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What to get someone who probably has everything? A high-end guide to new luxury gifts or classics that have been forgotten. Especially during the holidays or special events, we at Imagine Lifestyles will provide relevant information and insider tips for the perfect luxury gift ideas. So don’t sweat it, let us do the research for you! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged, as we love to create a forum for our fans to swap cool information! So please leave comments and tips for others.

Neiman Marcus is Gearing Up for the Holidays with a Limited Edition Maserati

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book will be celebrating its 88th edition this year. Among the most expensive offerings in the holiday catalog shall be a limited edition Maserati and a $35,000 cocktail machine. Gulp. The luxury car this year is the 100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus limited edition Maserati Ghibli S Q4. Reservations begin October 22nd promptly at noon: 1-855-835-5665 The annual holiday catalog features many fantasy gifts for those with extremely distinguished tastes and open budgets. The cocktail machine is a mammoth six-foot monstrosity that will create and shake cocktails, just the way James Bond prefers. But it seems that Bond … Continue reading

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New Lamborghini Fragrance: L1 Hits the High-End Scent Market

There is a new Lamborghini fragrance on the scene: It is called “L1” and it is the very first one by the brand. It is to be the first option in a collection of four Lamborghini scents. The fragrance is much more affordable than a $300k exotic sports car at approximately $475 dollars per bottle. Gorgeous first-ever bottles of Lamborghini fragrance are now available. The first of a collection of four, the L1 scent is a strong and lasting blend that comes with two free refills in it nifty automotive-inspired carrying case. While some buyers will turn up their nose … Continue reading

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Dempsey Racing & Porsche Design Attempt to Stop Time with Track-Inspired Watch

Patrick Dempsey has long possessed the ability to make time stop for women, now the celebrity racer is trying to do the same for men with a special track-inspired timepiece. Dempsey Racing & Porsche Design house have joined forces to create a limited edition watch. Buyers should time themselves saying the rather consuming name: The Porsche Design Dempsey Racing Limited Edition Chronograph watch. It is a blended expression of both upscale style and the sport of racing. The Porsche Design Dempsey Racing Limited Edition Chronograph timepiece at a glance: The excitement starts with the automotive-style brushed titanium case embracing a … Continue reading

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The Most Wanted Lamborghini Tonino Spyder Watch

Each year brings a new lineup of luxury cars, and their upscale luxury watch counterparts. This year, the Tonino Lamborghini Spyder watch is stealing the show at the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition. The striking Tonino Spyder watch is offered in ten themes and it looks like a challenge to choose just one. The exotic Lamborghini Tonino Spyder watch comes in ten different color themes, models numbered 1100-1121. Can you choose a favorite? The 1100 orange and black model is pictured above. The Lamborghini Tonino Spyder watch at a glance: The bezel and crown are stainless steel polished PVD. The case … Continue reading

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Warning: Renting an Exotic Car from Imagine Lifestyles Has Prompted Purchase!

Here at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals we love hearing back from clients after they have rented vehicles from us. We especially enjoy follow-ups like those from Peter Morris, who actually purchased a Cobra after renting our Shelby Cobra! Renting an exotic car is a life-changing experience, impacting each person on a different level. Peter Morris renting our glorious Shelby Cobra in 2012. We have mentioned the perks of renting the lifestyle on numerous occasions, and one of those perks is to discover which exotic rental car is your favorite (or favorites). Now let’s face it, once you have a favorite it … Continue reading

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A Bow Fit for a Car

For the holidays, birthdays and other occasions where a simple bow simply will not suffice, there is ‘King Sized Bows’. King Sized Bows is a company that specializes in creating oversized bows– sometimes called “Those big car bows”. It is how you gift wrap a car. Have you ever wondered where to find those oversized bows for car gifts? Look no further! Owner and entrepreneur Lynda King started King Sized Bows in 2002, after realizing there was a market for such things. King had been searching for a large bow for her daughter’s car, and ended up making her own … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping? The 2014 Aston Martin Neiman Marcus Edition Vanquish Volante

The illustrious Neiman Marcus holiday edition is brimming with luxury gifts for the giving season. This year brings a very special exotic car indeed: the 2014 Aston Martin Neiman Marcus Edition Vanquish Volante. Coated in a Navy blue inspired by British Royalty, this exclusive number is certain to be a hit. It can be found in the fantasy gifts section of the coveted annual catalog.  The 2014 Aston Martin Neiman Marcus Edition Vanquish Volante will steal the spotlight in the annual Christmas Book this year. It is sharp, smart and dressed for success. Neiman Marcus showcases a different luxury car … Continue reading

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MarioKart Has Nothing on Porsche: $900 Pedal Car

If you feel your child could benefit from activities other than video games, this may be the solution: the Go-Kart Porsche Pedal Car. This souped-down racer is intended for ages 5-8 and packs a pair of pedals that allow the child to determine the horsepower (Think Flintstones). The kiddo Porsche is $900, which is more affordable than some swanky baby carriages. We are looking at you, Aston Martin. The $900 plastic Porsche is less painfully priced than Ferrari’s tyke fare The Go-Kart Porsche Pedal Car boasts a slick orange and black racing style coat. Porsche will fulfill each order at … Continue reading

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Aston Martin Strolls into New Territory: Baby Supplies

Exotic cars and supercars have inspired many items, from luxury watches to designer shoes and even yachts. While sports cars are generally thought of as a male toy, mommies may now partake in a slice of the action thanks to the Aston Martin stroller! The official name is the Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition and it pairs well with the Aston Martin Cygnet. Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition Apparently, expensive baby strollers are quite popular among well-heeled moms (think: Bugaboo). Aston Martin has given in (and given its name badge) to the craze, teaming up with Silver Cross … Continue reading

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Attention Boston: We Are Bringing the Supercars Back!

Imagine Lifestyles is gearing up for our next track event, which will be hosted at Gillette Stadium in Boston on September 13th-16th, 27th, 28th & 30th. Our last trip to Boston was a huge success, so we are coming back to deliver the only known cure for that insatiable need for speed: Ferrari and Lamborghini and the winding open space to use them! It could be you gripping the wheel and flying over the pavement…it is your call! This is another opportunity to take a thoroughbred supercar up to speed on the track and experience the power and true capacity of … Continue reading

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