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Land Rover luxury vehicles are designed to excite. The perfect way to experience a Land Rover is to rent one for a few days on a luxury Miami vacation. Land Rover launched its first model in 1948, at the Amsterdam Motor Show. Since that time, the luxury brand has evolved into one of the best brands available on the market today, a truly impressive SUV. The luxury, style and capability of this brand has placed it in such luxurious places as the House of Windsor. If you are into rugged luxury, sport one of our Land Rover rentals in Miami, New York, Chicago and now LA today!

Land Rover Says Nothing Shall Top Range Rover

Following rumors of a not-so modestly priced Land Rover, the company has dismissed rumors of a range topper above the Range Rover line. While it may seem surprising to some, it could just be the ticket to maintaining the luxury SUV traditional standards all have come to expect from the brand. In the past, the first image that came to the mind when visualizing a top-of-the-line exotic SUV was just the Range Rover. Along with success, however, comes competition, and many automakers have moved onto that territory to tout their own luxury SUV offerings. They say imitation is the sincerest … Continue reading

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Action Clip: The Range Rover Evoque Convertible Out to Prove It Has Power

The Range Rover Evoque convertible is out to prove something: that it is much more than just a stylish open SUV–it is power. Check out the footage below of the Evoque convertible performing some testing feats in Europe’s largest and most strenuous crossrail tunnel! The Range Rover Evoque hit the scene with special design input from Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice). Her stylish vibe definitely translated into the vehicle, which is a more diminutive and upscale version of its siblings. The vehicle was met with open arms on the market, appealing to many different types of buyers. Now, the brand … Continue reading

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Range Rover’s Most Stylish Sibling to Remove Top?

The next generation of the stylish Range Rover Evoque shall be upgraded on several levels. While the standard version seems to be receiving a facelift for 2017, there is also a Range Rover Evoque convertible out testing in her best camouflage! This ride is so adorable and whimsical that every 16 year-old girl in California is going to throw a tantrum for one. A Range Rover Evoque convertible? While it seems a bit confusing, the photos are actually not off-putting. Will Range Rover succeed with a convertible SUV where the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet failed? The Evoque convertible concept rolled out … Continue reading

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Land Rover JustDrive App Shares Voice and Vision

Jaguar Land Rover selected the Connected Car Expo to introduce their new app. The Land Rover JustDrive App aims to alleviate technical frustration encounters while driving by giving voice command control over certain apps. Drivers should be, you know, focused on driving when behind the wheel, but Land Rover knows that is likely never going to be the case for everyone. For that reason, the JustDrive App allows people to do just that: Just drive. The app uses voice recognition software to enable drivers to control things like Spotify and the addictive Twitter without picking up a device. Overall, the … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Range Rover Thefts In Short Period Riddles London

Something is just so alluring about the Range Rover luxury SUV. It is so captivating, in fact, that hundreds have been stolen from the streets of London lately. With such a vast amount of Range Rover thefts occurring in a small window of time, insurance companies have been forced to impose a few policy guidelines just for their owners. How bad could it be to lead to such a dramatic policy alteration? A total of 294 Range Rovers were stolen between January and July! The preferred models were the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, of course.  That is correct, … Continue reading

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Secret Range Rover Velar Has Been Hidden Since the 1970s

There is a secret Range Rover out there that has been closely guarded since the 1970s. The Range Rover Velar has been found out, however, and is actually for sale!  What exactly is this model and why has it been kept a secret for decades? The Range Rover Velar at a glance: The Velar is a prototype of the first Range Rover. It is a pre-production development model of the first ever one, which launched in 1970. Only about 30 of these units exist, and this is one of them. It will hit the auction block in February. It will … Continue reading

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Stolen Bond Cars Include 5 Range Rover Sports

Filming has been delayed on the set of the next James Bond film, Spectre, due to some of the luxury vehicles being stolen! While the star of the show, an Aston Martin DB10, remains safe, around five Range Rover Sport models were not so lucky. The stolen Bond cars have made headlines worldwide. The set of the next James Bond film was shaken and stirred by the theft of several Range Rover Sport models. At least the mini fleet of Aston Martin DB10 cars are accounted for. The heist ended in nine luxury vehicles being taken from a garage in … Continue reading

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Drama: China’s LandWind X7 Mimics Range Rover Evoque

One can find a Chinese forgery of practically any product, including the upscale Range Rover Evoque! The LandWind X7 SUV bears such a close resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque that Land Rover is busy deciding which course of action to take on the rather blatant annoyance. The LandWind X7 was unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show in southern China recently. It would have been hilarious to be among the heads of Land Rover when they witnessed the copy for the first time! The LandWind X7 The Range Rover Evoque So who is responsible for the LandWind X7 SUV? A joint … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive: Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition is Loaded

Pricing in at $100k over the Range Rover Autobiography Black, the Range Rover Holland & Holland is the most expensive SUV produced by the brand thus far! Just how painful is the pricing? That would be approximately $285k for this fine lady, please. The Range Rover Holland & Holland edition comes fully loaded, and the price is aimed at the high-rollers. The Range Rover Holland & Holland is an interesting collaboration between the Land Rover SVO (Special vehicle operation) and renowned gun gurus Holland & Holland. The special edition fleet will not come with a piece, but there will be … Continue reading

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Special Edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 Rolls Out on Sassy Rims

The special edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 is sporty yet adorable–especially perched on those rather feminine rims. Did Posh Spice have anything to do with this one? She did have a hand in the overall look and feel of the Evoque, after all! The SW1 is part of a unique “Inspired by Britain” series, in case that Union flag did not make that quite obvious. The Range Rover Evoque SW1 is a special version of the Evoque. It is due to make the official debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show next month. The brilliant fire engine red (The official name … Continue reading

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