The Ferrari Edo Competition Honors Legend Niki Lauda

Bugatti has their exclusive fleet of Legends Cars to honor various game changers of their past, and Ferrari does the same in its own way. There was the recent Ferrari Sergio car to pay homage to Sergio Pininfarina of famed Pininfarina design house, and now there is the Ferrari Edo Competition car. The Edo Competition car is to honor the legend that is Niki Lauda, racing extraordinaire and one of the most famous faces in racing history. Ferrari Edo Competition

If you are unfamiliar with Niki Lauda, I urge you to watch the movie ‘Rush’, which outlines his career and famous rivalry with fellow racer James Hunt, played by the awesome ‘Thor’. It is a wonderful overview of the racing lifestyle that is both exciting and educational. Moving along, the Ferrari Edo Competition car is a fitting tribute to Niki Lauda because it not only looks fantastic–it is fast. The thing is, Lauda must not want the one-off tribute car, as it is for sale.

Ferrari Edo CompetitionThe Niki Lauda Ferrari 458

Ferrari Edo Competition

The Ferrari Edo Competition car at a glance:

  • It has just 5k on the odometer and is already for sale. It was created just a year ago from the special beast that is the Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • The Ferrari Tailor Made Program is the secret behind this car. It boasts signature styling cues to pay homage to Lauda, including the racing livery and many F1 racing nods.
  • The white accents look sharp on this Italia, as does the Italian flag. The finished product is perched on sexy gold rims for fantastic curb appeal.
  • The design cues do not come to a halt in the cabin. It features a neat Italian flag motif and special red stitching. To add further interest to this treasure, there is ample carbon fiber in the cockpit.
  • It is being billed as the Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition and can be acquired for around 285k Euros.

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The First Philippines Supercar? Meet the Aureio Concept

What has a handmade chassis, carbon fiber and scissor doors? It is the very first Philippines supercar concept, the Aurelio. It is still a concept in its infancy, but high hopes have been attached to this endeavor as it would launch the Philippines into the supercar arena. The looks are not terrible for a brand new idea, though there is a bit of a road ahead of this little lady before she is ready to accelerate alongside the longstanding players.

Philippines SupercarThe Aurelio is coated in a feisty yellow and appears thirsty. 

At this stage in the game, the startup is being called Factor Aurelio Automobile (FAA) and the Aurelio supercar concept is their first and only product. The design is a collaboration between Kevin Factor and Pacita Fibertech. Factor is a young engineering student and this would be a game changer for his budding career.

Philippines supercar

The Aurelio supercar concept at a glance:

  • The chassis is entirely handmade rather than outsourced.
  • VR4 suspension. Power could stem from a 2.0-liter Mitsubishi 4G63T turbo or a Honda VTEC 16-valve, it is not certain.
  • 18-inch Rota alloy wheels finish off the low-slung appearance. Does she have enough curb appeal to compete in the high-stakes exotic sports car world?

Philippines supercar

Overall, there does not seem to be too much activity pushing this project forward. It would certainly be interesting to see this vehicle a few years down the road after some initial tweaking and maturation. There are apparent styling cues that mirror major brands of today like the Ferrari Italia, a touch of Lamborghini aesthetics and even a hint of McLaren. In the end, it will depend on production funding and how much power and adrenaline the Aurelio is able to produce.

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Gold or Gaudy? 1966 Ferrari 330 GT With Unique Styling Up for Grabs

It is the only one of its kind, physically. Meet the 1966 Ferrari 330 GT commissioned by Norbert Novarro. Dubbed the Navarro Special, this rather unique Ferrari is going to be up for grabs next month when it hits the auction block at Gooding & Company. Who will want this decadent gold slice of Italiana? 1966 Ferrari 330 GT The 1966 Ferrari 330 GT Navarro Special. Photo by Mike Maez, courtesy of  Gooding & Co.

Navarro commissioned the transformation of the Ferrari 330 GT through Piero Drogo’s shop, Carrozzeria Sports Cars. He was a wealthy nightclub owner craving something flashy yet still Ferrari, so he scrawled a rough idea of what he was looking for and the aftermarket tuner delivered. It was said that the traditional Ferrari 330 GT’s 2+2 body and layout was simply to vanilla for the vintage hipster. It will be gracing the stage at Pebble Beach in August, but will it get a gold star?

