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What is red, fast and always fashionably early? A classic lipstick red Ferrari. Any car enthusiasts has dreamed to lease, own or rent a red Ferrari. The Ferrari is a classic luxury sports car that will provide one of the best racing experiences available in a street legal car. From the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599 to the exclusive Ferrari Enzo selling for a cool million, you are sure to find your dream rental among this luxury car brand.
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Seriously: Kid Suing Ferrari for Facebook Copyright Infringement

There is an interesting social media legal case going on involving Ferrari. It seems that before Facebook became an empire, a 15-year-old Sammy Wasem created a Ferrari Facebook Page. Now Wasem is 21-years-old and because both the fan page and Facebook itself have exploded during those years, Ferrari has taken control of the Facebook page he created. Now Wasem is suing Ferrari for copyright infringement. Yes, I am serious. Is it fair for just anyone to have the freedom to step in and reap the benefits of a brand online? Sammy Wasem is learning the hard way that acting like … Continue reading

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New Ferrari Theme Park Tearing into Barcelona

For the more adventurous traveler, there will now be a Ferrari theme park nestled in stunning Barcelona. This is the chance to stay in a resort molded into the shape of an F1 front wing and experience Europe’s fastest and highest vertical accelerator, among other attractions. The only thing that could make this scenario better would be for each guest to receive a complimentary Ferrari rental for the duration of their stay at the resort. Ferrari theme park to open at Port Aventura resort near Barcelona The Ferrari theme park will be dubbed Ferrari Land and will feature more than … Continue reading

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2015 Ferrari California T in Geneva

The 2015 Ferrari California T is a turbocharged slice of heaven and is currently attracting gawkers on the stages of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The Prancing Horse switched gears from the classic Ferrari red to a smooth white for the next-gen California display model–and it certainly looks phenomenal.  Smile! The 2015 Ferrari California T at the Geneva Motor Show. The fresh adaptations are smoking hot. The hardware Lurking under that exquisite hood is a brand new engine. While it is based largely on the 3.8-liter V8 of the Maserati Quattroporte, it busts out 552 horses and 556 pound-feet of … Continue reading

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Ferrari SP FFX: The Next Ferrari Special Projects Program Ride is Sharp

The Ferrari Special Projects Program is an elite section that rather enjoys a good tease. A good example of this is the Ferrari SP FFX, a one-off Horse that blends both contemporary brand design and a splash of F1. The Ferrari SP FFX  Check out the in-your-face white detailing against the classic red of the Ferrari SP FFX. This photo has emerged to give the world a sneak preview of this special edition Ferrari, with other details under close wraps. All that is known at this point in the road is that a customer in Japan commissioned the car, it … Continue reading

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Duke Dynamics Ferrari 458 Velocita Kit

The gearheads at Duke Dynamics have joined forces with designer Marius Dumitrascu to create a body kit for the wildly popular Ferrari 458. Dubbed the Ferrari 458 Velocita, it offers a different take on the front and rear views, among other alterations. Unfortunately, the Duke Dynamics kit for the 458 does not add additional power, only a bit of an automotive makeover. Do you like the Ferrari 458 Velocita body kit by Duke Dynamics?  The Ferrari 458 Velocita kit offers the following highlights and changes: Attractive carbon fiber side skirting Revamped front and rear appearance Completely new hood Bespoke exhaust … Continue reading

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2015 Ferrari California Inspired by F1 Racing

With the 2015 Ferrari California reveal coming up next month in Geneva, any tidbits leaked about the design are a hot commodity. Rumors are circulating in Ferrari forums that the next generation of the Ferrari California will boast many styling cues from F1 Racing, which is not a first but certainly stirs up more excitement for the model. What will the next generation of the Ferrari California sound like? We will find out in less than one month when the model takes the stage at the Geneva Motor Show!  Design influences will likely range from F1 Racing to the hyperbeast … Continue reading

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Crispy Burnt Classic Ferrari to Fetch Millions

Another classic Ferrari has been unearthed in less than savory condition and is poised to net millions at auction. It is a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS with fire damage, rust and the ability to not only attract a buyer, but empty their pockets in the process. Classic Ferrari cars in their original condition, even if that condition is damaged, are worth millions. We have seen this trend going on at auctions and it will continue in Scottsdale when this one changes hands. This Ferrari GTS may look like it belongs in a junkyard, but it will end up a valued … Continue reading

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Over a Million Fans Vote for Ferrari F1 Car Name

Ferrari let fans take the wheel and vote for the Ferrari F1 car name this year. The idea turned out to be pure marketing success, with 1,123,741 Ferrari fans participating in the decision. While this is not the first time a luxury car company has given social media fans the opportunity to name something, it was certainly an enormous turnout! The official name chosen by the masses is: The Ferrari F14 T. Over a million fans stormed Ferrari’s Scuderia website to vote for this year’s Formula One car, dubbed the Ferrari F14 T. The name was selected from a total of … Continue reading

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Ferrari Driven by Michael Jackson in Pepsi Commercial For Sale

The 1980s were a special time, and now some lucky individual can own a unique slice from that period: A 1986 Ferrari driven by Michael Jackson in a 1987 Pepsi commercial called “The Chopper”. Read it aloud to yourself again in order to get the full effect of how awesome that is! Fun fact: Testarossa means ‘red head’ in Italian. Now that everyone is finished indulging in “The Chopper”, the Ferrari is a 1986 Testarossa will hit the auction block at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale in just a few days, as the event runs from January 12th-19th, 2014. There are hundreds … Continue reading

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The Unattainable LaFerrari Hits a Used Car Sale Lot?

Ferrari will produce just 499 units of the obsessed-over LaFerrari supercar. The brand announced last year that it would favor exclusivity over volume–and backed up the claim by turning away many hopeful LaFerrari buyers with loaded pockets, with the famous and even icons subject to rejection. In fact, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo hand picked the list of buyers personally…leaving many to wonder if the Prancing Horse could be a bit miffed that number 1/499 is now gracing a used car lot with an asking price much higher than the purchase price? That is correct, there is a LaFerrari for … Continue reading

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