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Will the next Mercedes Benz luxury car be a convertible, roadster or a coupe? Find out what the brand is up to here, with the latest Mercedes concept cars to emerge. Will your favorite Mercedes Benz concept car make the cut to see production? See what the future of Mercedes may look like here and take advantage of our fleet of Mercedes Benz rentals!

Futuristic 2036 Luxury Car Interpreted by Mercedes-Benz

The future of transportation does not involve Deloreans or horses, according to Mercedes-Benz. The futuristic 2036 luxury car, as interpreted by the brand, is a front-runner for new forms of energy and fuels, as the disembodied futuristic voice in the short video below will describe! Is this the future of our Mercedes Benz rentals? Mercedes took advantage of the Frankfurt Auto Show to tout the futuristic sedan, aptly named the F 125 concept. How does Ferrari feel about the use of the ‘F’? If this is the potential future of Mercedes and perhaps luxury motoring as we know it, let’s … Continue reading

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2012 Detroit Auto Show – Post Mortem Grille

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show has come and gone, and as always, left auto aficionados around the world to praise, ogle and make jabs at the lineup. While there were a plethora of fine machines at this year’s show, there were also some Detroit duds to make fun of! Don’t worry–none of our exotic rental cars in Chicago made this list!

Without further ado, the top 5 lowlights of the Detroit Auto Show were as follows:
5. Acura ILX concept
4. Nissan Pathfinder concept
3. Chevrolet Tru 140S concept
2. Chevrolet Code 130R concept
1. Volkswagen E-Bugster concept

Acura ILX
The Acura ILX concept looks like it was conceived in less than 5 minutes by a 5th grader. The car is simply boring enough aesthetically, that I could care less what is even under the hood.

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