The 5,000 HP Devel Sixteen Supercar Caught in the Wild

The Devel Sixteen supercar appeared at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. The car held a stage surrounded by banners making claims so bold that even seasoned exotic car spotter Shmee 150 was confused. Finally, the elusive one-off has been captured on video in the wild. Take in the short clip below and decide if you think that sounds like something with four times the power of a Bugatti Veryon Super Sport.

The video above shows the Devel Sixteen supercar hitting the street in Dubai. The sound is not the throat-ripping sound one would expect from a vehicle claiming 5,000 horses and a top speed of 348 miles per hour…it seems rather social and non-threatening cruising around its habitat. 

Devel Sixteen supercarThe Devel Sixteen at a glance:

  • None of these bold claims have exactly been proven. I am not saying they are not true–I am just pointing that out because they are so difficult to believe.
  • The engine is a sixteen-cylinder said to kick out 5,000 horses.
  • The 0-60 mile per hour sprint is said to be 1.8 seconds with a top speed of 348 miles per hour.
  • ‘Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry L.L.C.’, a Dubai-based company, designed the Devel Sixteen supercar.
  • The looks are certainly fascinating. It is loaded with carbon fiber, of course, and enough sharp edges to slice into the imagination. But is it really as aggressive as the company claims?

It comes as no surprise that the Devel Sixteen hails from Dubai, the land of more. The competition for the fastest supercar, most expensive yacht, largest house and even the most prestigious license plate are never ending. Yet this tale seems a bit far-fetched for even Dubai. Thoughts?

Devel Sixteen

The Devel Sixteen supercar, photo courtesy of Shmee150.

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The Exotic Sports Car Powered by Renewable Energy: Quant e-Sportlimousine

There are hybrids, electric vehicles and even self-driving cars on the roads today. The Quant e-Sportlimousine is taking things to a whole new level with flow-cell energy storage technology. Yes, a vehicle powered by something quite new has been given the green light in Europe to begin production.

Quant e-Sportlimousine

A saltwater powered vehicle…does it get any greener than that? The Quant e-Sportlimousine will fuel itself with renewable energy. Ok, so they are not exactly pumping seawater into the tank, but it is still very futuristic.  

Quant e-Sportlimousine

The Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine at a glance:

  • She emerged at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.
  • The powertrain is a notch above what the word ‘unique’ is cable of conveying. It uses cutting edge flow-cell energy storage. This technology has been tested in Germany and perhaps other places in Europe and is now approved for use in production vehicles.
  • How it works: It is an electric vehicle without the need for batteries. The tanks of negatively and positively charged electrolyte solutions are pumped through a cell stack to generate electricity. The power goes to the four electric motors of the car.
  • The gullwing doors are for looks–it does not double as a submarine.
  •  Nanoflowcell is talking salty about the benefits, claiming that the e-Sportlimousine is much more than just green. They say it can hit the 0-60 mile per hour jump in a scant 2.8 seconds and deliver a top speed of 218 MPH.
  • At the Geneva show, Nanoflowcell said that the peak output for the model would sit at around 912 horses. The general operating power would be around 650 with the 912 available.
  • The range for the car is an impressive 373 miles, making it a palatable option against the plug-ins and hybrids.

Quant e-SportlimousineWhat do you think of this new technology? Share your thoughts below!

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The McLaren P1 GTR is Out to Prove Why More Power Looks Better

Because the standard McLaren P1 hyperbeast may not be powerful enough for some, with just 890 horsepower, the McLaren P1 GTR is coming. This rendering has emerged of the new sibling, looking somewhat similar to the Lamborghini Veneno from her rear. It looks like McLaren is gearing up to dazzle yet again this year, showing no signs of slowing to a stop in the new products department.

McLaren P1 GTRThe rumor is that this is the rendering of the McLaren P1 GTR that was sent to current P1 owners. They will be the only people permitted to place an order for one. 

The McLaren P1 GTR will be a track-only variant of the supercar, of course, pushing forth 986 horses from her stable while turning heads in the looks department it seems. The company will only build the GTR for existing P1 owners, making it a very exclusive lady. Ferrari did something similar for its precious LaFerrari, with an entire set of rules for potential applicants, including the prerequisite of owning several other Ferrari cars.

