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In the realm of luxury cars, we occasionally spot or hear of something that is completely bizzare, and of course must share it with our readers and fans.
So when we discover a “gold plated” Porsche, extreme luxury car makeover, or other exotic monstrosity, we are all over it. When a luxury or exotic car achieves a twist that separates it from the norm, it draws attention from gearheads and collectors worldwide, making it an exotic car of massive proportions. This is the section where you can observe in awe what others are willing to do to personalize their exotic cars! Hey, there may not be anyone willing to buy some of these cars-but who says the owner ever intends to sell them?

Behold the $15,000 Lamborghini Volvo Experiment

Every red-blooded man has the dream of  owning an exotic sports car. Sadly, not all have the bankroll to buy the brands they really want, though some can be quite creative rather than defeated! Case in point: This Lamborghini Volvo was created for roughly $15,000. Does it look like a real Sesto Elemento? Hell no. Does it please its master? Probably. They say that where there is a will, there is a way. Still, there is no way this Volvo could be mistaken for a true Lamborghini. Kudos for the attempt and entertainment, however!  Meet the Lamborghini Volvo. A creation … Continue reading

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The Nissan BladeGlider Concept Lifts Off

The latest offering in the exotic car arena from Nissan is certainly sharp. The Nissan BladeGlider concept not only boasts curb appeal, but is even more energy efficient than the Nissan Leaf. The BladeGlider is a zero-emissions wonder of the future, if it reaches production. The Nissan BladeGlider: Track car or trapezoid?  While the BladeGlider concept may have a touch of the strange to it, it is nice to have new design concepts to look at from time to time. This one was inspired by the DeltaWing and the ZEOD RC racecars, with artistic additions, of course. The wedge-shaped concept … Continue reading

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The Laraki Motors Epitome Hypercar Breaks all the Rules

The Laraki Motors Epitome hypercar emerged at Pebble Beach this year, and it is far more than its unprecedented appearance. With a $2 million dollar price tag and the capacity to unleash 1,750 horses, it truly is the embodiment of what the future of a supercar should be. Is the Epitome ahead of its time in the styling arena or right on time? The Laraki Motors Epitome breaks the standard mold of how a supercar should look. It looks like it was pinched in the middle for a pronounced waistline that only serves to showcase the extreme air intakes and … Continue reading

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Hamann McLaren MP4-12C: Art Car or Eyesore?

Facebook friends and fans of aftermarket tuner Hamann were taken aback when a photo popped up of a rainbow McLaren MP4-12C recently! Companies use Facebook as a tool to drum-up excitement by providing teasers and very few details, and that is certainly the approach Hamann is taking with this pet project, dubbed the ‘Art Car’. This is something one could likely not get even from the McLaren customization program…just saying. The photo of the Hamann McLaren MP4-12C popped up on their Facebook page without further details, generating a buzz. What we know thus far is that Hamann has apparently transformed … Continue reading

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Jay Leno Drives the Highest Mileage Lamborghini

It seems that Jay Leno doesn’t mind a gal with a bit of mileage on her—like the 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT with over 250,000 wrinkles on the odometer. The supercar-loving superstar did a segment highlighting the highest mileage Lamborghini, see complete video below. To put that number into perspective: our Lamborghini rentals are driven often and will never come close to that mileage marker before they are traded in for newer models. The vintage GT 2+2 is owned by Jack Riddell and has certainly been appreciated, racking up over 250,000 miles! Based on looks alone, this car could pass as … Continue reading

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Expensive Tastes: The Cupcake Worth More Than an Exotic Car Rental

There is a cupcake in the UAE with a $27,000 USD price tag and a lifespan of 15 minutes! It is definitely hard to swallow the thought of a measly cupcake worth about 30 exotic rental car trips! Sorry UAE…but I would much rather rent every car at Imagine Lifestyles for a month than swallow one bling-emblazoned cupcake!

Golden Phoenix cupcake

The Golden Phoenix. Seriously?

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New South Beach Hotspot: Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge is Back!

The iconic Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge will reopen after 6 years on December 10th, 2011! The former celebrity haunt will reopen its luxurious doors thanks to popular demand, which has to be a comfort to owners Jack and Lucia Penrod. This is an upscale dining tip not to be missed…unless you really hate orange. 

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

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John DeLucie to Head Restaurant at the Revamped Marlin Hotel South Beach

The Marlin Hotel in South Beach will have the talents of chef John DeLucie on-hand to tempt the taste buds of patrons following an extensive renovation. Best known for his New York City eatery, The Lion, DeLucie’s offerings are celebrity magnets, which will certainly pair well with a South Beach locale!

John DeLucie

John DeLucie

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Dark Dining Miami Style—Have You Been Blindfolded?

Chef Adrianne Calvo is a highly regarded culinary artist in the Miami Beach food & wine scene, and is continuing her popular ‘Dark Dining’ series in Miami this month. You can experience sensory deprivation and overload simultaneously at her Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Dark Dining Miami

Dark dining in Miami

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Gansevoort Miami Upcoming Events and What to Drive!

It is summer in Miami, and it is hot! People in the north stay inside during the brutal cold months of winter, and those in Miami prefer to stay inside during the scorching months of summer…but it can be boring! If the heat is simply too much at the beach right now, here are a few things to do in South Beach to cool down, get out and unwind during the coming months, thanks to Gansevoort luxury hotel!

Lamborghini rental Miami

Lamborghini rental Miami

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