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Trinkets, baubles, ice, frosting…whatever you prefer to refer to fine jewelry as, there is certainly no shortage of bling in South Beach. Some of the world’s best and most respected brands and designers glint in the Florida sun on our streets, turning heads and melting hearts.
If you are heading to South Beach, know that it is a perfect opportunity to showcase your finest treasures without seeming gaudy.
In fact, prepare to compare your jewels with those around you-you can find inspiration and may discover designers in the area that are just your type!
This is our jewelry section, because what is a luxury blog without a bit of bling?

The Most Wanted Lamborghini Tonino Spyder Watch

Each year brings a new lineup of luxury cars, and their upscale luxury watch counterparts. This year, the Tonino Lamborghini Spyder watch is stealing the show at the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition. The striking Tonino Spyder watch is offered in ten themes and it looks like a challenge to choose just one. The exotic Lamborghini Tonino Spyder watch comes in ten different color themes, models numbered 1100-1121. Can you choose a favorite? The 1100 orange and black model is pictured above. The Lamborghini Tonino Spyder watch at a glance: The bezel and crown are stainless steel polished PVD. The case … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive: $318,000 Hublot Ferrari Watch

Hublot has created a limited edition Ferrari watch that costs more than most of the  actual cars. For the bargain price of $318,000, brand fans can wrap the MP-05 LaFerrari watch around their wrists. Compared to the million-dollar-plus LaFerrari supercar, the Hublot Ferrari watch seems like a bargain. The watch that costs more than a Ferrari car Hublot designed the MP-05 LaFerrari watch to show appreciation for its association with the Ferrari brand. The watch is quite complex, much like a Ferrari. It features 637 individual components, a tourbillon, and can function for 50 days with no power. The watch … Continue reading

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Ralph Lauren Bugatti Inspired Watch

For those who may have missed it, the Ralph Lauren men’s watch collection includes a very special edition, one inspired by his 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff drop head coupe. There are many luxury watches inspired by exotic sports cars, but this one continues to stand out. The Bugatti inspired watch designed by Ralph Lauren is fantastic The watch features the same wood that lines the dash of the rare classic car, can you spot more inspirations? It was the interior cabin of the Bugatti that inspired Lauren’s racy watch. The interior is classic yet sporty, ideal trimmings for an … Continue reading

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Vitesse Inspires Timepiece

Supercars often inspire elegant timepieces, so it is no surprise that there is a new Bugatti watch bending time! Swiss luxury watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier fashioned the Bugatti driving watch below, mirroring the new Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse hyper machine. Wear the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse…like a boss. The Grand Sport Vitesse made its jaw-dropping debut at Pebble Beach this year, prompting Parmigiani to mark the occasion with the elegant watch. This year marked the 62nd annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where exotic and classic cars, items and celebrities lined every square inch of the manicured California property. Ralph Lauren released a watch inspired … Continue reading

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Bulgari Octo Maserati Timepiece Shows Off in South Beach

Ferrari may have Hublot, but Maserati has paired with Bulgari jewelers to craft an elegant timepiece— Bulgari Octo Maserati. It is nothing new for an exotic carmaker to team up with a high-end jeweler, so it comes as little surprise to see that Maserati paired with Bulgari to fashion the enviable watch. What is rather surprising, however, is the lack of the Maserati logo plastered to the dial! It is located discreetly on the transparent caseback.

Bulgari Octo Maserati

I suppose when you are as noted and known as Maserati–there is little need to advertise on a watch! But those in the know—well..they know!

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Hublot Watch With 1,282 Diamonds

Hublot’s newest luxury timepiece is also its most expensive, laden with a staggering 1,282 diamonds and a $5 million-dollar price tag! Only a very select and exclusive audience will be permitted to view this watch, as it will be watched with airtight security in Basel, Switzerland during the world’s largest watch event– Baselworld.

Hublot $5 Million

For $5 million one could buy several Bugatti Veyrons! Unreal!

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More Expensive: A Hermes Handbag or Brand New Ferrari?

Would you prefer a new handbag or a brand-spanking-new Ferrari, if given the option? If you chose the Ferrari, you may be shocked to learn that for the price of 5 or 6 new Ferrari 458 Italia cars, you can get one $1.9 million-dollar Hermes handbag. Gulp.

Hermes bag

The million-plus Hermes handbag

Hermes creates some of the most luxurious and coveted items on earth, but the 4 new designs unleashed are expensive, even for them! The miniature totes are crafted from gold and then bedazzled with thousands of precious stones…think of it as the ultimate unnecessary accessory.

These million-dollar mini-bags are designed to be essentially a piece of flair—worn around the wrist as a sort-of bracelet. Designer Pierre Hardy spent two years perfecting these designer bags, the Kelly and the Birkin, and each will only be produced 3 times.

Ferrari 458

The hot Ferrari 458 Italia bleeds less money than the Hermes handbag

Who will the buyers be? According to Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas,
 “I have no idea. But maybe they will have two bodyguards!”


Is that a buyer beware? Follow links for more of the most expensive items and to view our extensive collection of exotic cars to rent!


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It Is About Time: Bentley GMT V8 Limited Edition Timepiece

In a timely move, British automaker Bentley has paired with Swiss timepiece maker Breitling to make a truly luxurious timepiece! This stunner was created to commemorate the launch of the latest member of the auto brand’s line-up: the Bentley Continental V8 (follow link for full details on the car).

Bentley GMT V8 Timepiece

Bentley GMT V8 Timepiece

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Ferrari and Watchmaker Hublot Engaged

Ferrari has only just emerged from a 5-year relationship with watchmaker Panerai, and has already announced its 5-year engagement to a Hublot, another high-end watchmaker. Perhaps Hublot can make Ferrari happier than Panerai did! I foresee many Hublot employees indulging in a Ferrari rental in the near future!

Ferrari Hublot

Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver

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WTF: Florida Man Tosses Wife’s 10K Ring Out With the Trash—Actually Finds it in Dump!

A Margate, Florida man had a very rotten day recently when he absentmindedly tossed his wife’s $10,000 custom wedding ring out with the garbage! Brian McGuinn then went from the doghouse to the dump in efforts to retrieve the pricey bauble! If you think about it, $10,000 can buy quite a few exotic rental car experiences…so he made the right choice by digging in his heels and getting the job done!

In the above news feed, you can see McGuinn suited up to sift through a mountain of rubbish…a true act of love!

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