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Have you ever wondered where the world’s elite locate rare exotic cars? As you know, luxury cars, especially highly sought-after and exclusive rare cars are not likely to be listed on Craigslist. Chances are, buyers will frequent luxury car auctions at high-end places like Christie’s or Bonham’s. Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals investigates the luxury auctions held and the luxury cars and exotic car rentals that change hands through them.

Want to Buy a 1970 Aston Martin DBS with Some TV Experience?

Aston Martin exotic cars have starred in more than just James Bond flicks. Now the Aston Martin DBS from the show ‘The Persuaders’ is up for grabs at Bonhams auction. I have no idea what The Persuaders is about, but the DBS is about to change hands for a lofty sum. The 1970 Aston Martin DBS is classic and aggressive. The car has been famous and is well-preserved and now up for grabs at auction. This 1970 Aston Martin DBS looks more like American Muscle than British flexing. It was created with special mods specifically for its starring role in … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz Up for Grabs

There is a slice of celebrity automotive history up for grabs at auction: Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz. The bedazzled Benz is expected to net around $2 million USD, and the superstar personally stated that proceeds will benefit mankind. It was said that the sale profits will go to aid world hunger, per the wishes of both Ali and the car’s current owner. Check out the almost insane looking bespoke Benz below! Initial auction bids began at $500,000. How much will the next owner shell out to own the bespoke Mercedes-Benz owned by legend Muhammad Ali? Ali rocked the 1959 Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading

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Crispy Burnt Classic Ferrari to Fetch Millions

Another classic Ferrari has been unearthed in less than savory condition and is poised to net millions at auction. It is a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS with fire damage, rust and the ability to not only attract a buyer, but empty their pockets in the process. Classic Ferrari cars in their original condition, even if that condition is damaged, are worth millions. We have seen this trend going on at auctions and it will continue in Scottsdale when this one changes hands. This Ferrari GTS may look like it belongs in a junkyard, but it will end up a valued … Continue reading

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Ferrari Driven by Michael Jackson in Pepsi Commercial For Sale

The 1980s were a special time, and now some lucky individual can own a unique slice from that period: A 1986 Ferrari driven by Michael Jackson in a 1987 Pepsi commercial called “The Chopper”. Read it aloud to yourself again in order to get the full effect of how awesome that is! Fun fact: Testarossa means ‘red head’ in Italian. Now that everyone is finished indulging in “The Chopper”, the Ferrari is a 1986 Testarossa will hit the auction block at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale in just a few days, as the event runs from January 12th-19th, 2014. There are hundreds … Continue reading

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Classic 1978 Maserati Merak SS Hits Auction Block

Believe it or not, there is a classic Maserati out there that is actually affordable. A 1978 Maserati Merak SS is scheduled to hit the auction block at RM in Scottsdale next month, and could change hands for as little as $45,000. Would you want this Maserati Merak perched in your driveway? Check out the cool old design cues and good condition.  This is a chance for a new collector to get their hands on a piece of Maserati history at a lower price than expected. Many classic models are undervalued on the market today, making them ideal to buy … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Idea: Buy the Kid a Bugatti

Bonham’s auction house has a very special gift up for grabs online: A half scale 1926 Bugatti Type 35B (lot 125) for the tykes. This racy little number runs on batteries rather than fuel and is a bargain compared to the real thing, with bidding starting at $6,000 USD. A half scale model of a 1926 Bugatti Type 35B is being offered by Bonham’s (if it has not been sold). The bespoke children’s toy was completely handcrafted and is powered by a 24-volt electric motor and car battery with recharging system. The kiddie car is capable of moving forward and in … Continue reading

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Ferrari 250 LM Beats Auction Projections at $14.3 Million

A racy 1964 Ferrari 250 LM changed hands for $14.3 million at the ‘Art of the Automobile’ auction recently. The luxury event was a hosted by Sotheby’s and RM Auctions and marked the first such event to take place in Manhattan in over a decade. The sale is the most paid for the 250 LM model to date. The 1964 Ferrari 250 LM became the star of the Art of the Automobile auction jointly hosted by Sotheby’s and RM Auctions in Manhattan. The swanky event was the first auto auction in the city in many years.  The most expensive Ferrari … Continue reading

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Ferrari 250 GTO Claims Most Expensive Title at $52 Million

It was not that long ago that a special Ferrari 250 GTO tore across headlines when it nabbed over $30 million at auction. It is said that owning a classic Ferrari like the GTO is the key to rounding out an enviable exotic car collection, and they are certainly fetching top dollar. This explains why the new most expensive car is a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO that changed hands for a staggering $52 million at auction. According to sources, the actual $52 million dollar car is pictured above.  About the car This fiery red number is one of just 39 … Continue reading

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1925 Rolls Royce with Machine Gun Up For Grabs

A very unique classic Rolls Royce is available at Barrett-Jackson. While many old luxury cars can be found at auctions, not many boast a machine gun like this 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom I model! It was custom made for Umed Singh II, the maharaja of Kotah from 1889 through 1940. The maharaja ordered the Rolls Royce to further hunting hobby, which included entertaining monarchs, world leaders and other titans in the wild. This Rolls Royce was contracted through Barker and Co., Ltd of London to serve as a hunting vehicle worthy of royalty. Barker and Co. was the preferred coachbuilder … Continue reading

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Fascinating Collection of Antique Exotic Cars Up For Grabs

Next month RM Auctions will have the pleasure of offering a rather unique collection of classic racecars and other antique exotic cars. The collection is owned by Lord Irvine Laidlaw and is expected to fetch well north of $23 million dollars. The 70 year old Laidlaw has been collecting and meticulously maintaining this lot for a very long time and it will serve as a treat for even onlookers.  The Laidlaw Competition Car Collection will change hands for an extraordinary sum at RM Auction house in London next month.   The cars: The star of the collection is a 1955 … Continue reading

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