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If you share our all-consuming passion for stalking the latest luxury car concepts, you have hit the right spot. Ferrari concept cars, Maserati concept cars, Lamborghini concept cars and other luxury concept cars can be found here. We know that a majority of these concepts will never see production, yet we cannot look away. So here are the dreams of auto designers and engineers before they are dashed. Will these concepts ever end up in our exotic rental car fleet?

Just a Range Rover Convertible Rolling Around Dubai

Just when you think you have seen it all, an automobile leaves you speechless. Check out this Range Rover convertible spotted in Dubai. It is understandable that one would wish to drop the top in Dubai, as it is scorching hot, but this is clearly a devoted Range Rover client and nothing else would do! This Range Rover convertible was tweaked to suit the needs of its Dubai owner. What do you think of the beast with its top removed? Only the best exotic vehicles occupy the streets of Dubai, so this is actually a Range Rover supercharged. While there … Continue reading

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Adrenaline Rush:Track Only LaFerrari XX Coming

For the Ferrari fans, there will soon be a track only version of the hyperbeast that is the LaFerrari. She will be dubbed the LaFerrari XX, with the XX being a designation assigned to the experimental Prancing Horses in the stable. LaFerrari will have a track-only sister very soon.  LaFerrari XX will join the likes of the FXX, FXX Evolution, 599XX and 599XX Evolution in its development process. With the LaFerrari already a stunning specimen of what a supreme hypercar can be, it should be equally intoxicating in track format. Antonello Coletta, head of Ferrari’s new Sporting Activity Department, spilled … Continue reading

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Meet the Trion Nemesis Supercar

There is a new supercar hitting the scene to threaten those in the 250 mile-per-hour and up range: Meet the Trion Nemesis. If the name itself is any suggestion, the Trion Nemesis supercar intends to directly challenge the high-speed industry super beasts like Bugatti, Koenigsegg and more. But are they worth taking seriously? As of now, the Nemesis is in development. There is but one way to decide, let’s analyze the intended specs. The Trion Nemesis at a glance: They plan to power the Nemesis with a special twin-turbocharged V8 designed to produce 1973bhp. The top speed predictions are 270+, … Continue reading

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The Sbarro Sparta Concept: Sizzle or Fizzle?

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show was fantastic, as it is every year. One of the more obsolete cars on display this year was the Sbarro Sparta concept, a vivid vision in yellow with a hybrid powertrain. The Sbarro Sparta is a hybrid racecar with a bit of an identity crisis, but it still seems to be catching on. The Sbarro Sparta concept is loud in more ways than just that yellow coat. It made its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the new kid among the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other leading brands. The Sbarro Sparta concept is … Continue reading

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The Maserati Alfieri Concept is a Long Drink of Water

Maserati cars are cookie-cutter for the most part. That is not a rude statement, but rather one known to be universally true. Enter the Maserati Alfieri concept. This stunning beauty is an elongated and updated idea of what the future of the brand could provide! I am trying not to get overly revved up by the extreme dynamics of the Maserati Alfieri because it is still a concept and could emerge from the production line looking exactly like its predecessors. But if you allow that tiny voice inside your head to hold an ounce of hope…imagine seeing this on the … Continue reading

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The Mazzanti Evantra Supercar: Smoking or Choking?

Italian coachbuilder Mazzanti has been busy perfecting its latest supercar since 2011: Meet the Mazzanti Evantra. Its predecessors include the Vulca S and the Antas V8 GT, both underdogs in the supercar industry yet quite notable in terms of looks and performance. Mazzanti Boss Presents New Evantra Supercar The Mazzanti Evantra supercar has gone through many changes since its concept phase, including the name. It was going to be called the Mugello, which rolls off the tongue about like novocaine at the dentist. The final details have been ironed out, and the Evantra specs are as follows: 7.0-liter V8 mid-mounted … Continue reading

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A Truly Refreshing Take on a Supercar: The PassoCorto is Stunning

Look at the finished product of collaboration between Hyundai and a group of IED (Instituo Europeo di Design) students. Dubbed the PassoCorto, it is a rendering that would make an ideal supercar complete with both jaw-dropping looks and a powerful powertrain.  Yes, please. While the PassoCorto does not exist, it certainly should! Students from the Instituo Europeo di Design seem to have proven that the current generation are not exactly the lazy, uninspired types so many assume them to be. So will the PassoCorto be making an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show this year? Some think it will grace … Continue reading

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Maserati Levante SUV Leaves Jeep Platform in Rearview Mirror

Rumors exploded over the past few months that the Maserati Levante concept would be built on a Jeep platform. While some were stoked about the possibilities, they will not come to pass on a Jeep chassis regardless of the parent relations between Fiat and Chrysler. The Maserati Levante SUV will instead sit on the new Quattroporte/Ghibli architecture.  The Maserati Levante SUV will not be Jeep based after all. Maserati CEO Harald Wester has reviled changes to the plan. It will look very much like the Kubang concept, shown above. As is quite typical during the concept phases of a new … Continue reading

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Bugatti Opts Against Branching into Luxury Sedans

The Bugatti Galibier concept had the automotive community on high alert for the brand to branch into the luxury sedan segment. Rumors then came and went that it would or would not reach production–this madness went on for years. Bugatti president Wolfgang Schrieber is putting the brakes on the Galibier rumors for now, announcing that the company would maintain its focus on brand purity and that only means supercars. Would the Bugatti Galibier concept only serve to dilute the brand or could it create a new idea of what a luxury touring car could be? Can a brand offer both? … Continue reading

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2015 Land Rover Freelander Leaked?

It appears that Land Rover is working on a big brother to its little Range Rover Evoque. What is thought to be the 2015 Land Rover Freelander has been spied testing in full camo–and speculation is raging out of control due to its seemingly larger size. So has Land Rover been sizing up competition to determine that size does matter? The potential next generation was caught on the streets. Thoughts? Back in the 1990s, market research indicated that Land Rover could enter the compact SUV arena. Since that time, different variations of the Land Rover Freelander have emerged. The current … Continue reading

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