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Exotic cars-we all love them. We love driving them, seeing them, reading about them-especially when one has been crashed. Expensive exotic car crashes are highly publicized events. Of course we always hope no one was hurt anywhere but their wallet in any accident. So here is where you can get the scoop on which savvy drivers totaled which classic exotic cars, and perhaps even some of the racy details involved-depending on what details were made available. We will also insert our own opinions and sarcasm as we see fit, for entertainment purposes, of course!

82-Year-Old Lands Upside Down in a Bentley

An aging lady driver with a preference for the finer cars in life made headlines by landing upside down in a Bentley. The woman emerged unscathed from the crash, which occurred when she drove the car over a ledge and landed it upside down on top of another car! There were no occupants in the vehicle crushed by the Bentley. The result looked rather like an expensive game of Tetris. The only photo of the accident comes from the local Athens Banner-Herald, on scene in Georgia. The car crashed was a 2000 Bentley Arnage, a rather robust and formidable beast … Continue reading

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How to Drive a Lamborghini Into a Pole or a Lake

Lamborghini crashes and crazy incidents are apparently on the rise recently, with the following two tidbits making headlines: A driver kissing a pole with a Lambo and another rocketing the car into a pond during a drag race…on a track. The clip above shows a Lamborghini spinning out prior to making a splash in a nearby pond. Why is there a body of water near a track in the first place, lending such damaging potential. Bodies of water belong on golf courses.  The driver of the Lamborghini Gallardo in the video above found himself in hot water during a WannaGOFAST … Continue reading

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Exotic Car Crashes:15-Year-Old Russian Goalie Buys & Wrecks Aston Martin

How much does a 15-year-old Russian goalie make? They make enough to pay cash for a shiny new Aston Martin, apparently. Young Konstantin P, a goalkeeper for the Zenith-94 team, purchased the exotic sports car and then crashed it just three days later in an accident involving a Volkswagen Tiguan. Exotic car crashes sometimes have fascinating back stories. The aftermath of the Aston Martin crash: That most definitely will not buff out. The clincher of this exotic car crash saga is that Konstantin did not have a…you know…driver’s license. While all parties involved are ok, the story is simply outlandish … Continue reading

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Pelican Brief: Man Who Blamed Bird for Bugatti Crash Finally Admits Fault

Who could forget the Bugatti crash from 2009 where a man drove directly into a body of water and blamed a pelican. The video made a splash online, of course, and an even bigger wave through the court system. The verdict is in, and it is ridiculous. Who can forget this clip? Listen as one occupant says: “I’m pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude”…I think I clapped like a seal the first time I watched this video years ago.  Case recap: The owner of the Bugatti Veyron is Andy Lee House of Lufkin, Texas. He purchased the $1 million dollar … Continue reading

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Up-Close Video of Lamborghini Aventador Crashing into Multiple Vehicles!

Watch as a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador loses control on the street and nails two other vehicles and manages to get some air in between. This Lamborghini crash occurred in London’s upscale Knightsbridge section on what would otherwise be an uneventful Sunday afternoon. Note how casually the driver exits the Lambo after all the action. This video shows the Lamborghini Aventador crashing multiple times, thus saving you the hassle of hitting rewind. Thanks, Shmee150!  Could the temptation of touting an extreme supercar through a busy shopping district brimming with wealth have simply overcome the driver? It appears that showing off can … Continue reading

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Another Mechanic Joy Ride Ends in Lamborghini Crash

Supercars are a natural temptation to the mechanics that service them. The occasional unauthorized joyride is quite commonplace, though it certainly makes headlines when it ends in disaster, like this Lamborghini crash that occurred recently in Austria! The young mechanic could not resist the urge to take the Gallardo for a spin upon completion, and now the car is a total write-off. The photos for this crash scene were quite clear compared to most. The Lamborghini landed directly on its top, making it amazing that both parties survived the crash. The only upside to this Lamborghini crash is that the … Continue reading

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Porsche Crash that Claimed Paul Walker Continues to Burn

On November 30th, 2013, actor Paul Walker was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT driven by longtime friend Roger Rodas. The sports car raced into a light pole and a tree before bursting into flames, claiming the lives of both young men. Nearly two weeks later, the aftermath has left hearts burning across the world. Fiery Porsche Carrera GT crash claims the life of “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker (40) and driver Roger Rodas (38). The driver of the fatal Porsche crash, Roger Rodas, was a long-time friend and financial adviser to Walker. Rodas was also a competitor … Continue reading

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Angry Wife Crashes Her Porsche into Hubby’s Maserati

Recently in China two luxury vehicles became the victims of a domestic dispute. An angry wife reportedly tailed her husband around the streets of Chongquing, ending the journey by planting her canary yellow Porsche Cayenne Turbo into back of her husband’s burgundy Maserati Quattroporte. I would divorce this woman on principle alone…or downgrade her to a Ford Festiva. On the other hand, women crashing cars is typically entertaining for those uninvolved (those without injury, obviously).  A very upset wife tailed her husband around town for a while. The scenic drive clearly did not calm her down, as she rammed her … Continue reading

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How Not to Drive a Million-Dollar Lamborghini Concept Car

The video below captured the demise of a million-dollar Lamborghini concept car. The unexpected crash occurred during a demo at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The festival has certainly been making headlines this year in a variety of arenas, including this crash, the sale of a $29 million dollar Mercedes-Benz racecar and more! Watch the multi-million dollar Lamborghini concept car overshoot the turn and slam into bales of hay. At least the bales were there to somewhat absorb the blow–though they are about as effective as water from a high-dive.  The crashed Lamborghini prototype is called the Parcour. The Lamborghini … Continue reading

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What a Lamborghini Crash Looks Like From the Driver’s Seat

Check out this awesome footage of a Lamborghini crash captured from the driver’s seat! It is one thing to witness a supercar getting demolished from the sidelines, but quite another to experience it from the point of view of the driver. Every car should be equipped with a dash cam. Have you ever wondered what it looked like from the driver’s perspective while crashing a supercar? Check out the clip above to experience everything but the intense stomach pains. Imagine the adrenaline rush the poor chap must have been enduring in the brief time it took to destroy the Lamborghini. … Continue reading

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