1966 Ferrari 330 GT This bespoke vintage Ferrari has been called many names, bad and good, but ‘Golden Car’ seems to be the one that has dried solid. It has been called the “Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Speciale” and the Navarro Special NART”. While it boasts a different shell and vibe, in its most basic form it is still a Ferrari 330 GT. It is powered by a 4.0-liter V12 engine kicking out an impressive 300 horses released from a 5-speed manual transmission. That is right, a manual transmission! With the option to purchase a real transmission dropping from the lists of major brands, it has become important to cling to the comforts of the past.

1966 Ferrari 330 GT The large gold Ferrari 330 GT Navarro captured the attention of importer Luigi Chinetti. Chinetti bought the car and took her to the United States, where she has had a few owners and even a red coat once. Gooding auction house anticipates that this car will fetch a handsome $400-$600k, what do you think?

The clip above shows a 1966 Ferrari 330 GT making a visit to Jay Leno’s Garage. You will notice the major changes between the standard and the bespoke versions of this car.

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Land Rover Brand Backed by Many Automotive Awards

As if the world was not aware of how amazing the Land Rover brand is, it was backed by more than 20 awards in the last year alone! The versatile and strong lineup of both old and new, revisited and revised offerings are as timeless as they are current and appreciated worldwide.  Land RoverLand Rover continues to be peppered with recognition and awards for what has been a very successful year. The next-gen Range Rover Sport has reached people on a whole new level and we can’t wait to see what is next!

The enormous amount of Land Rover accolades range from local to global, where fans, buyers and renters cannot get enough of the luxury SUVs. The Range Rover Sport is perhaps the most popular and customized offering from the badge. Some examples of the recent awards received by Land Rover include the following:

  • Best Large SUV from Car and Driver
  • Best Luxury SUV at Middle East Motoring Awards
  • The Range Rover Sport snagged about 5 awards for SUV of the Year from Evo, ME, Wheels, Automan, Auto Sport and likely many more.
  • The Range Rover Sport also won Car of the Year for 2013 from numerous publications.

Land RoverThe 2014 Range Rover Sport at a glance:

  • While it is 2.5 inches longer than the previous Range Rover, the wheelbase has 7 more inches. Don’t worry, the size change does not diminish performance.
  • This nice lady packs a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 or an optional 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine. The diesel offering is not available stateside.
  • The V6 Range Rover Sport produces an impressive 340 horses with a 0-60 sprint of 6.9 seconds.
  • The V8 option kicks out 170 more for a full 510 in the stable.

Land RoverThe new style of the Range Rover Sport is slated to carry on for 2015 with updates and upgrades. Experience the model this weekend to get a feel for it when you rent our Range Rover Sport!

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Finally: BMW i8 Plug-in Official Details Released

After many years of concepts and teasing, BMW has officially released the final details for its i8 luxury hybrid car. Eager buyers can now account for actual cost, added options costs and special trim packages. All details aside, it will be an exhilarating first for BMW i8 hybrid buyers!

BMW i8The BMW i8 should perhaps be shown in green? For the money I would personally rather have an Audi R8, but this is great for BMW addicts.

The BMW i8 base model will begin at $135,700 plus that pesky standard $950 destination charge. BMW shared in their blog that the first i8 models to arrive will be the “Pure Impulse World” cars, and that they will cost an extra $10,800. Not to worry, these models feature some extras like BMW i blue seatbelts, leather seating and leather rimmed mats, leather engine cover, special brake calipers with BMW i blue accent, ceramic coating on the gear handle and a special i8 badge on the headrests. They also come with the bragging rights of owning one of the first plug-in BMW cars on the planet…which seems legit.

BMW i8After the “Pure Impulse World” BMW i8 run will come the “Tera World” package. This one is a $3,000 package with the racy i blue seatbelts, 20-inch alloys and flashy LED lighting. It is unclear which cars will feature the first laser lamps, and we cannot wait to see that!

