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When you are an exotic luxury car rental business that also offers chauffeur services, you are going to have some doozies to share. Here is where you can find some of our juiciest chauffeur stories and sagas, and luxury rental car experiences gone awry. Don’t worry, we never kiss and tell, so names are always omitted in this seductive section!

Head back to school in style with Imagine Lifestyles

Summer has come to a close and it is time to head back to school, and this year Imagine Lifestyles wants to help you show up in style. Imagine the look of shock on your teachers face as our chauffeur opens the door of our Rolls Royce for you. What will the other students say when they see you pull up in a Lamborghini like a boss? What better way to start off the year than with a fresh look, and a fresh ride. Imagine Lifestyles is offering two amazing specials for the month of September 2018. Save 20% off … Continue reading

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Save 20% off Chauffeur service with Imagine Lifestyles

Arrive in style and save 20% off chauffeur service with Imagine Lifestyles through March 2018. You too can look like a celebrity with a private chauffeur for your next party, business meeting, wedding, or date night with Imagine Lifestyles. You will be the life of the party when you offer your friends a ride home in a luxury sedan. Request your quote now! Services must be booked by December 10th 2017 to take advantage of this special offer, and the discount can only be applied to services scheduled for dates before March 30th 2018. Services after March 30th 2018 will … Continue reading

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Rolls-Royce White Glove Driver Course Preserves Motoring Traditions

The Rolls-Royce White Glove driver course is poised to pave the way toward a better brand understanding and operations by today’s chauffeurs and professionals. With traditions and even minimal etiquette standards nearly a distant memory, can the brand salvage some of that former class and pizazz? The focus of the program is on proper driving and operational professionalism. What that means: A Hawaiian shirt is never acceptable attire for the chauffeur of a Rolls-Royce car. Geared toward keeping the traditional chauffeuring practices alive, the Rolls-Royce White Glove professional driving school delivers owners from fleet frustration. The Rolls-Royce white glove program … Continue reading

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Cops Snared in Luxury Speed Trap

Remember “Death Race 2012”? (That is what the event came to be called once it made headlines). Refresher: New Jersey police officers provided an escort for a fleet of supercars and exotic sports cars on Route 80, the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, allowing the cars to reach high rates of speed with regular vehicles sharing the roadway. Charges have now been filed against the offending officers, leaving many to anxiously await the outcome of this bizarre story.

Death race

Police provided an unauthorized and improper escort for a group of luxury car owners, enabling them to speed from Northern New Jersey to Atlantic City, a 125-mile journey.

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Spilled: Top 10 Extreme Concierge Requests in Miami!

Luxury travel entails far more than simply the right exotic rental car in Miami…and no request is too extreme in South Florida! Take, for example, the following unusual requests leaked from top South Florida hotel concierge types!

Luxury pet travel

Luxury pet travel requests

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Chauffeur Stories: Lady Gaga Worst Celebrity Chauffeur!

Some people are paid to conduct random surveys for entertainment and knowledge, and I like their sense of style in Britain! It seems that Lady Gaga topped the list of celebrities British motorists would least like to be driven around by. Not that Lady Gaga needs to work as a humble chauffeur with her sizable income!

Don’t worry, she is not currently on our payroll! Imagine Lifestyles enlists only experienced professional chauffeur services with our luxury rentals!

Lady Gaga Chauffeur

Lady Gaga has a driver, but she would make a smokin’ one!

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Celebrity Road Rage and Crashes–Top 10 Girls Not to Provoke on the Streets!

Celebrities can’t escape the glaring spotlight, even hidden behind the headlights of their exotic luxury cars.  Whether in a luxury rental car LA style or the latest exotic car, celebs get caught with road rage, too…taking their fits to various extremes!  While we also have the top 10 celebrity males road rage, ladies are first, so here goes!

Here are the top 10 female celebrities we would not want to provoke…or would we?

1.    Michelle Rodriguez
2.    Britney Spears
3.    Naomi Campbell
4.    Halle Berry
5.    Demi Lovato
6.    Shannon Doherty
7.    Rebecca Gayheart
8.    Lizzie Grubman
9.    Brandy
10.  Julia Roberts

Michelle Rodriguez

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Mercedes, Audi and Honda Team Up to Offer Chauffeur Service in India’s Bustling Luxury Car Market

The lucrative luxury car market in India has encountered a hitch:  India’s wealthy prefer their luxury cars chauffeured.  This makes perfect sense considering the poor road conditions and extreme traffic in the bustling cities!  High-end autos, luxury rental cars and chauffeur services are very popular in India.

Traffic in India

Traffic in India

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