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Exotic cars are not the only vehicles in existence-we also quite enjoy following the world of luxury motorcycles. Fun on two wheels can also be quite upscale, with companies such as Ducati, who is considered the Ferrari of motorbikes. When we discover an expensive new toy that is worthy of a spot in our luxury blog, you can read about it and check out the photos and specs here.

Is Daimler Entering the Motorcycle Arena?

Word is spreading like wildfire that automotive brand Daimler is toying with the idea of entering the motorcycle arena. Is the company actively pursuing a partner to mate with and produce a superbike line and what would a Daimler motorbike look like? While Ducati is likely not too worried at this juncture, some sources say that MV Agusta is looking for a company to court for financial padding in order to expand further into new markets. What would the offspring of an MV Agusta and Daimler look like? The potential ideas have produced a ripple through many minds, but will … Continue reading

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Viking Chopper Designed by Henrik Fisker

The legendary design force that is Henrik Fisker is now trying his hand in the two-wheel arena. Fisker joined forces with Danish design house Lauge Jensen to craft a one-off chopper named the Viking chopper. The fuel tank looks like a drop of water in the wind, giving off the impression that the chopper is perpetually moving, even while parked.  The Viking concept chopper is a hefty 660-pound powerhouse packing a 45-degree V-twin air-cooled engine. She kicks out 100 horses via a six-speed transmission and hits a top speed of 130 miles per hour. Everything Henrik Fisker devotes his touch … Continue reading

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The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Bends Minds

The Lotus C-01 motorcycle is not something one can just come across and move right along. Just look at that strange yet delicious carbon fiber drenched tank, and the wheels leave minds spinning. What is that huge tank intended for, cross-country trips where there are not fueling stations? Doesn’t matter, too much awesome.  Want to order this amazing carbon fiber wet dream on two wheels? Lotus is only going to make 100 units this run. Sign up for anguish management.  What it is: It is called the Lotus C-01 motorcycle, but it is made by Kodewa and was designed by … Continue reading

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2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera

The 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera has arrived. Some consider Ducati superbikes to be the Ferrari of the two-wheel world, and others find the latest member of the fleet to be somewhat lackluster compared to predecessors. That said, only 500 examples of the 1199 Superleggera version will be created, and over half are already spoken for. That speaks volumes for the desirability of the brand and this particular bike. The next generation of the Ducati superbike has arrived. Meet the 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera. While reviews are mixed, none can argue that it is a high-performance beast capable of revving it … Continue reading

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Audi Motorrad Concept Inspired by Ducati

Things have been catapulting forward since Audi’s acquisition of Ducati last year. Now there are preliminary leaks of an Audi Motorrad concept based on the Ducati 848 superbike. Can Audi transition from supercars to adding superbikes to the lineup?  Watch out, BMW! Audi may be your competition in the world of luxury bikes and cars Inspired by Audi’s entry into the luxury motorbike arena, French designer Thibault Devauze created the Audi Motorrad concept bike and it is gaining traction. Devauze knows a thing or two about this sort of thing, as he previously interned at Audi, Ducati and Land Rover … Continue reading

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Watch a Lamborghini Collide with a Shelby GT500 During a Race

The following video clip shows how challenging it can be to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo…even with 4-wheel drive! Watch as the silver Gallardo smashes into the red Shelby GT500 during a racing event in Medellin, Colombia! Just after the white Audi R8 passes, the action ensues!

Listen to the bystanders laugh audibly at this auto disaster! It is no secret that an exotic car wreck doubles as entertainment in any culture. 

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Another Ferrari 250 GTO Crash

In 2010 we covered a very expensive car crash involving a Ferrari 250 GTO–and the tragedy has struck yet another glorious example of the rare model! Recently, a 1962 250 GTO suffered severe damage during a road rally in France. The car was one of just 39 examples created–a slice of true brand history that can hopefully be repaired!

Cox's 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Cox’s 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

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Photos: Lamborghini Crashes into BMW Bike Dealership

A supercar crash is always newsworthy, but when it involves a BMW motorcycle dealership, the news spreads like wildfire….or the 458 Ferrari fires! On July 6th, a man drove his Murcielago directly into a display of BMW bikes, plowing them over and severely damaging his hypercar.

Lamborghini crash

“Hello…I’d like to trade my Lamborghini in on…all of these!”

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Video: Epic Ferrari Crash at Le Mans 24-Hour Race

Racing exotic cars is all about proving which competitor packs the most power, speed and fury. And for spectators, it is all of the above plus the exhilaration of epic car crashes! I think this phenomenon occurs for spectators because watching drivers race lacks the same adrenaline as gripping the wheel, but a crash is experienced by all.

Le Mans crash 2012

Vertical vertigo

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World’s Fastest Man Crashes BMW

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, crashed his black BMW in a minor fender-bender in his homeland, Jamaica. It is fortunate that the fastest man was not driving a Bugatti, the fastest car, or the outcome could have been different! Bolt is unharmed, suffering no injuries in the luxury car accident.

Bolt BMW

Bolt has strong feelings for the brand

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