BMW i8Following the “Tera World” will come the “Giga World” package. It will be the most modest at $1,800. All BMW i8 packages will feature the best available technologies like Park Distance Control, Climate Control, premium sound systems and the works. No performance changes exist in any package, they all pack the same 1.5-liter turbocharged gas engine with a front-mounted electric motor. Look for these lovelies at a dealer near you, with deliveries starting next month! If any of you should capture a photo of one in the wild, please share with us on our Facebook page!

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Lamborghini Aventador Fitted with New Engine Bursts into Flames

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the best hypercars ever produced by the Raging Bull. It is backed by an impressive amount of awards to show that I am not the only throttling heart to feel that way. Recently, an orange Lamborghini Aventador met its flaming end on Germany’s famed autobahn, apparently overheating, yet the details are a bit on the fascinating end.

Lamborghini Aventador

Gone in 60 MPH? A pricey Lamborghini Aventador with a replaced engine meets its flaming end on the fastest road: Germany’s autobahn. What happened?

It seems that this particular Lamborghini Aventador was fitted with a new engine. Soon after the replacement it overheated and caught fire–resulting in a complete loss. It was not made clear, however, if it was another Aventador engine that it was fitted with or an aftermarket tuning project gone awry. Engine swaps can be quite exciting enterprises, but they need to be managed correctly by those with much experience and…well…the brains of an engineer. A well-known high-performance aftermarket tuner is typically a good call, rather than a discount Joe. Either way, it would be interesting to know more dirt about what engine ignited on the Autobahn.

Lamborghini Aventador

The standard engine for the Lamborghini Aventador is a thirsty 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 pushing forth 700 horses and 510 pound-feet of torque. It takes a mere 3 seconds to reach the 60 mile per hour marker and can get up to around 220 miles per hour at top speed. How fast was this Aventador going when it caught on fire on a road with no speed limit? Mum is the word. As far as insurance, it should be covered if it was in fact a proper Lamborghini engine installed by those authorized. If it was not and no pre-negotiated terms existed with the insurance carrier, the driver could be left burning with a total out of pocket loss.

Lamborghini Aventador

It is unclear how the front vanished after firefighters where on the scene.

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Luxury SUVs: Some Like it Chauffeured and Why that is OK

The tradition of driving being a passage into manhood is not alive and well in all cultures. Some spend a major portion of their daily lives ensconced in a vehicle stuck in traffic and derive pleasure in the experience from the backseat, where they get things done en route. For these types, a limousine was once the ticket but times they are a changing! Now only a robust luxury SUV capable of serving as a mobile office will suffice–and companies are listening. Have you seen our chauffeured luxury SUV options?

chauffeured luxury SUV

The oversized luxury grand touring car of the past is losing momentum as buyers hungrily lap up the latest chauffeured SUV offerings from major players. Even Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce are scrambling to give potential clients what they want, as it is a burgeoning new market segment. In fact, SUV sales are expected to account for almost 45% of sales very soon, which is quite a departure from their recent recession. With newer models offering palatable fuel economy and more perks than an episode of Top Gear, they are clearly in the running for success.

chauffeured luxury SUVWhat this means for us exotic car buffs:

Just because the big brands will be offering something new for new clients, does not mean they will end the coupes and racers we love. With all the extra money they will be netting from luxury chauffeured SUV sales, the racing teams and newer street cars should actually be even more badass than ever before. Porsche has given us every indication that this theory is true. Since the introduction of the Porsche Cayenne SUV and its little sibling the Macan, the brand has reinvented its racing team and made a return to the Le Mans 24 Hours with the extreme 918 car. We can all look forward to what an SUV income bump can do for our favorite brands. It also means that the chauffeured SUV models in our rental fleet will continue to get even better!

chauffeured luxury SUVChauffeured cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom are still available for those who prefer them! 

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Video: Just Detailing a Million Dollar Ferrari

A Ferrari supercar can come in many different shapes, sizes and pricing brackets. One could acquire a project car for perhaps $20k or go for a flagship car for around $300k. Then there are the million dollar Ferrari models, epic beasts that I picture shrouded by a staff of maintenance gnomes meticulously fending off every dust particle before it has a chance to land. Then there is this video, which is much more realistic:

The video above shows the likely nausea-inducing process of detailing an extremely rare vintage Ferrari 288 GTO. It is rather lengthy, and only the diehard restoration fans will likely finish it. Skip around some to get the idea if you lack the time! 

