Lotus Evora Ambulance Cuts Response Time in Half!

Everything moves fast in luxurious Dubai—and it is nearly always very expensive. Not only are there seemingly millions of supercars, hypercars and exotic sports cars, some serving on the police force, now there is a Lotus Evora ambulance. The Lotus ambulance car will serve as a first-response vehicle, helping to deliver organs and other items in a prompt fashion while likely slowing traffic to a halt as it passes.

Lotus Evora ambulanceA Lotus Evora ambulance tasked with delivering organs and saving lives. When time can be the difference between life and death, this sports car takes action. 

The Lotus Evora ambulance joins forces with the Dubai police supercars, which steal headlines with regularity and include the following models:

  • Two Ferrari FF cars valued at around $250k each.
  • One of just 77 Aston Martin One-77 cars with a value north of a million dollars.
  • Two Bugatti Veyron models.
  • An Audi R8.
  • A Nissan GTR.
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and SL63 and Brabus wagon.
  • Renault Twizy.
  • Bentley Continental GT.
  • BMW M6.
  • Lamborghini Aventador.
  • McLaren MP4-12C.
  • Chevy Camaro SS.
  • Ford Mustang Roush.

Lotus Evora ambulanceThe fleet of luxury vehicles used for service in Dubai also extends to superbikes and powerboats. With a top speed of approximately 160 miles per hour, the Lotus Evora will have little trouble delivering vital items like cardiac defibrillators, oxygen, transplant items and organs and more in a flash. Overall, it is estimated that the Lotus ambulance will reduce response time from 8 minutes all the way down to 4, which is truly an outstanding feat!

Lotus Evora ambulanceThe Lotus Evora takes the job of first-responder to an entirely new performance level. 

Lotus Evora Not exactly famed for providing luxuries like cabin or storage space, the Lotus makes up for its shortcomings with sheer delivery speed. The rest was downsized to suit the car.

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The Lotus Exige S Doesn’t Have to be Man Handled

It has been confirmed that the Lotus Exige S will be available with an automatic gearbox option. The company recently announced that the 2015 Lotus Exige S is to feature the choice of an automated transmission with paddle shifters in efforts to reach those not comfortable with an all-out man handle.

Lotus Exige SThe Lotus Exige S automated gearbox will be a variant of the one offered in sibling Evora, which is a six-speed automatic. The transmission was tuned to best fit the sportier and throatier Exige S, and offers available Sport and Race modes. The same transmission will be given to both the Exige S and the Exige S roadster, both of which are scheduled to emerge next year.

The Lotus Exige S at a glance:

  • The engine is a supercharged 3.5-liter V6, which is also derived from the Lotus Evora S.
  • The 345 horses burst forth to nail the 0-60 mile per hour jump in just 3.9 seconds. It is claimed that the automated gearbox is 0.1 of a second faster than the manual version.
  • The classic Lotus good looks with ever-so-slight alterations to offer personality.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales made the following statement on the matter of the automatic gearbox: “By introducing a paddle-shift, we have expanded the Exige product range to make it more accessible to customers worldwide. Now customers who are more accustomed to two pedals and automatic transmissions can enjoy the unbelievable performance and handling of the Exige S without compromise.” 

Lotus Exige SIt remains unclear how much longer Lotus will be selling its wares Stateside, as the company is not in compliance with some safety regulations regarding airbags. The truth is that they were never in compliance, but held a permit that has since expired. The issue does seem quite trivial, and it will be interesting to see what comes of the matter.

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Three One-off Bugatti Veyron Supercars That Are Not for Sale

When it comes to extreme hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron, the terms ‘limited edition’ or ‘special edition’ can indicate a one-off. The one-off Bugatti Veyron L’or Blanc, that radical porcelain lady, has inspired the creation of two other one-off versions: The Bugatti Veyron Le Saphir and the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse L’or Rouge. Tragically, none of the three are for sale–and likely will not be very often as they are coveted collector pieces.

One-off Bugatti Veyron The Bugatti Veyron Le Saphir Bleu is a gorgeous one-off nod to the splendor of the l’or Blanc.

