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Don’t miss a beat when it comes to luxury cars and luxury car races! Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals covers the most exciting exotic car races across the globe, including the exhilarating Formula 1 Racing. When your need for speed calls, you know where to look! Luxury racing and luxury car driving experiences like the Richard Petty driving experience and the Ferrari Challenge can be found here!

Ferrari Sporting Activities Department Poised to Deliver Faster Toys

To close the gaps between the Ferrari Formula One program and Corse Clienti customer racing, the Ferrari Sporting Activities Department has formed. This new department will seamlessly connect activities and perks of both arenas to effectively power up the track segments and efforts. This will lead to faster connections and cars for the Prancing Horse right out of the stable. Much like the photo above, it takes many hands to keep Ferrari running smoothly both on and off the track. It is that very same idea that has led to the creation of the Ferrari Sporting Activities Department.  The Ferrari … Continue reading

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Video: The Porsche 919 Hybrid Powers Up for the Future

With the Porsche 919 hybrid, the company has figured out how to give a distinct nod to the past while fueling up for the future. And by future, I do mean that hybrid powertrain. While hybrids were initially disregarded, it is now safe to assume that they are becoming quite commonplace.  The Porsche 919  Porsche chose the lavish Geneva Motor Show to launch the 919 hybrid. The Porsche 919 is set to celebrate the brand’s return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and shift gears toward a highly competitive racing season. The adrenaline accompanying the launch of this model is … Continue reading

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Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith: Wreck or Wicked?

As if the exterior wasn’t obvious enough, pop open the hood of the Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith and take in the changes! Drenched with vibrant color and upgraded mods, aftermarket performance company Mansory have managed once more to improve upon perfection. Mansory proves again that it is among the top boutique tuners in the world. The Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith is simply exquisite.  Rolls Royce is a badge synonymous with utmost luxury. It is certainly a challenge to improve upon anything the carmaker delivers, and yet, just behold what Mansory has managed with the new Wraith. The tuned Wraith captivated … Continue reading

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Just a Custom Lamborghini Aventador to the Tune of $2.5 Million

By this time we all know that aftermarket tuner DMC has a bit of a thing for the Lamborghini Aventador, and who can blame them. This time, however, DMC is upping both the output and pricing for an end result that shall surpass their previous models. This custom Lamborghini Aventador will unleash more than ever before. The beast will be called the Aventador Unico LP1200-R, but do not let the 1200 part confuse, as it will produce 2,000 insane horses. That is more than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the fastest production car in existence. That explains why the tuned … Continue reading

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Over a Million Fans Vote for Ferrari F1 Car Name

Ferrari let fans take the wheel and vote for the Ferrari F1 car name this year. The idea turned out to be pure marketing success, with 1,123,741 Ferrari fans participating in the decision. While this is not the first time a luxury car company has given social media fans the opportunity to name something, it was certainly an enormous turnout! The official name chosen by the masses is: The Ferrari F14 T. Over a million fans stormed Ferrari’s Scuderia website to vote for this year’s Formula One car, dubbed the Ferrari F14 T. The name was selected from a total of … Continue reading

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2014 Ferrari F1 Engine Revealed and Fans Will Name the Car

It is an exciting time for Ferrari fans and the Formula One team. Not only has the 2014 Ferrari F1 engine been revealed, but also fans will have the unique opportunity to name the car. The Prancing Horse will utilize internet hits in order to allow fans to help select the name of the Ferrari Formula One racer. Check out for more details on naming the car as they emerge and the 2014 Ferrari F1 engine. Best guesses point to an available list of names to choose from on the Ferrari website and social media forums over the coming … Continue reading

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The 2014 Ferrari 458 Challenge Schedule for the Americas

Every year, Ferrari fans and owners gather to compete in the Ferrari Challenge. It is a glorious series of races wherein drivers compete on world-class tracks without the need of racing credentials. Owning (or renting for the event) a supercar like a Ferrari is simply not enough without the opportunity to race it on the track against fellow aficionados. Ferrari is preparing for this year’s Challenge events. They will begin in January 2014.  The official car changes annually and is the only version permitted to race. This year’s model is the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione. Owners of the Ferrari 458 … Continue reading

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2014 Ferrari 458 Challenge Car Revealed

The official 2014 Ferrari 458 Challenge car has been decided and the Prancing Horse is gearing up for another successful racing circuit in the Americas and elsewhere. Now fans and participants can prepare for the accelerated annual event, which allows owners and gentlemen-racers the opportunity to race. This year’s designated car is the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione.   The first 458 Challenge car emerged in 2010, shortly after the introduction of the road version hit showrooms. This year’s car looks fantastic in a flashy yellow.  The Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione is exactly what the name implies—an evolved version of last … Continue reading

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The 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E is Prepping for the Formula E Championship

Excitement is mounting for the first-ever electric car racing circuit, the Formula E Championship. The 2014 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E is poised to be the first electric racer ready for the challenge. Check out the body, it appears to be every bit a beast, and can meet the strict criteria for the championship. The world got a sneak peek at the 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. It is to be the world’s first sanctioned electric car for the Formula E Championship.  The 2014 Spark-Renault SRT_01E at a glance: Power is derived from a McLaren electric motor. It … Continue reading

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Calling Electric Cars: Formula E Championship Rapidly Approaches

Formula One lovers will soon have another racing option to follow: the first official electric car championship. It is officially named the FIA Formula E Championship, much like the FIA Formula One World Championship. The Formula E Championship and the F1 are sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The word ‘formula’ in the titles implicates a specific set of rules that racing participants must adhere to. The new electric car championship will be the highest class of competition for one-make, single-seater electrically powered racecars. This is a huge step toward greater acceptance of electric and hybrid powered vehicles. … Continue reading

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