How to Drive a Lamborghini Into a Pole or a Lake

Lamborghini crashes and crazy incidents are apparently on the rise recently, with the following two tidbits making headlines: A driver kissing a pole with a Lambo and another rocketing the car into a pond during a drag race…on a track.

The clip above shows a Lamborghini spinning out prior to making a splash in a nearby pond. Why is there a body of water near a track in the first place, lending such damaging potential. Bodies of water belong on golf courses. 

The driver of the Lamborghini Gallardo in the video above found himself in hot water during a WannaGOFAST drag race in Florida. The car was tuned by Heffner Performance of Florida and packing over 2,000 horses. The clincher: During the race, the turbos were actually tuned down. Heffner shared:  “We had the boost down to minimum, about 17 pounds, That car would have no issue making 2,400 to 2,500 horsepower at the wheels at 40 or 45 pounds of boost.” The driver encountered a patch of debris, which caused him to lose control and careen into a pond. Even the slightest movement of the steering wheel can lead to a complete loss of control in a supercar like this, so driving over something, no matter how small, is dramatic.

Lamborghini crashes WannaGOFAST is an automotive gathering/club that brings 125 race cars together for 1/2-mile drag races. This event was held at a private track in Ocala, Florida.

Lamborghini crashesAnother driver in Los Angeles pulled his Lamborghini Murcielago directly into a telephone pole. The $400,000 supercar looks worse for the wear. The driver told officers that he had swerved to avoid an animal at around 1am, and no arrest was made. So…is there a huge wild animal population in Los Angeles aside from the hipsters?

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Awestruck: Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 Transformed Into Rally Car

High performance aftermarket tuning endeavors have churned out an agressive gas-guzzling gem: Behold the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 rally car. Makela Auto Tuning of Finland is the brains behind the project.

Aston Martin rally car

Just an Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 completely morphed into a rally car, no big deal. 

The only thing that could make this cooler is if Ken Block blasted around an obstacle course in it with a Go Pro strapped onto his face. Makela completed the Aston Martin rally car project in time to race in the Arctic Lapland Rally event in the new R-GT class. The R-GT division was created just last year for 2-wheel drive production based GT cars–That is right, she is still RWD. Makela tuning has also built vintage rally Ferrari cars, racing style Porsches and more.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 rally car photo gallery:

Aston Martin rally car

Aston Martin rally car

Aston Martin rally car

Aston Martin rally car

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

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Range Rover’s Most Stylish Sibling to Remove Top?

The next generation of the stylish Range Rover Evoque shall be upgraded on several levels. While the standard version seems to be receiving a facelift for 2017, there is also a Range Rover Evoque convertible out testing in her best camouflage! This ride is so adorable and whimsical that every 16 year-old girl in California is going to throw a tantrum for one.

Range Rover Evoque convertibleA Range Rover Evoque convertible? While it seems a bit confusing, the photos are actually not off-putting.

Will Range Rover succeed with a convertible SUV where the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet failed? The Evoque convertible concept rolled out back in 2012, and seeing it three years later in testing form is certainly an indicator that it has the green light for production. The average cycle for an automobile to go from concept to production is about three years, longer for the slow pokes.

The Range Rover Evoque convertible at a glance:

  • She maintains the sporty 2+2 layout
  • The convertible top appears to be a soft-top design that likely tucks in behind the rear seating. Pro-tip: Avoid shopping with the top down, there will not be any storage space left.
  • Cute little wing spoiler in the back is flirty and playful
  • If she makes it stateside, it will likely be as a 2017 model. Possible powertrains include front and AWD, petrol and diesel variants.

Range Rover Evoque convertibleThe standard Range Rover Evoque will take the more prudish approach and leave her top on. She has also been spied out testing and appears to be sporting a revised front bumper, perhaps to accommodate Jaguar Land Rover’s 4-cylinder engines. Overall, they will likely be turbocharged like crazy and offer very impressive fuel economy stats. Looking forward to the next-gen Evoque offerings!

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Is a New UK Auto Show Starting Up in 2016?

Some say that automakers are starting to drift away from the tradition of auto shows, but that seems too tragic to comprehend (Let’s be real–just because Volvo wants out of them hardly indicates death for the overall practice). Some also say the Stig from Top Gear is the most mysterious being on the planet, which is made even more enticing by the rumor that a new UK auto show could be starting up as early as next year! UK Auto ShowThe British Motor Show was last held in 2008. Should it start back up after an 8 year hiatus? Some say it is looking like that could be the case in 2016. 

It seems ludacris that a UK auto show has not always existed. But wait, the British Motor Show stopped in 2008 for some reason. The UK is home to Top Gear, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus, Austin Healey and a plethora of other distinctive automotive joys–making the revival of own auto show a logical undertaking. The show would be hosted in London, of course, and in true British form should be quite detail oriented, hands-on and educational. The British are very direct, a trait that makes their automotive presence just that much more enjoyable. There will be more details leaking out, but so far the show is to be held in early May of 2016 in London’s Battersea Park. That is the very same location as the Formula E EV racing series season finale.

