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World renowned, contemporary, and all forms of art. Here you will find a celebration of art collections and art galleries worth noting. You will also find fantastic investments, artists to watch and history in the making. Cities and entire countries are enriched by their art, and the best part is sharing it.
We will bring you information on art not only in Miami, but all over the world. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, and with that bursts forth a plethora of interesting and captivating art, art in many forms. Each year, Miami is host to many art festivals, art weekends and art events. So when you are feeling a bit on the creative side and in search of something new to become involved with-let the art section of our luxury blog spark your interest!

LaFerrari Undisputed Star of 2013 Miami Art Basel

Outshining all others on the red carpet at the 2013 Miami Art Basel was the glossy red LaFerrari hypercar. It was part of the of the annual societal soiree because Ferrari had sponsored an automotive art exhibit titled: “Piston Head: Artists Engage the Automobile”. The $4 million dollar LaFerrari emerged earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, and it has been captivating Ferrari lovers ever since. What better venue to display the masterpiece that is the LaFerrari than the swanky Miami Art Basel? Tragically, few likely realized they were taking in a sight most will never see.  The LaFerrari managed to … Continue reading

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Images of Exploding Cars Create a Blast Among Art Types

Swiss artist Fabian Oefner offers a glimpse of unique moments that never existed in real life: Images of exploding cars. The fresh take on automotive art has gears changing around the art world and is certainly generating attention for the extremely innovative artist. Artist Fabian Oefner takes a bold new direction by taking apart cars, photographing the parts, and then creating a final product that gives the illusion of the car exploding.  Of course, Oefner’s cars are not actually exploding. The photos were painstakingly created by blending hundreds of images together. In order to accomplish that, model cars were disassembled … Continue reading

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Man Drops $250,000 for a Totaled Ferrari Dino

In the art arena, there is no such thing as too out there, too ostentatious or even to wrecked. Case in point: A Turkish art collector has shelled forth the staggering sum of $250,000 for a totaled Ferrari Dino. The piece, simply titled “Dino”, will not come to roaring to life when the engine is started…if there even is an engine. Did the artist actually wreck the Ferrari, or is he simply profiting off of the stupidity of others? Because for that price one can purchase a decent new Ferrari supercar. Totaled Ferrari Dino nabs $250,000 in cold hard cash … Continue reading

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The Art of Bugatti Show

Fans of the brand can soon experience a rare glimpse into the famously creative Bugatti family. The Art of Bugatti show will open at the prestigious Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California in spring of 2014. This collection will feature Bugatti cars and an interesting grouping of family artifacts, drawings, art and unexpected items. The exhibit is intended to show the Bugatti family’s focus on the automobile as art while showcasing their distinct impact on the industry over the decades. One of the most extensive collections of Bugatti automobiles and family artifacts is hitting California this spring.  The Art of … Continue reading

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The Unseen LaFerrari Concepts Collection is Red Hot

Now that the 950 horsepower beast has officially been introduced, let’s take a look at some of the unseen LaFerrari concepts from the collection! Ferrari is stepping up its already hard to match game by creeping up on the 1,000 horsepower marker, a digit typically reserved for the regal hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron. To celebrate the unveiling of LaFerrari in Geneva this year, Ferrari presents: ‘Ferrari Supercar-Technology. Design. Myth’. This is a private collection of rare and unseen concepts starting with the 1964 250 GTO and ending with the Enzo and Project F150. There is a very good reason … Continue reading

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Exploring Lamborghini’s Manila Showroom

Tucked neatly in the W building in Bonifacio Global City (Philippines) is a Lamborghini showroom that you should see! Lamborghini is not the only major brand represented in the building–you can also find Audi and Porsche.

Lamborghini Showrooms

The Lamborghini Manila showroom is brimming with the best from the brand. Can’t afford to bring one home from the dealership? You can still bring one home when you opt to rent a Lamborghini!

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A Majority of Rolls Royce Ghost Buyers Opt to Customize

Spending a substantial amount of money on a supreme luxury car like a Rolls Royce Ghost is sometimes just not enough. After all, while there are just a handful of Ghosts haunting the roadways of the world, one certainly does not want any of them to look like theirs! View our Rolls Royce rentals here (sort by city for available models)!

Custom Rolls Royce

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Aston Martin Furniture Looks Fast

Aston Martin’s branch into furniture design seems to be a success so far, with unique designs and exotic materials. The brand is showing that it is much more than just a luxury auto maker with its collection of contemporary furnishings launched in Milan, called “The Aston Martin Interiors”.

Aston Martin sofa

Uncertain if this is from Aston Interiors, but it is fantastic!

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Rolls-Royce Offers Special Edition Phantom to Celebrate Year of the Dragon in China

In efforts to attract more of the burgeoning Chinese and Asian luxury car markets, Rolls Royce is offering a special edition ‘Year of the Dragon’ Phantom in China. The Year of the Dragon is a very important year on the Chinese Zodiac, and China is very important to Rolls Royce, so the extra measure makes perfect sense.

Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom

Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom

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2012 Miami International Art Fair to be Hosted on Yacht

Scheduled on the fashionable heels of the Miami Beach Art Basel, you may think that the Miami International Art Fair has an impossible act to follow, and that would be correct. To remedy that, the Art Fair is being hosted onboard a luxury yacht this year!

SeaFair luxury yacht

SeaFair mega yacht will host this luxury event in style

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