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A Ducati Powered Volkswagen XL Sport? Go On…

Rumors of a Ducati powered VW have piqued interest for years, and as it would turn out–they have a bit of truth backing them! Meet the Ducati powered Volkswagen XL Sport, the latest concept to display extreme lightweight efficiency paired with power. How can anyone not be intrigued by the Ducati powered Volkswagen XL Sport? The interesting pairing has given rise to a new animal. This is such a strange concept vehicle that we should just dive directly into the specs: Power is derived from just one V-twin 1199 Superlegerra motorbike engine. The motorbike engine produces 197 horses. This figure … Continue reading

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The Ferrari 458 Speciale Takes Off Its Top

Fans of the Ferrari 458 Speciale have even more to be excited about. The nice lady has removed her top for the entire world to see, and it looks incredible! Not only is the Speciale now a convertible, she packs a few more Prancing Horses for good measure. Her full name is now the Ferrari 458 Speciale A. The ‘A’ stands for ‘Aperta’, which is Italian for ‘Open’. Now that we have cleared up that mystery, let’s get down to specs. The Ferrari 458 Speciale A at a glance: She is packing a specialized 4.5-liter V8 capable of kicking out … Continue reading

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Largest Rolls Royce Order Ever: 30 Phantoms for $20 Million

The largest Rolls Royce order in history has been placed and taken its place in headlines across the globe. Gambling guru Stephen Hung (giggle) has ordered 30 Rolls Royce Phantoms for the hefty sum of $20 million dollars. Hung ordered the fleet of Phantoms to serve as transportation for customers indulging in his Hong Kong casino. It would seem that a simple taxi is no longer suitable for the extreme onslaught of new wealth in China. Man places a single order for 30 Rolls Royce Phantom luxury cars. The photo above shows Hung sealing the deal with Rolls Royce CEO … Continue reading

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Special Edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 Rolls Out on Sassy Rims

The special edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 is sporty yet adorable–especially perched on those rather feminine rims. Did Posh Spice have anything to do with this one? She did have a hand in the overall look and feel of the Evoque, after all! The SW1 is part of a unique “Inspired by Britain” series, in case that Union flag did not make that quite obvious. The Range Rover Evoque SW1 is a special version of the Evoque. It is due to make the official debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show next month. The brilliant fire engine red (The official name … Continue reading

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Lotus to Become Even More Obscure in America?

Fans of Lotus supercars should run to the nearest dealership and place their orders, because it looks like that will soon be impossible. Like the Lotus Elise and Exige, the Lotus Evora could soon be banned from U.S. dealerships because it fails to meet smart airbag guidelines. With street legal Lotus offerings diminishing due to new rules and guidelines, the brand could become quite obscure Stateside over the next decade.  It seems like the logical thing to do would be to simply meet the smart airbag guidelines, even doing a sort-of recall to install them on past sales. But the … Continue reading

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True Story: Idiot Steals Same Ferrari 458 Supercar Twice

There never seems to be a shortage of odd stories in the news, but the man who stole the same Ferrari 458 sports car twice may just win the world’s dumbest contest! Authorities in California will not soon tire of retelling the Ferrari 458 theft tale to anyone who will listen. Man steals Ferrari 458 Italia, gets away, and then steals it again from the impound lot!   The man was identified as Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles. Hooks got his hooks into the brand new 2014 Ferrari 458 spider and made no attempts to hide it, driving it around … Continue reading

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Aston Martin Carbon Craze Continues: Another Set of Black and White Specials

Aston Martin is continuing with its carbon craze, this time with a new set. The Aston Martin Vanquish carbon special editions will be offered in black and white, just like the DB9 carbon set. There will also be a Volante carbon special edition–all will be unveiled at the 2014 Paris Auto Show next month. Aston Martin has released a teaser announcing the special edition carbon Vanquish and Volante models. They are to debut at the Paris Auto Show in October.  Like the special DB9 carbon cars, there will be sleek black or white shells offset with plenty of delicious carbon fiber … Continue reading

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Maserati’s 100th Birthday Display at AutoWorld Museum is Outstanding

This year marked Maserati’s 100th birthday. A special slice of the festivities is located at AutoWorld Museum in Belgium, an eclectic collection of some of the most iconic Maserati vehicles throughout history. Maserati is kicking off its 100th birthday in supreme style all around the world. Those in Belgium have the unique opportunity to tour the AutoWorld Museum’s Maserati display. It is an unparalleled tribute to a rich and successful history. Celebrations for Maserati’s 100th anniversary have been going on all year long, because there is certainly too much to show thanks for in just one day. Fantastic events have … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Aston Martin is More Aggressive

Aston Martin is increasing power and improving the appearance of its next generation of exotic sports cars. Will this make the current models less seductive to buyers, tempting them to hold out for what is coming next? Who cares, they look amazing! What will the next generation of Aston Martin flagships look like? Word is they could be much meaner. Judging by reports and photos of the next generation of Aston Martin cars, they will certainly please current fans of the brand and attract new ones. Both the Aston Martin Vanquish and the Rapide S will be packing more power … Continue reading

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Vencer Sarthe Supercar Is Looking Less Awkward: Photos and Details

Not long ago, Dutch supercar startup Vencer began its quest to build a supercar. I made fun of the initial images of the Vencer Sarthe, because she deserved it and also deserved some tweaking. It seems that I was not the only one to feel that way, as the Sarthe is back and a lot less awkward following a bit of a re-imagining session. These photos are showing the Vencer Sarthe in potential production trim. As you can see from the before and after photos, much improvement has been made to the Dutch darling. The first round of styling cues … Continue reading

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