McLaren P1 GTRBased on the rendering of the McLaren P1 GTR, she will possess an enormous wing and diffuser. Drivers can expect wicked downforce and a permanent grin. Above is the Lamborghini Veneno, which also made headlines with her aggressive appearance.

The standard McLaren P1 car is nothing to scoff at–packing a blood-thirsty 3.8-liter V8 mated to a 7-speed automated transmission with a cool manual mode. Pricing for the standard is just over a million, and the GTR version is anticipated to begin at $3.4 million USD. Word is that the official debut could occur at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance next month…we certainly hope so!

McLaren P1 I do not expect the front to change too much for the GTR version.

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Would You Shell Out $14 Million for a 1995 McLaren F1?

While a McLaren may never surpass the price of a rare Ferrari at auction, a 1995 McLaren F1 could fetch as much as $14 million. The current record holder for most expensive car sold at auction is a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO racer, which changed hands for the tiny sum of $52 million USD. Is a McLaren F1 worth multiple millions? Is anyone else struggling with the fact that a 1995 vehicle is already 20 years old?

1995 McLaren F1This example is dressed in Marlboro white. It is believed to be the only one in this color. 

The auction is set to go down at the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Gooding & Company anticipates that the McLaren will bring in the lofty sum for a few different reasons. It is the only Marlboro white example known and has had just three owners. The nice lady comes complete with its original manual, tool kit and signature luggage set—all with just 1,004 miles on the odometer.

1995 McLaren F1Profile of the 1995 McLaren F1. This one does not sport the spoiler.

This 1995 McLaren F1 racer is powered by a 6.0-liter juicy V12 capable of producing thrust and speed. The final product kicks forth an impressive 627 horsepower. McLaren treated the car to complete restorative services in 2008 to refresh all the things that time had touched. Even though there are barely any miles on her, time alone leads to necessary replacements. The buyer will be getting a timeless collector car that would add interest to any fleet—but how much will be parted with for the privilege remains to be seen.

1995 McLaren F1McLaren F1 cars demand a high price…but will $14 million set the new standard for certain models?

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Ignore the Rumors—There Will be no Super Veyron or 4-door Bugatti

Suddenly the web is aflame with fresh fires regarding the mythical ‘Super Veyron’. A beast so magnificent that it could blow past the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport without overexerting herself. These rumors spark and fizzle with almost boring regularity–but Bugatti boss Wolfgang Schreiber has informed the lads at Top Gear that there is to be no Super Veyron or a 4-door Bugatti. Will this put the rumors to bed? Perhaps for now.

4-door Bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron has enjoyed a lengthy and successful run, leaving the world to ponder what could possibly replace it. The 4-door Bugatti Galiber concept from 2009 was a shocker, but it too shall not come to pass. That means that the Bugatti Veyron successor will not be faster and it will not wield four doors. Schrieber did state that the successor shall surpass benchmarks…which benches, however, remains a dark hidden secret.

4-door BugattiWould a Bugatti sedan be a bit silly? 

Wolfgang Schreiber’s quotes to Top Gear could not be any more clear on the matter:

  • “We will not produce a Super Veyron or a Veyron Plus, definitely.”
  • “There will be no more power. 1200PS is enough for the chapter of Veyron and its derivatives.”
  • That means that 268 blistering miles per hour is sufficient for the cause– and not to be a mark upon which to improve.
  • Why does this make me sad?

The rumors renewed when two strange Veyron cars were spied testing on the Nurburgring recently. The pair gave nothing away in the way of powertrain, but people find it difficult to accept that the next Bugatti model would posses the same or tragically less power. For the final answer, we must continue to wait.

4-door Bugatti

The best guesses now should be geared toward alternative energy. With the success of the LaFerrari hyperbeast and the Porsche 918, a hybrid Bugatti could be an actual possibility. Right now the brand is zeroed in on unloading the final 43 Bugatti Veyron models, rather than adding more digits to its top speed.

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The Ferrari Sergio Tribute Car is True Automotive Art with a Twist

The name Sergio Pininfarina is synonymous with style. The exquisite design house has had a hand in many exotic automobiles, including stables of Prancing Horses. The love affair between Ferrari and Pininfarina dates back decades. In fact, back in the 1960s, Sergio Pininfarina managed to convince the stubborn Enzo Ferrari to make a mid-engine layout line of cars. What followed were the glorious Ferrari 360, 328 and the F40. Sergio passed away in 2012, and now the Ferrari Sergio car has been revealed to honor the long-standing relationship.