Imagine the novelty of having such a rare one-off Bugatti Veyron in your collection. Automobiles like these rarely change hands, it is typically a death-do-us-part arrangement. The Bugatti Veyron Le Saphir Bleu was crafted in 2012 and is a super sport. The Bugatti Veyron SS held the title as fastest production car for many years before losing it to the aggressive Hennessey Venom GT. While there are other Super Sport Veyrons in the world, Le Saphir is the only one in existence with its color combination. It is an obvious nod to the mesmerizing swirls from the porcelain L’or Blanc, but with its own twist.

One-off Bugatti Veyron The Bugatti Veyron L’or Blanc completely captivated the automotive industry upon its unveil. The hand-painted detailing and extravagant and unprecedented use of fine porcelain culminated into quite a lovely machine. 

The exterior of the Bugatti Le Saphir Bleu employs the same mix of carbon fiber and aluminum, but without the special porcelain touches. It would seem that perk is reserved only for the Blanc. Overall, the beast produces approximately 1,100 horses, which could effectively transform those lovely waves into a blur at high speeds. Will there be more swirly girls rolling out?

One-off Bugatti Veyron The Bugatti L’or Rouge was also inspired by the L’or Blanc porcelain queen.

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Just a Chrome Wrapped Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan has emerged to take the place of the long-running and outgoing Lamborghini Gallardo. Filling the shoes of the flagship Gallardo is certainly a challenge, but the Raging Bull has invested much time and money touting the new family member– even providing California with a Huracan police cruiser. Now we have a chrome Lamborghini Huracan, a bespoke project that likely does not…reflect…the brand’s vision of the supercar but is certainly unique! Lamborghini HuracanJust a chrome Lamborghini Huracan. No big deal. At least it is not bubble-gum pink with Hello Kitty interior.

For those staring at the chrome Lamborghini Huracan in absolute horror, know that it is just wrapped. It was the project of German aftermarket tuner Print Tech, and they call the option ‘Centurion Black Chrome’. While it would make for quite a loud collection piece or daily driver, it could actually work for a special motoring event like the Gumball 3000 or automotive show.

Lamborghini HuracanPricing for special wrap jobs like the one seen on the Lamborghini Huracan are typically not listed or easy to obtain without a consultation, but Print Tech lets potential clients know that it can be theirs for around $10k. It would be interesting to see how the original paint on the Lamborghini looks when the wrap is removed.

Lamborghini HuracanSince its introduction as the Gallardo replacement, the Lamborghini Huracan has enjoyed acceptance and success. It has been less than one year and global Huracan sales are around 3,000 units, with 1,000 of those in the United States alone. Most buyers have a desire to personalize their cars so that they are not just like every other Lamborghini on the street, so aftermarket tuners will be busy with the new onslaught of Huracans hitting the States for quite a while it seems!

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More Details Emerge for the BMW i8S Centenary Supercar

The BMW centenary supercar will celebrate 100 years of future-focused German engineering. To ring in the enormous milestone, BMW is touting a special-edition centenary supercar. Rather than label it an i9 model, word is that it will be dubbed the BMW i8S and share that platform with added perks.

BMW i8SThe BMW i8S is coming to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. While the festivities likely will not be quite as lavish as those of Maserati or Aston Martin, a new supercar offering is always a plus.

The model is due to emerge in 2016, when the celebrations shall commence. The new supercar will serve as the centerpiece for BMW’s birthday. At this point in the game, some are questioning if the i8S will have the prowess and performance it will take to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Audi R8, Maserati Alfieri and others. With such a competitive background between BMW and Mercedes-Benz, common sense says that BMW will step up to the plate for this one.

BMW i8

It is expected that the BMW i8S will provide a plethora of technological wonders ensconced in a remarkably sporty body. While all of those aspects are vital, it is the performance that will make or break the car. For that reason, Ulrich Kranz, BMW i chief, is in charge of the project. Kranz has enlisted the assistance of Roberto Fedeli of Ferrari, which makes for an ideal pairing of the minds and muscle. The partnership should manifest itself into a BMW of epic proportions. Fedeli had a hand in the outstanding LaFerrari hybrid supercar, indicating that he has much to offer BMW.