UK Auto Show

Overall, it seems the best MC for the upcoming UK Auto Show (or will it remain the British Motor Show?) would be Jeremy Clarkson himself, flanked by James May and Richard Hammond. That is just my humble hope and opinion, though I am sure the BBC would have the chaps on scene for the duration of the show.

UK Auto Show

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Mercedes-Benz Proclaims 2015 ‘Year of the SUV’

Amid all of the action building up in Detroit for the annual motor show, Mercedes-Benz announced that 2015 shall be the ‘Year of the SUV’. What that means, according to Daimler AG’s Dieter Zetsche is that the marque will be bestowing four new luxury SUV’s onto the market.

Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz proclaimed that 2015 is to be the “year of the SUV” this past Sunday in Detroit.

Among the new SUV offerings will be the recently revealed Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe, and sibling GLE 450 coupe:

  • The Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG: This nice lady is the range-topper. She is a crossover packing a twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V8 engine producing 577 thirsty horses. The 0-60 mile per hour jump is achieved in 4.2 seconds.
  • The Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG: This SUV sibling is a sports coupe that will help begin the new lineup of automobiles carrying the “GL” badging. Similar to the E-Class, she is mid-sized. Under the hood is a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 paired with a 9-speed automated gearbox pushing her from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds.

The new GLE SUV is a bit of a SUV/coupe hybrid in terms of styling cues and performance specifications. It is intended to provide all of the expected perks of owning an SUV, such as ruggedness, but with all the sporty grace of a sleek coupe car. According to Ola Kallenius, Daimler AG Board of Management: “The timing is just right. The market for SUV’s is only getting stronger. It is a sporty coupe with SUV genes.”

Mercedes-BenzThat statement seems to ring true as more hybrid and small to mid-sized luxury SUVs roll out each year. Once frowned upon due to fuel economy and emissions, the new breed of SUV is every bit as economical as a smaller vehicle thanks to new engineering direction. As for the remaining 3 Mercedes-Benz SUV offerings, we must wait while they perform the usual slow and seductive reveals.

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Land Rover JustDrive App Shares Voice and Vision

Jaguar Land Rover selected the Connected Car Expo to introduce their new app. The Land Rover JustDrive App aims to alleviate technical frustration encounters while driving by giving voice command control over certain apps.

Land Rover JustDriveDrivers should be, you know, focused on driving when behind the wheel, but Land Rover knows that is likely never going to be the case for everyone. For that reason, the JustDrive App allows people to do just that: Just drive. The app uses voice recognition software to enable drivers to control things like Spotify and the addictive Twitter without picking up a device. Overall, the JustDrive app has the potential to lower driving distractions, provided it functions smoothly. If it does not work exactly as promised, there could be irritated drivers reaching for their smartphones and taking their eyes off the roads. There are certainly ample voice recognition fail stories out there, making it important for Land Rover to get it right.

Land Rover JustDrive

The Land Rover JustDrive app does not allow access to all apps, just the ones that make sense to use while driving. Sat Gill, app development manager at Jaguar Land Rover explained the functionality and idea behind the app as follows: “It primarily aggregates a number of services and features into one application such as navigation, telephone, texting, tweeting and aggregating a number of music streaming services. All of these features are voice-controlled, which allow the driver to have more focus on the road and basically simplify the task of searching and entering navigation destinations. All interaction with the apps is done via the touch-screen. It gives you weather, the option to play today’s news from NPR, play is play the last track that was playing in the vehicle when you left, go is to go to a destination in your calendar.” JustDrive is a section of the larger Land Rover InControl apps system, accessible to owners via USB cables and center console options.

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Aston Martin Development Center Joins MIRA Park

Aston Martin is preparing for the future with a shiny new prototype and new vehicle testing center. What better way to ensure that the future of the iconic brand will exceed expectations and deliver the very latest in technology? The Aston Martin development center is nestled in the amazing MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, U.K. and will also provide testing for other automotive brands in the area like Land Rover, Jaguar, Pirelli, Michelin, Bosch and more for a total of around 30 transportation related companies.

aston martin development centerThe Aston Martin development center is just 100 miles northwest of London and provides everything needed to dream, design, engineer and test the future of the brand. 

The new Aston Martin multi-facility is geared for engineering, research, development and many levels of meticulous testing procedures. The location at MIRA was a strategic selection, as it invites opportunity to interact with other brands to glean, share and craft the future of the automobile.

The Aston Martin prototype development center at a glance:

  • This is a very special location brimming with perks, including a nifty ground track.
  • There is 24/7 security, so don’t get any bright ideas about a midnight trip around the testing track.
  • The 15,800 square-foot facilities are completely guarded from scrutiny and spies thanks to the added security of MIRA Technology Park. The park offers its inhabitants “Complete safety and security.” It is even safe from telephoto lenses and the like.
  • Not only is there a testing track, it offers various surfaces to use. This style mimics natural driving conditions that would be encountered in real world driving locations around the globe.

aston martin development center

Aston Martin Product Development Director Ian Minards sums up the endeavors of the facility as follows: “The cutting edge facilities at MIRA, together with its reputation for quality and excellent security, make it an ideal place for us to carry out some of our prototype development work. This excellent facility gives our engineering teams exactly what they need to ensure the next generation of Aston Martin sports cars continue to be truly class-leading.”

