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Land Rover luxury vehicles are designed to excite. The perfect way to experience a Land Rover is to rent one for a few days on a luxury Miami vacation. Land Rover launched its first model in 1948, at the Amsterdam Motor Show. Since that time, the luxury brand has evolved into one of the best brands available on the market today, a truly impressive SUV. The luxury, style and capability of this brand has placed it in such luxurious places as the House of Windsor. If you are into rugged luxury, sport one of our Land Rover rentals in Miami, New York, Chicago and now LA today!

The Most Expensive: Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition is Loaded

Pricing in at $100k over the Range Rover Autobiography Black, the Range Rover Holland & Holland is the most expensive SUV produced by the brand thus far! Just how painful is the pricing? That would be approximately $285k for this fine lady, please. The Range Rover Holland & Holland edition comes fully loaded, and the price is aimed at the high-rollers. The Range Rover Holland & Holland is an interesting collaboration between the Land Rover SVO (Special vehicle operation) and renowned gun gurus Holland & Holland. The special edition fleet will not come with a piece, but there will be … Continue reading

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Special Edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 Rolls Out on Sassy Rims

The special edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 is sporty yet adorable–especially perched on those rather feminine rims. Did Posh Spice have anything to do with this one? She did have a hand in the overall look and feel of the Evoque, after all! The SW1 is part of a unique “Inspired by Britain” series, in case that Union flag did not make that quite obvious. The Range Rover Evoque SW1 is a special version of the Evoque. It is due to make the official debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show next month. The brilliant fire engine red (The official name … Continue reading

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Why the 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR is Just Better

The higher-performance sibling of the Range Rover fleet has made its debut. The 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR hails from the new joint venture that is the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations Unit. Just as pleasant to behold as any Land Rover product, the increase in power will leave fans thirsty for one! Meet the newest member of the Range Rover family. The 2015 SVR offers more speed, power, performance and some say it just looks better. Enough teasing, the 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR at a glance: Power is created in a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine sourced from … Continue reading

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Land Rover Brand Backed by Many Automotive Awards

As if the world was not aware of how amazing the Land Rover brand is, it was backed by more than 20 awards in the last year alone! The versatile and strong lineup of both old and new, revisited and revised offerings are as timeless as they are current and appreciated worldwide.  Land Rover continues to be peppered with recognition and awards for what has been a very successful year. The next-gen Range Rover Sport has reached people on a whole new level and we can’t wait to see what is next! The enormous amount of Land Rover accolades range … Continue reading

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Overfinch Tuned Range Rover Sport is the Full Package

The British tuning company Overfinch is making headlines with its latest offering, which features a Range Rover Sport. The tuned Range Rover Sport from Overfinch is a good option for those eager to upgrade both the appearance and the powertrain of their vehicles. Interested parties should place their orders, however, as just 100 will be accepted annually. The sleek gunmetal exterior gives the Overfinch tuned Range Rover a more aggressive effect. It almost seems like it is an armored luxury SUV and is certainly worthy of celebrity clientele.  The Overfinch tuned Range Rover Sport at a glance: Digitally remapped ECU. Revised … Continue reading

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Lexus LX 570 Supercharger is a High-Performance SUV

Lexus is dropping its hat into the high-performance SUV arena…but only in the Middle Eastern market for now. The Lexus LX 570 Supercharger could become a direct threat to the likes of Land Rover, Cadillac and others should it dare to dip its toes Stateside. Lexus is entering high-performance SUV arena with an LX 570 Supercharger special edition. It will only be offered in the Middle East, which could be a market-testing strategy for the brand.  The Lexus LX has been around since 1996 and is typically considered a simple luxury SUV, nothing to brag about beneath the hood. The standard … Continue reading

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The Land Rover Infotainment System Isn’t Terrible

There are plenty of infotainment systems out there for a variety of automobiles. Some are user-friendly, operating with relative ease, and some are a jumbled nightmare of unkept promises. The Land Rover infotainment system isn’t terrible, and downloads onto Apple or Android. Land Rover’s InControl apps system has been in development for some time, and is poised to be as large and powerful as the luxury SUVs it enhances. The idea of the automobile merging with the smartphone to create a science fiction rolling film is pretty awesome—and it is beginning to happen. As the disconnect between cars and devices … Continue reading

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2015 Land Rover Freelander Leaked?

It appears that Land Rover is working on a big brother to its little Range Rover Evoque. What is thought to be the 2015 Land Rover Freelander has been spied testing in full camo–and speculation is raging out of control due to its seemingly larger size. So has Land Rover been sizing up competition to determine that size does matter? The potential next generation was caught on the streets. Thoughts? Back in the 1990s, market research indicated that Land Rover could enter the compact SUV arena. Since that time, different variations of the Land Rover Freelander have emerged. The current … Continue reading

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Meet the 2014 Range Rovers: Coming Soon

Land Rover fans can get supercharged for the upcoming release of two new models at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. The models are a new long-wheelbase Range Rover and the Range Rover Autobiography Black. The show runs November 22nd-December 1st, when all the official details will emerge, but here is a bit of a tantalizing preview of the 2014 Range Rovers.  The 2014 Range Rover Long-Wheelbase at a glance: This Rover will offer 8 more inches of wheelbase. Luxury SUV lovers will agree that size certainly matters. That added wheelbase leads to 5.5 inches more of legroom for passengers … Continue reading

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The Deal With the Land Rover Electric Defenders

Land Rover revealed its Electric Defenders at the Geneva Auto Show, and they have certainly sparked fascination among alternate energy fans worldwide. Sadly, the six Land Rover Electric Defenders are not for sale. They are strictly for research purposes in the electric all-terrain luxury vehicle arena. This does not mean the flashy new line will not roll out in a larger scale production line in the future, though that is simply speculation at this point. The creative minds at Land Rover were hired to make a rather eccentric electric SUV for the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Their response … Continue reading

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