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China May Ban Sexy Auto Show Models—No One Surprised

The automotive market in China and other Asian countries is absolutely out of control. Yet the controlling Chinese government is anything but. Word is that the Chinese government is contemplating a ban on sexy auto show models. Will this year’s Shanghai Automotive Show fail to be a…bust? According to a quote from the organization committee: “We are soliciting public option to improve the exhibition. We have not ruled out the possibility of banning auto show girls.” Of course, no further detail was given by the Chinese committee on the matter, as they are not exactly famous for being forthright with … Continue reading

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Full Throttle for a New Year: The Best 2015 Automotive Shows

As a new year begins, fill your calendar with the following 2015 automotive shows to revv things up. For those of you who are lucky enough to attend any of these shows, we look forward to seeing shared photos of your experiences on Facebook! The list of can’t miss auto shows for 2015 is here. This year will be overflowing with new ideas, technologies, powertrains and revealed secrets!  The most anticipated 2015 Automotive Shows include the following: Brussels Motor Show: January 16-25th. North American International Auto Show: January 17-25th. Chicago Auto Show: February 14-22nd. Geneva Motor Show: March 5-15th. New … Continue reading

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Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV Offerings?

If it is to be believed, there may be an Aston Martin SUV and the Lamborghini SUV could be a hybrid. There are rumors circulating that Aston Martin is busy raising funds to begin the tedious and often lengthy vehicle concepting phase, and Lamborghini’s Urus may challenge the hybrid sector. Is a model range expansion in Aston Martin’s future? Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV offerings that could become a reality. Is the world ready for more upscale brands to compete in the luxury SUV arena? Aston Martin exotic sports cars are instantly recognizable, regardless of the model. Under the new leadership … Continue reading

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Which Machines Made the 2014 Top Gear Awards List?

It is that adrenaline and petrol infused time of year again: The 2014 Top Gear Awards list is out! You may want to kick up the horsepower on your downward scroll to see which dream machines made the cut! Let’s begin with the top choices of the leading lads of the show: Jeremy Clarkson’s Car of the Year: Corvette Stingray  “They’ve skimped on the trim to keep the costs down – Amstrad would have rejected the head-up display graphics for being too old-fashioned. In 1985. But they’ve gone the extra mile with the bits that matter. So we get a … Continue reading

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Mazda MX-5 Cup Series Communicates Goals at SEMA 2014

The Mazda MX-5 Cup Series car showed off its stuff at the annual SEMA gathering in Las Vegas this year. Is this mini-wonder gearing up toward success in the racing arena? When it comes to the Miata…or…the MX-5…t is either adored or scorned. Luckily, looks do not matter much in racing, so most will have to agree that if it is simplified with lightness, it stands a chance. The Mazda MX-5 Cup Series is geared toward uniformity in racing. The MX-5 Cup Series will emerge in 2016 and the front-runner is to be the 4th generation MX-5 car. Some compare … Continue reading

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The 2015 Insta-Built Lexus RC F at SEMA: Best in Show?

The Lexus RC F had a tough act to follow in the form of the sleek Lexus LFA supercar. The tuned Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon did a fairly decent job at the 2014 SEMA show, however! It is impossible to overlook that Tiffany blue and those decadently sporty styling cues. But is she fast? Behold: The 2015 Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon took the stage at the SEMA show this year. Is she smoking hot or not? Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon at a glance: The vibrant exterior is absolutely stunning … Continue reading

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Custom Lexus LFA and IS 350 from 2013 SEMA Revisited

Admirers of the Lexus LFA supercar have something special to visit in dreams: The custom 2012 Lexus LFA from the 2013 SEMA show. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, an annual gathering among automotive enthusiasts that highlights the best of what is and what is to come. The show this year prompted a trip down memory lane to revisit the Lexus offerings of last year–perhaps the best gathering of creativity to date.This custom 2012 Lexus LFA was a showstopper at SEMA. Would you want her in your garage? It is certain that Jeremy Clarkson would, as he said that … Continue reading

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Bentley Mulsanne Speed Goes to Next Level

The flagship Bentley Mulsanne is now even more powerful and prestigious. The brand revealed the next-level Bentley Mulsanne Speed at the 2104 Paris Auto Show and she is certainly spectacular! With 530 horses and an entourage of talent behind her, this model demands attention. The Bentley Mulsanne Speed has been revealed at the 2014 Paris Auto Show and she is sleek and powerful. Just try to ignore her. The standard Mulsanne kicks out 505 horses, which is still a substantial sum. But the Bentley Mulsanne Speed has opted to kick it up a notch for the next-generation. It retains the … Continue reading

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Land Rover Brand Backed by Many Automotive Awards

As if the world was not aware of how amazing the Land Rover brand is, it was backed by more than 20 awards in the last year alone! The versatile and strong lineup of both old and new, revisited and revised offerings are as timeless as they are current and appreciated worldwide.  Land Rover continues to be peppered with recognition and awards for what has been a very successful year. The next-gen Range Rover Sport has reached people on a whole new level and we can’t wait to see what is next! The enormous amount of Land Rover accolades range … Continue reading

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The McLaren 650S Stays Close to Concept Form

Fans of the McLaren 650S can find comfort in the idea that it will be among the few look close to its concept form when it hits production. The typical pipeline for a vehicle, standard or luxury, takes 3-4 years of tweaking before it hits actual production. By that time, the vehicle does not typically look too much like the concept form it began its life as, but a different animal. This McLaren 650S  MSO will have a very small run, with just 25 coupes and 25 convertibles rolling out. The highly anticipated McLaren 650S MSO will stay close it its … Continue reading

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