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What will Land Rover luxury brand unveil next? Find out from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals! What will the next Land Rover concept or Range Rover concept SUV look like? Will Land Rover concept vehicles continue to push the luxury envelope? Follow the legendary off-roading powertrains here, and experience them for yourself with a Range Rover rental!

2015 Land Rover Freelander Leaked?

It appears that Land Rover is working on a big brother to its little Range Rover Evoque. What is thought to be the 2015 Land Rover Freelander has been spied testing in full camo–and speculation is raging out of control due to its seemingly larger size. So has Land Rover been sizing up competition to determine that size does matter? The potential next generation was caught on the streets. Thoughts? Back in the 1990s, market research indicated that Land Rover could enter the compact SUV arena. Since that time, different variations of the Land Rover Freelander have emerged. The current … Continue reading

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The Deal With the Land Rover Electric Defenders

Land Rover revealed its Electric Defenders at the Geneva Auto Show, and they have certainly sparked fascination among alternate energy fans worldwide. Sadly, the six Land Rover Electric Defenders are not for sale. They are strictly for research purposes in the electric all-terrain luxury vehicle arena. This does not mean the flashy new line will not roll out in a larger scale production line in the future, though that is simply speculation at this point. The creative minds at Land Rover were hired to make a rather eccentric electric SUV for the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Their response … Continue reading

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Top 10 Luxury Car Concepts for 2015—Which Will Slam the Pedal Down Toward Production?

While the juicy details are just a guess at this juncture, here are the top 10 luxury cars we hope to see emerge by 2015! The future of our fleet of luxury rental vehicles certainly looks bright judging by the exterior styling concepts and emerging powertrain technologies.

Lotus City Car
10. Lotus City Car

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