BMW i8

The exact powertrain that will be used for the special BMW i8S is unknown–we will have to wait until closer to the commencing celebrations to learn more. It does seem to be a safe bet that it will be a super hybrid, however!

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Is Daimler Entering the Motorcycle Arena?

Word is spreading like wildfire that automotive brand Daimler is toying with the idea of entering the motorcycle arena. Is the company actively pursuing a partner to mate with and produce a superbike line and what would a Daimler motorbike look like?

Daimler motorbikeWhile Ducati is likely not too worried at this juncture, some sources say that MV Agusta is looking for a company to court for financial padding in order to expand further into new markets. What would the offspring of an MV Agusta and Daimler look like? The potential ideas have produced a ripple through many minds, but will Daimler invest in a portion of MV Agusta to make a Daimler motorbike? Would her dowry pay off? There are more questions than answers thus far.

MV AgustaThe potential for a luxury Daimler motorbike to rival the likes of Audi’s Motorrad concept, Ducati and BMW is a bit exhilarating. Daimler’s Mercedes-AMG did at one point work with Ducati on a project, but that relationship ended when Ducati was sold to Audi. This information makes the idea of a Daimler motorcycle seem not so sudden, but more strategically planned out.

MV AgustaOverall, should Daimler succeed in acquiring a 25% share of MV Agusta for approximately $40 million USD, the world would be graced with a new motorbike concept. It would certainly be exciting for motorcycle enthusiasts, giving them something new to admire (in the event that it is a worthy machine), and the pairing would be mutually beneficial to the somewhat struggling MV Agusta. The MV Agusta badge is a bit on the edge of obscurity, though major brands like Harley Davidson and Proton have had a grip on its handlebars in the past.

In the end, the question will be if MV Agusta can play well with another company once more, and if it can be salvaged from the rubble of obscurity and brought back to full throttle. Is Daimler up for such a task?

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Porsche To Be First Company To Use Sistine Chapel For Event

For the first time ever, a luxury automaker has been given the Pope’s blessing to utilize the illustrious Sistine Chapel for an event. It would seem that the Pope is a Porsche fan, as he has granted the company use of the chapel to host a set of 20-person corporate events. This could be the most talked-about Porsche event in history.

Porsche event Hilarious photo by blogger hereisjorgebergoglio! I could not have done better myself Jorge. 

Because this is the first time the Sistine Chapel has been ‘rented out’, so to speak, it has drawn worldwide attention to Porsche and the Pope. As we might expect, details are relatively sparse on the matter. Here is what little is known thus far:

  • There is to be a classical music concert held in the Sistine Chapel with a special Porsche dinner to follow.
  • The Porsche Travel Club experience will have access to the chapel during the tour of the Lazio region, which includes Rome.
  • Artwork by Michelangelo and Raphael (Not to be confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) will be on display for attendees.
  • As far as the exclusive Porsche Travel Club, the five day leg of that particular planned experience includes a price tag of around $6,500. That does not seem like much for such rare and luxurious accomodations.

Porsche Sistine ChapelOverall, it is fascinating to see the Pope entertaining Porsche so lavishly, as he has acquired a reputation for quite the opposite. Does this indicate that the Pope’s infamous motorcade could soon feature an adapted Porsche carrier? Be on the lookout, Mercedes-Benz!

Those interested in the Porsche Travel Club experience can follow link for further details on the official event page.

Porsche Sistine ChapelPope Francis perched in a bespoke Pope-mobile. Will the next one come courtesy of Porsche?

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Itty Bitty Urban Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV

The latest SUV offering from Mercedes-Benz is directly targeting the urban types. The Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV starts at just $33k and has what it takes to compete with the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and other luxury SUVs in showrooms today.

