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Are you fixated on all things luxury auto? Here you can find cool car features as they emerge onto the scene, one breathtaking or head-shaking item at a time! When something interesting, shocking, expensive or otherwise is invented, we are the first to bring it to our friends and fans. Whether it is a new spin on a navigation system, an amphibious Lamborghini or another technology breakthrough from BMW, you can scan it all here at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rental’s luxury blog!

Color Changing Materials for Cars? Welcome to the Future

One of the most difficult decisions when buying a new vehicle is selecting the right color for the interior. Sometimes there are so many options it can make one’s head spin, but Johnson Controls is working on making it spin from pure excitement with a potential method to make color changing materials a reality. (Cue the Jetson’s cartoon music). Will the cars of the future be chameleon-like? The capacity to change the interior and possibly exterior color of one’s automobile is being tested. Note that is looking far into the future and likely won’t become commonplace in this life. Unless … Continue reading

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Alfa Romeo Returns to North America Starting at $55k!

North American fans of the luxurious Alfa Romeo badge may begin to jump up and down all around you…do not be alarmed. After a long hiatus, the Alfa Romeo brand will now be available stateside with a shockingly lowered starting price of around $55k. That makes the brand attainable both geographically and economically for an entirely new market. The starting price of the next-gen, the Alfa Romeo 4C,  is the truly surprising aspect of this news. For less than a new Audi, one can own an Alfa Romeo. This will all be made possible through a new network of dealerships … Continue reading

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Remember the Stormtrooper Gemballa Ferrari?

This Enzo Ferrari generated an online sensation back in 2009 because of its rather uncanny resemblance to a stormtrooper. Inspired by a jet fighter, this stormtrooper Gemballa Ferrari became one of the most memorable of the 400 Enzo Ferrari cars on earth. Meet stormtrooper Enzo, a flighty fellow. There are only 400 Enzo Ferraris in existence, and this may be the coolest.  The Gemballa Enzo Ferrari Stormtrooper at a glance: This trooper is packing a tuned 6.0-liter V12 unleashing 700 Prancing Horses. That is the same as the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The aerodynamics were clearly tweaked to increase performance with … Continue reading

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Google Self-Driving Car Lacks Seats and Wheel

No, you are not looking at a full-scale model of an automobile from an anime flick. This is a functioning prototype of the latest Google self-driving car. Remember the Google autonomous vehicle that gained legal clearance to operate in certain places? Well, this animated little number is out there testing at furious speeds of 25 miles per hour in parking lots…and it lacks both a steering wheel and pedals. Silly humans, Google does not think you must drive. To attempt to sell this lifestyle to a gearhead, simply Google the word “Never”.  That is correct, there could soon be vehicles on … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful McLaren MP4-12C Kit Available?

This is the Blue Hamann MemoR McLaren MP4-12C kit. While it has a rather lengthy name, it could be the most striking McLaren MP4-12C kit on the market. The powder blue coat looks phenomenal on this model, and the special tweaks add more aesthetic intrigue to the already nice lady. When a pale blue does work on a car, it takes the styling to an entirely new level of nostalgia and adoration. When it does not work so well, it can actually set off a gag-reflex and permanent distaste for a specific model type…I kid, I kid. Meet the Blue … Continue reading

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The Land Rover Infotainment System Isn’t Terrible

There are plenty of infotainment systems out there for a variety of automobiles. Some are user-friendly, operating with relative ease, and some are a jumbled nightmare of unkept promises. The Land Rover infotainment system isn’t terrible, and downloads onto Apple or Android. Land Rover’s InControl apps system has been in development for some time, and is poised to be as large and powerful as the luxury SUVs it enhances. The idea of the automobile merging with the smartphone to create a science fiction rolling film is pretty awesome—and it is beginning to happen. As the disconnect between cars and devices … Continue reading

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The Lexus NX SUV is an Interestingly Sexy Beast

The Lexus NX SUV was cleverly designed to look like it was cast from a single piece of material. The sleek and sexy beast has hit the scene with all the right attributes and is taunting the likes of the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. Lexus NX is a bold approach to the luxury SUV. She is all modern inside and out, and gathering her fair share of stares prior to the official reveal.  The Lexus NX appears to be a toned-down version of the much more outgoing and bulky Lexus LF-NX concept. Both members of the family are … Continue reading

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Test Drive the 2014 Lamborghini Huracan Driving Simulator Online

Unable to white-knuckle the wheel of the stunning 2014 Lamborghini Huracan in the flesh? Why not just take the 2014 Lamborghini Huracan driving simulator for a spin online? The special driving simulator provides the unique experience of test-driving the supercar from the comfort of your computer or device! Now coming up with the money to purchase after deciding it is worthy is another issue. The availability of a Lamborghini online driving simulator will take gaming to an entirely new realm. Will Forza ever feel the same?  The 2014 Lamborghini Huracan virtual drive provides users with times for best laps and … Continue reading

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LAPD Prepared for High Speed Pursuits with Lamborghini Gallardo

The police forces of Dubai and Italy are not the only ones with supercars gracing their parking lots. While there are exotic sports cars serving many police force fleets around the world, they are kind of rare in the United States. Now the Los Angeles Police Department has initiated a Lamborghini Gallardo, which will certainly come in handy for those high-speed pursuits! While a Lamborghini Gallardo police cruiser is cool, it pales in comparison to the police cars found in luxe Dubai. Police supercars generate attention no matter what model.  The LAPD Lamborghini joined the force this week, making its … Continue reading

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A Bow Fit for a Car

For the holidays, birthdays and other occasions where a simple bow simply will not suffice, there is ‘King Sized Bows’. King Sized Bows is a company that specializes in creating oversized bows– sometimes called “Those big car bows”. It is how you gift wrap a car. Have you ever wondered where to find those oversized bows for car gifts? Look no further! Owner and entrepreneur Lynda King started King Sized Bows in 2002, after realizing there was a market for such things. King had been searching for a large bow for her daughter’s car, and ended up making her own … Continue reading

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