Ferrari Sergio Tribute CarThe Sergio Pininfarina Ferrari car is here. What a fitting way to pay homage to the close relationship between Ferrari and Pininfarina. 

The Ferrari Sergio tribute car at a glance:

  • This special edition one-off Ferrari is based on the 458. It packs the same 4.5-liter V8 engine kicking out 570 horses. That is where the similarity ends, as you can clearly see from the photos. Some say the Ferrari 458 is borderline dated now compared to new competitors emerging, but it still manages to impress.
  • That means it hits the 0-60 mile per hour jump in a blistering 3.4 seconds with a top speed of approximately 200 MPH.
  • That is much speed for something without much in the way of a windshield and no roof, but it looks like a true work of automotive art. This is something that could park next to the Bugatti Veyron art car or any number of exotics and be on even ground.
  • It draws to mind another one-off exotic, the Lamborghini Aventador J. That beauty was also minimal but maximized in the aesthetics department.

Ferrari Sergio Tribute Car

Is it befitting the famed designer?

Ferrari Sergio Tribute Car

Overall, the contemporary style of the Ferrari Sergio tribute car speaks of a special relationship between luxury carmaker and premium design house. Will she live in a museum or a private collection? It is not clear.

Ferrari Sergio Tribute CarImpact is in the subtleties of the Sergio Pininfarina Ferrari tribute car.

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Florida Man Arrested for Using Cellphone Jammer During Commute

A Florida man is being dubbed a vigilante after taking the annoying and deadly issue of distracted driving into his own hands. Jason Humphreys of Seffner, Florida, used a cellphone jammer in his vehicle for a couple of years before being hit with a very hefty fine.

Cellphone Jammer


Jason Humphreys of Florida became so annoyed by the cellphone yammer, he installed a jammer. It is, of course, not legal to run amok with a cellphone jammer and disrupt the service of all around you. It is legal to talk on cellphones while operating a vehicle in the state of Florida, but not to text. Humphreys became irritated with the onslaught of distracted drivers on the already clogged Florida roadways and managed to go about 16-24 months operating his signal jammer before being caught. Metro PCS alerted authorities that something was amiss during regular commuting hours. It was reported that it took the FCC and other authorities quite some time to catch up with him and to even figure out what the disruption was.

Cellphone Jammer

Humphreys now faces $48k-$330k in fines, and will have to once more endure the distracted drivers yammering away on their cellphones surrounding his Toyota Highlander. This plot has big screen potential. I picture a movie wherein Humphreys enjoys a mundane and safe daily commute, then is hit with insurmountable fines and ultimately endures an automotive accident caused by a driver distracted by a cellphone conversation. The movie would end with him surviving and being awarded millions by the state of Florida, as he feverishly texts his hot new girlfriend from behind the wheel of his new exotic sports car.

Cellphone Jammer

Should people be forced into autonomous vehicles until they are either A. A pro driver or B. 40 years old? 

What do you think of this situation? Should drivers have the option to protect themselves on the roadways in the same manner people have to keep firearms in their homes? Should people be arrested for using something that is legal to purchase, or should the distributors be the ones in hot water? It is certainly a touchy subject with many gray areas.

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The Ferrari Edo Competition Honors Legend Niki Lauda

Bugatti has their exclusive fleet of Legends Cars to honor various game changers of their past, and Ferrari does the same in its own way. There was the recent Ferrari Sergio car to pay homage to Sergio Pininfarina of famed Pininfarina design house, and now there is the Ferrari Edo Competition car. The Edo Competition car is to honor the legend that is Niki Lauda, racing extraordinaire and one of the most famous faces in racing history. Ferrari Edo Competition

If you are unfamiliar with Niki Lauda, I urge you to watch the movie ‘Rush’, which outlines his career and famous rivalry with fellow racer James Hunt, played by the awesome ‘Thor’. It is a wonderful overview of the racing lifestyle that is both exciting and educational. Moving along, the Ferrari Edo Competition car is a fitting tribute to Niki Lauda because it not only looks fantastic–it is fast. The thing is, Lauda must not want the one-off tribute car, as it is for sale.