Mercedes-Benz GLAThe cute little Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV can get 54 miles per gallon and hit 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds. This is certainly not the commuter SUV of the past.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA rolled out in production form at the Frankfurt Motor Show and is now available. Drivers interested in a smaller SUV that does not sacrifice luxury and is quite affordable will delight in the fact that the GLA is also fuel efficient and powerful. The Mercedes GLA obtains a staggering 54 miles per gallon for the diesel version. The diesel version is not yet available in the States, and it is not clear if it will make the journey to our showrooms. Mercedes-Benz GLAThe design cues are fresh and should serve the company well in its endeavors to attract the urban youth. This model is ideal for the young professional living in the city.

In the performance arena, The Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV can nail the 0-60 mile per hour jaunt in 7.1 seconds, which is not too shabby for a rather fuel savvy SUV. True to its German engineering bare bones, this SUV also provides what the company calls moderate off-road driving capabilities. That is not to say it could challenge a Land Rover, as it is geared for daily urban commuting. That fact is made clear when examining the cabin of the GLA, which is equipped with all of the perks and technology buyers have come to expect from Mercedes.

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The Prombron Black Shark: Making the Bugatti Veyron Look Weak?

The seldom spoken of company Dartz has sliced the surface with a new concept from its Prombron brand–and it is cooler than Chuck Norris under pressure. The Prombron Black Shark seems to have just about everything going for it, and could be a serious threat to those lower on the food chain.

Prombron Black SharkEnough with what the Prombron Black Shark could be, let’s take a glance at what she is:

  • This concept is based on the bare bones of the robust Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV. That is where the similarity between the two predators ends, however.
  • The Prombron earns the name Black Shark via a plethora of intriguing additions, including armored protection capable of resisting ballistic level B7.
  • If the aesthetics alone do not incite drool, the performance capacity will. Rumors say the vehicle could produce up to 1,500 horses…making the Bugatti Veyron pale in comparison in both looks and power. We can assume that the price for the Shark would far surpass that of the Veyron as well.
  • The pricing will not be a worry for many, however, as just 10 examples of the Prombron Black Shark will be produced initially, all destined for Chinese buyers. It is unknown if plans for more are on the table.
  • The color options are quite limited, with just white, black, gold, gray or camouflage offerings. Custom orders are always available for a price, and additional murmurings suggest one of the Sharks has been ordered in a stylish Tiffany blue adorned with Swarovski crystal in the hood and tailgate. If there is any truth to that, I cannot wait to see the photos, as it sounds exquisite.

Prombron Black SharkThe Black Shark will serve as the first edition of the next-gen Dartz lineup, to be dubbed PRVY. Leonard F. Yankelovich, owner of Dartz, described the wild new concept as follows: “A Bugatti owner will feel like a beggar standing next to it.”

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Porsche CEO Admits the Panamera Doesn’t Look Great

It is no secret that many dislike the looks of the Porsche Panamera. In a humorous turn, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has finally declared that the Panamera could look better. Finish belly laughing before moving on, it just feels good.

Porsche PanameraIt is all in the aesthetics: Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller declares that the Panamera could look better. The world doubles over in a fit of amusement. 

Even die-hard Porsche fans hate the Panamera and it seems that they are not alone! The Porsche Panamera is an attempt at a super sedan, and it simply looks a bit off. The problem is certainly not in the power arena–it travels from not to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of about 190 MPH. The issues are with its appearance, which is awkward. When pressed, Mueller shared that there were some problems with the first generation of the Porsche Panamera. He stated that improvements could have been made with both the exterior and interior design elements for the project.

Porsche PanameraThe four-seater Porsche Panamera boasts a healthy 4.8-liter V8 engine tuned to churn forth 520 horses. That said, the nice lady will not be winning any beauty contests in the near future. On a surprising note, the Porsche Panamera has still managed to overcome its ugliness to emerge as one of the company’s best-selling luxury cars. The car first rolled out back in 2009, and has enjoyed steady sales since that time.

Porsche PanameraOverall, it seems that the company is focused on a more curb-appealing appearance for the next generation of the Porsche Panamera, which we look forward to critiquing when it emerges from a facelift and tummy tuck.

Porsche PanameraThe 2013 Porsche Panamera Regula Turbo modded version shows her potential. 

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