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Cadillac is a luxury brand that has taken over the luxury SUV arena with it’s Escalade model. The Cadillac Escalade has become the icon of upscale SUV’s, attracting celebrities, wealthy fans, and hip-hop moguls. Driving a Cadillac Escalade is a symbol of success, it spells out to those who know and see you that you have “made it”, it is a badge of honor. Traveling in Miami, New York, Chicago or LA? You can indulge in a convenient luxury SUV rental such as the Cadillac Escalade rental to enhance the quality of your vacations and business trips!
If you are in the Miami, New York, Chicago or LA area and in need of luxury wheels, we are here for you.

Deliver a Luxury Rental Car to your door. How does Imagine Lifestyles get you the car of your dreams?

Not a week goes by that I am not asked the question, “do you guys offer delivery?” The answer is an enthusiastic YES! Imagine Lifestyles maintains a fleet of trucks and trailers that are ready at a moments notice to deliver you the luxury or exotic car that is just right for your weekend getaway, or your month long stay. Some of the common questions asked about this service include whether or not we can operate at the airports. The answer to this is also YES! Our team of professionally trained drivers can meet you right at the terminal, enabling … Continue reading

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Challenge Accepted? The Hennessey Cadillac Packs 1,226 HP

It is no secret that John Hennessey creates some of the most aggressive speed demons out there. It is also never understated that Hennessey loves to compete, and is vying to get Bugatti to line up on the track next to his latest invention: a 1,226 horsepower Cadillac CTS-V coupe. Yes, a Caddy with more horses under the hood than the world’s fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The official name is the Cadillac VR1200 and it may not exactly belong in our list of cars that appear fast even when parked, it certainly is noteworthy. Will Bugatti ever … Continue reading

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Love the Lamborghini Aventador and Carbon Fiber? Meet the Carbonado Coupe by Mansory!

The metal minds at Mansory have bestowed upon the world a true gift: the Carbonado Coupe! This Lamborghini Aventador is drenched in delicious carbon fiber, making it a bit more interesting than the first Aventador by Mansory? (follow link to see the other Mansory Aventador!)

Mansory Carbonado Aventador

Mansory dresses the Lamborghini Aventador again–adding an insane amount of carbon fiber. Most approve!

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WTH: A Hybrid Bugatti Veyron Successor?

The Bugatti badge is synonymous with unimaginable speed and prestige…and rumors are igniting that someday it may be dubbed as a luxury hybrid as well! Unbelievably–the next Veyron could emerge as a hybrid supercar.

Bugatti Hybrid

Who says a 1,000+ horsepower hypercar has to hemorrhage fuel?

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Must See to Believe: Exotic Golf Stunt Trades the Green for the Racetrack!

This is one of the most entertaining exotic auto stunts available in the world! Watch as Formula 1 legend David Coulthard teams up with golf pro Jake Shepherd to pull off an incredible feat of power and complete dude-lines: Catching a golf ball using a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. You know, just everyday stuff.

Exotic Car Stunts

Way to go with the Mercedes SLS AMG roadster assist!

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A Maserati Concept With Alfa Design Cues and Ferrari Engine–Is this Alderaan?

Maserati is a highly recognizable brand thanks to a hugely successful past and a body style that has endured the test of time–with the exception of the Maserati SUV! Rumblings igniting around the auto community point to an all-new GranSport with a wildly different approach to design aesthetics geared toward change!

Alfa Romeo 4c

Perhaps this concept is a statement to those that think Maserati has gone soft? While there is no photo just yet, some say the next GranSport will rival the popular Alfa 4C, pictured above

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Why The Nissan DeltaWing Cannot Win Le Mans

Nissan’s futuristic racing concept, the DeltaWing, is certainly in a class of one in Le Mans…except, it can’t win. With a telltale “0” displayed on each side, the DeltaWing is not a competitive exhibition racecar in the luxury racing event.

It may not be permitted to compete, but the DeltaWing concept does get the benefit of extreme exposure at the big race, flaunting its stuff in the mix of top players!

Nissan DeltaWing

“Garage 56″ spot at Le Mans is reserved for the Nissan DeltaWing

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Meet the World’s Only Lamborghini Murcielago Rapid Response Unit

It is rare to see a Lamborghini Murcielago in most daily situations, but it is quite bizarre to see one with a job at a local fire department! Meet the “Rapid Response Unit”…a supercar packing a 6.5-liter V12 and producing 600 horses in order to arrive first-on-scene at any emergency! In any event, a Lamborghini is likely to smoke any vehicle en route, but this one is unique and special—like the Italian Lambo police cruiser (which was ultimately crashed!). If you have never rented a Lamborghini, do it this weekend and tell us if you think it is suitable to serve as a volunteer vehicle!

Fire Department Lamborghini Murcielago

This member of the fire department’s fleet burns hot!

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Lamborghini Urus Shows Off at Beijing Auto Show

Lamborghini has unveiled the Urus–a controversial SUV concept that has left rumor mills with smoking wheels! At first glance, the Urus’s front end is decidedly Lamborghini, but the pronounced SUV shape is somehow difficult to swallow from a sports car that literally hugs the ground! The name was previously rumored to be the Lamborghini MLC, but they pulled a fast one and renamed this bull.

Lamborghini Urus

This concept SUV marks the brand’s first attempt at one since 1985 when the LM002 emerged. Hopefully, the Urus will fare better than the all-but-forgotten LM002!

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Video: Google Cleared to Operate Driverless Vehicles

In an unbelievable and unprecedented move, Google has obtained a legal license to operate cars that have everything…but a human driver! The human element has been subtracted in Google’s “autonomous vehicles”, cars that can drive on Nevada’s roadways Kitt style (think Knight Rider)! Is anyone else creeped out just a bit?

I am not entirely certain I am ready to substitute a human chauffeur for a machine just yet…or if we should ever allow our exotic car rentals to be driven by a machine, but the good people at Google just may be onto something for larger cities. VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST

Google auto cars

Look Ma, no hands! The big payoff arrived when Nevada issued Google the legal go-ahead to drive among the masses. Watch out, professional chauffeurs—Google may soon have your jobby-job!

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