrari F1 look and feel like? It will come out on the heels of the McLaren F1 beast, set to roll out on the 29th powered by Honda. The next Ferrari F1 car is coming out in days, along with McLaren’s offering. It is gearing up to be a powerful racing season for all competing teams.  This Ferrari F1 racer will take the place of the outgoing Ferrari F14T car and have 4-time Formula One champion driver Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel. … Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Challenges BMW and Audi to F1 Battle

It has been a satisfying year for the folks at Mercedes-Benz. The company has an impressive offering of vehicles for 2015 and absolutely annihilated the 2014 Formula One season. Not one to idle, Mercedes-Benz is already challenging both BMW and Audi to race next season. The Mercedes-Benz F1 season was a screaming success.  We all love the long-running romance/rivalry between Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Inarguably, the often humorous back-and-forth jousting could be made even better with some F1 titles at stake. Mercedes-Benz took home all but three of the grand prix titles this year, finishing off the season with at … Continue reading

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Video: The Porsche 919 Hybrid Powers Up for the Future

With the Porsche 919 hybrid, the company has figured out how to give a distinct nod to the past while fueling up for the future. And by future, I do mean that hybrid powertrain. While hybrids were initially disregarded, it is now safe to assume that they are becoming quite commonplace.  The Porsche 919  Porsche chose the lavish Geneva Motor Show to launch the 919 hybrid. The Porsche 919 is set to celebrate the brand’s return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and shift gears toward a highly competitive racing season. The adrenaline accompanying the launch of this model is … Continue reading

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Over a Million Fans Vote for Ferrari F1 Car Name

Ferrari let fans take the wheel and vote for the Ferrari F1 car name this year. The idea turned out to be pure marketing success, with 1,123,741 Ferrari fans participating in the decision. While this is not the first time a luxury car company has given social media fans the opportunity to name something, it was certainly an enormous turnout! The official name chosen by the masses is: The Ferrari F14 T. Over a million fans stormed Ferrari’s Scuderia website to vote for this year’s Formula One car, dubbed the Ferrari F14 T. The name was selected from a total of … Continue reading

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2014 Ferrari F1 Engine Revealed and Fans Will Name the Car

It is an exciting time for Ferrari fans and the Formula One team. Not only has the 2014 Ferrari F1 engine been revealed, but also fans will have the unique opportunity to name the car. The Prancing Horse will utilize internet hits in order to allow fans to help select the name of the Ferrari Formula One racer. Check out for more details on naming the car as they emerge and the 2014 Ferrari F1 engine. Best guesses point to an available list of names to choose from on the Ferrari website and social media forums over the coming … Continue reading

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The 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E is Prepping for the Formula E Championship

Excitement is mounting for the first-ever electric car racing circuit, the Formula E Championship. The 2014 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E is poised to be the first electric racer ready for the challenge. Check out the body, it appears to be every bit a beast, and can meet the strict criteria for the championship. The world got a sneak peek at the 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. It is to be the world’s first sanctioned electric car for the Formula E Championship.  The 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E at a glance: Power is derived from a McLaren electric motor. It … Continue reading

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Calling Electric Cars: Formula E Championship Rapidly Approaches

Formula One lovers will soon have another racing option to follow: the first official electric car championship. It is officially named the FIA Formula E Championship, much like the FIA Formula One World Championship. The Formula E Championship and the F1 are sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The word ‘formula’ in the titles implicates a specific set of rules that racing participants must adhere to. The new electric car championship will be the highest class of competition for one-make, single-seater electrically powered racecars. This is a huge step toward greater acceptance of electric and hybrid powered vehicles. … Continue reading

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Ferrari Wind Tunnel is Back in the Saddle

The Prancing Horse could be firmly back in the saddle again soon. After 18 grueling months, the Ferrari wind tunnel is back in the business of tenaciously testing aerodynamics for the Scuderia racing team. The wind tunnel testing area is just a small section of the Maranello operations, but it is very important. The wind tunnel, named galleria del vento, plays a vital role in keeping the Scuderia Ferrari Racing Team on top. It was closed down for over a year due to major discrepancies between testing and actual track results. During the many months that the air was still, … Continue reading

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Marussia F1 May Get Ferrari Engines for 2014

Marussia F1 is a Formula One racing team based in Banbury for the United Kingdom. The team is likely to get some shiny new Ferrari engines for the 2014 year as new regulations come into effect. Previous supplier Cosworth is pulling out of engines, saying that it cannot find any commercial justification for building an engine for the 2014 year. That leaves just 3 engine suppliers: Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes-Benz. Marussia F1 is in their fourth season in Formula 1, having finished 12th, 12th and 11th overall in the championship standings and are due to score a point. Marussia F1 will need … Continue reading

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