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From haute couture fresh from the runway, to tiny “barely there” bikinis, the fashion scene that is South Beach sizzles. On the streets outside of the savvy cafes you will see society’s best and worst dressed. In the upscale nightclubs and restaurants, you can see the beautiful gowns and hot modern looks the city is known for. But let’s be real-the sexiest part of South Beach fashion are the itty-bitty bikinis bouncing on the beautiful beachline. So call your fitness instructor and start training for your South Beach soiree today!

Hot Cheerleaders & Exotic Cars

Imagine Lifestyles is always looking to bring you the best in entertainment and luxury, and occasionally beautiful women. We recently visited Cheerleaders Gentlemens club in Philadelphia, PA and started putting together an amazing giveaway. Well, the bosses put together an amazing giveaway, the rest of us spent some time with the beautiful ladies, and a few of our exotic cars. Details will be available soon for the giveaway, but for now, take a peek at some of the video we captured while we were there.  

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Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique: The Collections Get a Home

Dangerous curves are ahead for Bugatti, just not the type they are known for! With the launch of the Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique, the brand enters the fashion realm in style. The Bugatti family has a rich history encompassing many forms of art–so a move into high-end clothing should be seamless. The display shelves inside the store are comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum as a nod to the luxury vehicle components used in the fleet. The shape of the shelves resembles a spoiler.  Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique drives the brand home and directly into the closet. Many automotive brands also offer … Continue reading

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Lexus Encourages Haute Car-ture—Released at Miami Art Basel

Innovative luxury carmaker Lexus came up with a creative campaign for this year’s Miami Beach Art Basel: Challenge designers to create clothing from a disassembled Lexus CT 200h hybrid! The results are also slated to appear as an ad campaign in Vogue magazine. Video below

Lexus Fashion Designers

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Posh Victoria Beckham Edition for Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover will soon offer up something a bit more spicy and posh in the form of the Victoria Beckham edition Range Rover Evoque. Sources at Land Rover reportedly leaked to Autocar that the design of the posh Evoque is complete and is awaiting the star’s return from the birth of her daughter, Harper Seven Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque

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Celebrities Paid Thousands for Tweets

When a new form of media emerges, you can bet that advertising is not far behind, and that includes celebrity endorsements. Now that Twitter is in its 5th year and boasts millions of users, celebs can rake in as much as $10,000 per Tweet…depending on their popularity. Think of it as a mini-advertising campaign…in 140 characters or less!

Celebrity Twitter

So who are some of the famous people out there using Twitter as a side source of income? Here are a few:

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Abercrombie Offers Jersey Shore Cast Cash to Stop Wearing the Brand!

In what is an undesirable situation for Abercrombie, the tacky yet unexplainably popular cast of Mtv’s “Jersey Shore” has received a business err…opportunity from the good people at the clothing empire recently. It seems that Abercrombie is concerned that the cast of Jersey Shore is damaging the reputation of the preppy clothing line. Hey, at least Jersey Shore’s Situation Ferrari video was entertaining. Basically, the Jersey Shore cast has been cast out by Abercrombie & Fitch!

Abercrombie and Jersey Shore Cast

The Abercrombie clad Situation

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Amanda Che’s Tribal Tribute Makes Waves at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Esteemed fashion designer Amanda Che made waves at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week swimsuit show at the Raleigh on July 16th, 2011 with her tribal infused tributes. The exotic sports car rentals Miami lined the streets, and the models lined the runway!

The stunning models took to the runway to showcase Che’s own label, A.Che!, and the latest swimsuit collection by the designer.  The collection includes sexy leopard print, plenty of sea-colored turquoise options, and plenty of accessories.  The models featured interesting tribal face and body paint to finish off the look.

Above is a brief clip of Che’s 2011 swimsuit collection, shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami

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Revealed: Mara Hoffman Struts Her Suits at 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami (Video)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week included many sough-after swim collections and designers, including Mara Hoffman, a celebrity favorite with a client list including Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and the Kardashian sisters.  Did Kim Kardashian’s pimped out Rolls Royce appear outside?  Not so much, that beauty is in LA!

By week’s end, onlookers were left feeling a bit oversaturated by the hauteness of so very many swimsuits, but once in a while a breath of fresh air, like Mara Hoffman, cascaded down the runway with a decidedly different angle.

Emerging from a sea of spandex and Lycra, the designs of Mara Hoffman & Klee Van Schoonhoven feature unique silhouettes and prints literally bursting with color.

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Celebrity Sightings: TomKatin’ Around Miami!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes enjoyed a hot date night recently in sultry South Beach.  Tomkat were spotted strolling hand in hand after enjoying dinner on July 16th.  No word on if the celebrity couple hired a chauffeured luxury car or other exotic rental car Miami during their stay.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise in Miami

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise in Miami

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Celeb-Studded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swimwear Shows and Parties to Hit Miami Beach

Mercedes-Benz is hitting Miami for some scorching, skimpy and stylish fun in the form of the Fashion Week Swimwear extravaganza!  Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals will be there, bringing you the hottest hints of what swimsuit trends will be hitting a beach near you! 

You simply cannot go wrong when you blend exotic cars and bikinis…be sure to secure your exotic car rental Miami or luxury SUV rental now from Imagine Lifestyles!  Convenient hourly, daily and weekly luxury rentals are available, with chauffeur services upon request.

Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beach Bunny Swimwear

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