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In this section of our luxury blog, Imagine Lifestyles examines the high and low points of the luxury economy and overall economy. When an exotic or luxury brand makes a move that makes headlines, you can find information through us.
Sometimes a luxury entity will do something entirely unexpected, and it could have an impact on other luxury companies now or in the future.
Find out what Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and other exotic car manufacturers are up to, going through, and about to unleash. Because when a luxury brand makes a move, the world takes notice.

5 Ways An Exotic Car Rental Benefits Your Business

One of the most justified and frequently asked questions we get here at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals from our corporate clients is “How much is that going to cost me?” When it comes to corporate luxury car rentals, the answer is not a simple number. Avoid the mistake of going cheap with the following tips and tricks. Use the list below when considering how an exotic sports car rental will benefit your business for the next event: 5. Increase revenue. If the notion of investing $1,400 to spend the day utilizing a Lamborghini, Ferrari or other supercar to increase company … Continue reading

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Is Larger Than Life Volkswagen Group Splintering Apart?

The Volkswagen Group is a larger than life entity with over a dozen brands under its hood. But is being the parent company to so many underlings a challenge in terms of management and momentum? Word is circulating that the unshakable VW Group could be splintering off into 4 sections to better handle the load and road ahead. Handelsblatt news publication of Germany has cited company sources stating that Volkswagen Group could be breaking apart into 4 separate holding companies. The proposed 4 separate holding companies that would form the new Volkswagen Group could break down as follows: A holding … Continue reading

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Top 15 Most Expensive New York Rental Properties Will Surprise You

15. 100 East 50th Street This modest 3 bedroom offers 3,500 square feet of city living for just $75,000 per month. Yes, you read that correctly—these will be monthly rental prices for some of the Big Apple’s most competitive and enviable locations. 14. 214 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012 This address is a 5-story townhouse with a pool overlooking Soho for $80,000 per month. There are so many amenities that there are just 3 bedroom spaces. 13. 106 East 71st Street This mansion is available for monthly rental slots for just $85,000. It provides the perfect opulent New York City luxury rental … Continue reading

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Koenigsegg Regera: The Next Big Thing

The Koenigsegg Regera is but another example of those crazy Swedes and their ability to craft some of the worlds most blisteringly fast and breathtaking machines. Koenigsegg has been building speed demons for just 20 years, yet is always among the first brands uttered when the top fastest cars come up in conversation. The Koenigsegg Regera is a potent little number pushing forth 1,500 horsepower from her shapely frame. That is roughly 300 more than the Bugatti Veyron, which held the title of ‘Fastest Production Car’ for a few years. The Regera was officially introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor … Continue reading

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Porsche Design Tower in Miami Selling Out

While it would seem that beachfront property would have little trouble selling itself, marketers have been forced to become quite creative following the economic downturn years ago. The Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida, is a shining beacon of that willingness to go further. The luxury design tower is already nearly sold out, because who wouldn’t want an elevator to deliver their car directly to their door? The exclusive Porsche Design Tower is located in Sunny Isles, which is just a few blocks north of South Beach. Because South Florida is a preferred playground for the wealthy, what better … Continue reading

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Aston Martin Picking Up More Ladies? Not a Bad Goal

Exotic sports cars and supercars are strongly associated with male drivers. There are a plethora of jokes on the matter, including the overused ‘Middle age crisis car’, among others. It seems that the Aston Martin sales teams are angling for a new approach, appealing to women drivers with their latest offerings and marketing strategies. Aside from trying to pick up more ladies, the brand is targeting a younger demographic as well. Aston Martin is changing their game by picking up more ladies and appealing to a younger crowd.  How they are handling the gear change: The new Aston Martin marketing … Continue reading

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Italian Firm Purchases 37.5 Percent of Aston Martin

Aston Martin has announced a new partnership with Italian firm Investindustrial. Investindustrial has acquired a 37.5 percent interest in Aston Martin, beating Indian-based Mahindra Group for the shares. Will the newly integrated Italian influence the British brand, or do fans prefer their Astons shaken, not stirred? It was battle of wallets over wits between Mahindra Group, a $15 billion industrial conglomerate based in Mumbai, India, and Italian-based Investindustrial.  Investindustrial was the underdog in the deal, with approximately $4 billion in assets under its belt. Mahindra Group boasts a much larger bank account, with around $15 billion at its disposal. Investindustrial … Continue reading

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3 Lavish Mansions in Hawaii: Aloha Tony Spills the Details!

Offering picturesque views of unparalleled beauty, Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful properties in the world. These three jaw-dropping mansions in Hawaii are among the most stunning estates available on the market today. With expansive living spaces indoors and out, each of three waterfront locations lets you fully enjoy the Aloha state’s abundant natural beauty from the comfort and convenience of your own luxury home. 1. 4711 Kahala Avenue Designed by renowned architect John Hara, whose career spans 40 years and includes such buildings as the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and the Honolulu Academy of Arts, … Continue reading

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Fisker Raises $100 Million Dollars for Luxury Plug-in Vehicles

Fisker has been occupied rounding up investors for its luxury plug-in vehicles, to the tune of $100 million dollars! The enormous sum stemmed from private investors interested in pushing the new technology into the mainstream. The fat funding will also assist in ironing out the issues with the Fisker Karma as they prep the next version. Nothing says confidence like a cool $100 million investment While $100 million sounds like a lot of cash, it is just the latest addition to a $1.2 billion dollar stockpile raised thus far in the game. For its endeavors, investors will be receiving a … Continue reading

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1960 Ferrari California Price Drops Jaws at Pebble Beach

There is no place like Pebble Beach, California during the annual auto show! It seems no price is too high to pay for a rare exotic car this year, with several changing hands in jaw-dropping deals. Case in point: A 1960 Ferrari California just sold for a record $11,275,000 USD! Ferrari 250 California Spider Competizione It was a Ferrari 250 California Spider Competizione, an extremely rare breed of racecar that may have overshadowed the debut of the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! The 250 California is one of just 9 alloy-bodied Prancing Horses in existence, created for competition and standing the test … Continue reading

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