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living big, all about billions and billionaires around the world. living the glamorous life that everyone wants but few attain. Reading about the luxe lives of the rich and absurdly rich has forever been an entertaining past-time due to the entertainment it provides.
Billionaires live life on an entirely different level than the rest of the world, a level that includes exotic cars, superyachts, private air charters and the ability to spend and then spend some more. So if you have ever been curious about the goings-on of the rich and super-rich, you have discovered the right luxury blog to follow!

A Hidden Bubble Speeds to the Surface: The Bugatti Veyron Cristal Edition

Amid all of the fuss surrounding the final Bugatti Veyron produced, the Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale, a gem was missed that has finally risen to the surface: The Bugatti Veyron Cristal Edition. The Cristal Edition is also a Grand Sport Vitesse Veryon, and was commissioned by a Chinese collector for his girlfriend, who took delivery of the pristine pink beast back in January. The event remained quite secret until it hit the interwebs recently! Paris Hilton must be seething with envy: The pink accents on the Bugatti Veyron Cristal Edition are enough to win any woman’s heart. This is … Continue reading

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Trending: Shining Some Light on the Diamond Massage

There are endless ways to make money disappear, but is the diamond massage a thing? Seriously? It seems that there are individuals out there willing to part with anywhere from $300-$100k to be surrounded by diamonds and at times rubbed with them. To these innovative people I ask: Have you ever considered just milling about Cartier or perhaps a hot stone massage? For a price, you can shower yourself with diamonds. The precious stones can only become a permanent memory, as they are kept by the spas.  Below is a small list of items that you could have for $25,000+ … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Secret Billionaire Sues Auction House Over Ferrari 375-Plus Sale

There seems to be trouble in paradise for well-respected luxury auction house Bonham’s. The billionaire behind Victoria’s Secret and other companies, Les Wexner, recently purchased a 1954 Ferrari 375-Plus at the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction hosted by Bonham’s. Now Wexner is suing due to a pre-existing dispute over the car’s ownership! Bonham’s states that the ownership dispute was resolved prior to the sale, yet Wexner claims he was not made aware of any of the story and claims the legalities continue. Les Wexner claims he was not made aware of the legal situation involving the Ferrari and that it … Continue reading

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Largest Rolls Royce Order Ever: 30 Phantoms for $20 Million

The largest Rolls Royce order in history has been placed and taken its place in headlines across the globe. Gambling guru Stephen Hung (giggle) has ordered 30 Rolls Royce Phantoms for the hefty sum of $20 million dollars. Hung ordered the fleet of Phantoms to serve as transportation for customers indulging in his Hong Kong casino. It would seem that a simple taxi is no longer suitable for the extreme onslaught of new wealth in China. Man places a single order for 30 Rolls Royce Phantom luxury cars. The photo above shows Hung sealing the deal with Rolls Royce CEO … Continue reading

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Bottle of Tequila Sold For Price of New Exotic Sports Car

If you had $225k, would you rather buy a new Ferrari or similar exotic sports car, or the most expensive bottle of tequila? I suppose that would depend on how much tequila was consumed prior to making this decision–though someone did shell out that amount for a bottle of Tequila Ley.925 in 2006. Since that time, the premier luxury tequila company has created other options to add to the mix. With each bottle worth more than the next, they are tempting recipes for the most painful hangover fathomable! Not that anyone is likely to actually open the bottles. Shots, shots, … Continue reading

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Most Expensive Real Estate: $190 Million Dollar Home

If you have $190 million dollars and the desire to live in what could be America’s most expensive home, this is your opportunity. This Copper Beech Farm family home is a French Renaissance inspired mansion sprawling over 2 islands. The price tag is exorbitant even for Long Island, though its features and amenities more than make up for that minor aspect. America’s most expensive real estate: A $190 million Long Island mansion sprawling across 2 islands The 13,519 square foot home is situated on over 50-acres of lush landscaping with some of the best views Long Island has to offer. … Continue reading

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Video: 9-Year-Old Drives a Ferrari F430 with 5-Year-Old Sibling

Police in New Delhi have arrested a man after a YouTube video went viral of his 9-year-old son driving a Ferrari F430. The proud mother filmed the boy driving with his 7-year-old sibling in the passenger seat, boasting that he had been driving since age 5. The mother also shared that the children had also driven the family’s Bentley, Lamborghini and other exotic vehicles. Facepalm. WATCH: 9 year old drives a Ferrari F430. Note the crowds of children running amok in the street as the kids drive the supercar in a dangerous neighborhood joyride.  When the footage went viral, police … Continue reading

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Video: Imagine Lifestyles Leaves Impression at 2012 Gumball 3000!

The annual Gumball 3000 was a hit this year, with stars and cars from around the globe uniting in the Big Apple (Manhattan) to start the massive engine that is a week of fast and furious fun! This year, the lead car in New York was our Shelby Cobra rental, driven by CEO Maximillion Cooper and rapper/actress Eve–which was the perfect way to kick start the momentum for the week!

Shelby Cobra at Gumball 3000

CEO of Imagine Lifestyles Ryan Safady personally delivered the Shelby to NY for the event. The photo above shows Ryan enjoying a ride in the Shelby around Manhattan!

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Vintage Mercedes-Benz Gullwing Nabs $4.6 Million

While most vehicles depreciate, the opposite is true when it happens to be one of just 1,400 Mercedes-Benz 300SL coupes made between 1954 and 1957. The appreciation is even more when that car happens to be one of 29 “alloy” models, one of which just sold for a jaw-dropping $4.6 million at a Gooding & Co. luxury car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona! See our Mercedes gullwing rentals here! (the fabulous SLS AMG)!

Vintage Mercedes

Gooding & Co. auction block!

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Wayne Bridge Bestows Aston Martin Birthday Gift Upon Young British Singer Squeeze

Ahh, young love! Perhaps taking a cue from Beyoncé (Think Jay Z Birthday Bugatti), Manchester City football star Wayne Bridge bedazzled his girl, Saturday’s singer Frankie Sanford, with a spanking-new Aston Martin Vantage! The leather interior is even personalized with Sanford’s initials…how sweet!

 Frankie Sanford Aston Martin

The pretty singer opted for stilettos while taking the Vantage out for a spin in London, nice choice!

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