Ferrari Edo CompetitionThe Niki Lauda Ferrari 458

Ferrari Edo Competition

The Ferrari Edo Competition car at a glance:

  • It has just 5k on the odometer and is already for sale. It was created just a year ago from the special beast that is the Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • The Ferrari Tailor Made Program is the secret behind this car. It boasts signature styling cues to pay homage to Lauda, including the racing livery and many F1 racing nods.
  • The white accents look sharp on this Italia, as does the Italian flag. The finished product is perched on sexy gold rims for fantastic curb appeal.
  • The design cues do not come to a halt in the cabin. It features a neat Italian flag motif and special red stitching. To add further interest to this treasure, there is ample carbon fiber in the cockpit.
  • It is being billed as the Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition and can be acquired for around 285k Euros.

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The First Philippines Supercar? Meet the Aureio Concept

What has a handmade chassis, carbon fiber and scissor doors? It is the very first Philippines supercar concept, the Aurelio. It is still a concept in its infancy, but high hopes have been attached to this endeavor as it would launch the Philippines into the supercar arena. The looks are not terrible for a brand new idea, though there is a bit of a road ahead of this little lady before she is ready to accelerate alongside the longstanding players.

Philippines SupercarThe Aurelio is coated in a feisty yellow and appears thirsty. 

At this stage in the game, the startup is being called Factor Aurelio Automobile (FAA) and the Aurelio supercar concept is their first and only product. The design is a collaboration between Kevin Factor and Pacita Fibertech. Factor is a young engineering student and this would be a game changer for his budding career.

Philippines supercar

The Aurelio supercar concept at a glance:

  • The chassis is entirely handmade rather than outsourced.
  • VR4 suspension. Power could stem from a 2.0-liter Mitsubishi 4G63T turbo or a Honda VTEC 16-valve, it is not certain.
  • 18-inch Rota alloy wheels finish off the low-slung appearance. Does she have enough curb appeal to compete in the high-stakes exotic sports car world?

Philippines supercar

Overall, there does not seem to be too much activity pushing this project forward. It would certainly be interesting to see this vehicle a few years down the road after some initial tweaking and maturation. There are apparent styling cues that mirror major brands of today like the Ferrari Italia, a touch of Lamborghini aesthetics and even a hint of McLaren. In the end, it will depend on production funding and how much power and adrenaline the Aurelio is able to produce.

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Gold or Gaudy? 1966 Ferrari 330 GT With Unique Styling Up for Grabs

It is the only one of its kind, physically. Meet the 1966 Ferrari 330 GT commissioned by Norbert Novarro. Dubbed the Navarro Special, this rather unique Ferrari is going to be up for grabs next month when it hits the auction block at Gooding & Company. Who will want this decadent gold slice of Italiana? 1966 Ferrari 330 GT The 1966 Ferrari 330 GT Navarro Special. Photo by Mike Maez, courtesy of  Gooding & Co.

Navarro commissioned the transformation of the Ferrari 330 GT through Piero Drogo’s shop, Carrozzeria Sports Cars. He was a wealthy nightclub owner craving something flashy yet still Ferrari, so he scrawled a rough idea of what he was looking for and the aftermarket tuner delivered. It was said that the traditional Ferrari 330 GT’s 2+2 body and layout was simply to vanilla for the vintage hipster. It will be gracing the stage at Pebble Beach in August, but will it get a gold star?

1966 Ferrari 330 GT This bespoke vintage Ferrari has been called many names, bad and good, but ‘Golden Car’ seems to be the one that has dried solid. It has been called the “Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Speciale” and the Navarro Special NART”. While it boasts a different shell and vibe, in its most basic form it is still a Ferrari 330 GT. It is powered by a 4.0-liter V12 engine kicking out an impressive 300 horses released from a 5-speed manual transmission. That is right, a manual transmission! With the option to purchase a real transmission dropping from the lists of major brands, it has become important to cling to the comforts of the past.

1966 Ferrari 330 GT The large gold Ferrari 330 GT Navarro captured the attention of importer Luigi Chinetti. Chinetti bought the car and took her to the United States, where she has had a few owners and even a red coat once. Gooding auction house anticipates that this car will fetch a handsome $400-$600k, what do you think?

The clip above shows a 1966 Ferrari 330 GT making a visit to Jay Leno’s Garage. You will notice the major changes between the standard and the bespoke versions of this car.

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