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Bentley SUV Pricing Likely to Reflect the Abundant Interest

Bentley has enjoyed record sales and customers are already lining up for the upcoming SUV. Over 4,000 people have expressed interest in purchasing a Bentley SUV prior to even viewing it. Based on that surge and other factors, the company expects to sell around 3,000 of the units when they reach showrooms in 2016 and can likely price them in the painful level.

Bentley SUVIf pre-sale interest is any indication of success, the Bentley SUV is poised for a grand start.

The Bentley SUV is being billed as an ultra-luxurious method of transport even in off-road conditions. It is difficult to imagine, but it could be a more luxury focused Land Rover type vehicle. According to Bentley’s CEO Wolfgang Durheimer: “The Bentley SUV will be the most exclusive, most luxurious and most expensive SUV in the world. The level of luxury will be extraordinary.” He shared that statement with London reporters while showing a video of the talented SUV scaling some sand dunes.

Bentley SUVBentley is part of the enormous Volkswagen family. That gives the brand much power and resources to pull from when adding to the lineup for the future. The SUV will no doubt have the full VW benefit behind it. 

Bentley SUV

Volkswagen has a lofty goal to unload 15,000 vehicles by 2018. The Bentley SUV is positioned to help achieve that feat. The overall issue boils down to the pricing for the SUV, which could start as high as $214,000. The end result will strengthen the brand via more offerings, positioning the pack with an SUV, sedans, coupes and grand touring vehicles. Bentley and Volkswagen will be able to go head-to-head with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Land Rover if everything remains on schedule in current form.

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Trending: Shining Some Light on the Diamond Massage

There are endless ways to make money disappear, but is the diamond massage a thing? Seriously? It seems that there are individuals out there willing to part with anywhere from $300-$100k to be surrounded by diamonds and at times rubbed with them. To these innovative people I ask: Have you ever considered just milling about Cartier or perhaps a hot stone massage?

Diamond massage

For a price, you can shower yourself with diamonds. The precious stones can only become a permanent memory, as they are kept by the spas. 

Below is a small list of items that you could have for $25,000+ that are more exciting than being pampered by diamonds:

  • An exotic car in your garage all day everyday.
  • Any number of amazing pieces of art.
  • A few years of exotic car rentals, providing the shot to experience all the latest machines as they emerge. This is definitely more exciting than looking at shiny rocks, and we can prove that claim with ease.
  • Sanity.
  • A desperate housewife (yes, from the television series). But then, she may want something like a diamond or diamond massage.
  • A personal assistant willing to provide a cubic zirconia massage.

diamond massage

Gem spa treatments are increasing in popularity at luxury locations around the globe.

diamond massage

Businesses from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi are billing the diamond massage as a way to ‘relieve stress’. It is unclear how throwing thousands of dollars at someone for what seems to be a short-lived thrill is a stress-relieving tool. It would seem, to even the most indulgent of souls, that would create stress. Overall, there is a market for the diamond massage and other luxury material meltdowns, or they would cease to exist.

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2015 McLaren and Ferrari F1 Cars to Make Debut in Days

Ferrari will be touting the new Formula One car online on January 30th, 2015. What will the next-gen Ferrari F1 look and feel like? It will come out on the heels of the McLaren F1 beast, set to roll out on the 29th powered by Honda.

Ferrari F1The next Ferrari F1 car is coming out in days, along with McLaren’s offering. It is gearing up to be a powerful racing season for all competing teams. 

mclaren racing

This Ferrari F1 racer will take the place of the outgoing Ferrari F14T car and have 4-time Formula One champion driver Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel. Vettel signed over from Red Bull racing to Ferrari in a move that captured audiences worldwide.

The Ferrari racer will be revealed on the brand’s official website and social media platforms to reach ever audience. It will then appear in the flesh (or carbon) at the pre-season opening at the Jerez circuit in Spain. That circuit will begin testing and take place February 1-4th. McLaren will also be there, with two-time world champion driver Fernando Alonso behind the wheel. Yes, Alonso formerly of Ferrari! Alonso has the added advantage of a deep understanding of how the Prancing Horse likes to operate and run, and will be driving the McLaren Honda MP4-30. Does anyone else get the feeling that Ferrari may have just a tinge of nausea at the prospect of facing one of its best drivers of all time this year as a competitor?

Ferrari F1The McLaren Honda will be the first one since the early 1990s. The team has not claimed a racing victory since 2012 and ended their relationship with Mercedes-Benz just last year. Will things change with Fernando Alonso taking the reins? It seems the driver would love nothing more than to stampede the Horse.

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