Just 279 examples of the Ferrari 288 GTO were produced, making it even more rare than the Ferrari Enzo. There are approximately 400 examples of the Ferrari Enzo in the world.

million dollar Ferrari

The Ferrari 288 GTO exotic sports car at a glance:

  • She was introduced at the 1984 Geneva Motor Show and emerged in her first year as a 1985, changing the future of the Prancing Horse forever.
  • Power is derived from a 2.8-liter V8 engine.
  • The sexy body was created by design powerhouse Pininfarina. It was personally overseen by design chief Leonardo Fioravanti and his team. The base point for inspiration was Ferrari’s 308 GTB and further inspirations were derived from the Ferrari 250 GTO.
  • The 288 GTO engine is unique in itself. It boasts dual IHI turbochargers from Japan, which was certainly racy back then. It also has dry-sump lubrication, oil cooler, intercoolers to compensate for the heat packed on by those turbos and electronic injection based on the Formula One specs.
  • Overall power generated by the special V8 engine is estimated to be 400 at 7000 rpm, making it more powerful than the Ferrari 308/328 cars.

Ferrari 288 GTO

Would you want the responsibility of cleaning and caring for this slice of automotive history? Eek.

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What an Autocross Driving Experience Really Gives You

There are automobiles engineered for sensible purposes like daily commutes, and then there are the supercars. These thirsty speed demons were created to defy logic, speed limits and that little tremble inside that says ‘slow down’. The thing is, supercars also come with a fantastic price tag, making them seemingly out of reach for the masses. That is where Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals comes into play. For just a few hundred dollars, formerly out-of-reach Ferraris and Lamborghinis can be enjoyed on an autocross track for the complete exotic driving experience!

Autocross Driving ExperienceHow it works

  • Our autocross events take place at major cities all across the United States–giving more the opportunity to experience the supercar. While our exotic car rentals are always a good call, the autocross events allow drivers the freedom to escape those pesky speed limit signs and feel what the cars can actually do!
  • After a short segment of information on how the vehicle operates and its advantages on the track, drivers are unleashed on the course in the supercar of their choice for some adrenaline-inducing laps. Thorough safety information is also provided.
  • Our professional instructors ride shotgun and offer tips along the way on how to pull out the best the car has to offer. Are you ready for a rush?

Autocross Driving ExperienceThe experience

It is one thing to be an extreme exotic sports car fan, or a lover of all things automotive in general. It is quite another to have the chance to get hands on with some of these majestic machines and take valuable knowledge away with you. After the thrill of driving the Ferrari or Lamborghini on the course, and after the initial despair that you cannot take the car home with you, there is a deep satisfaction that the things you have learned will serve you forever.

Autocross Driving ExperienceWeighing the costs

Some feel that dropping a few hundred dollars for a few laps around a track is ridiculous. There is much more to it than that simple logic. These are vehicles that cost upwards of $350k each, and transporting and maintaining them is not a small cost. There are fuel costs, venue costs and much more involved–making the price per participant quite reasonable. In the end, it is an experience previously unavailable for anyone who did not personally own a supercar. These cars will bring to life something inside of you and our professional team will provide information to further your automotive passions and knowledge forever. 

Autocross Driving ExperienceWhat are you waiting for? Sign up for an Imagine Lifestyles Autocross Event at a venue near you! This also makes a perfect gift for that special someone in your life! Reserve your spot today as locations fill up almost immediately!

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Those Rare Aston Martin One-77 Cars Inspired a Luxury Jewelry Line

There are just 77 examples of the glorious Aston Martin One-77 car in the world. They are so pristine and amazing that they have inspired a line of luxury jewelry by John Calleija. Take the time to enjoy each stunning piece of Aston Martin jewelry and reflect a bit on the jewel that is the Aston Martin One-77 exotic sports car.

Aston Martin jewelryJohn Calleija is one of the most creative and well-respected jewelers in the industry. For him to set his sights on the Aston Martin One-77 certainly speaks volumes of the car, and the resulting jewelry collection is equally desirable.

Just like the Aston Martin One-77, the line of jewelry will be a limited edition collection—only 77 examples of each individual piece will be crafted. Among the showstoppers of the collection is a gem handcrafted specifically for the Aston Martin jewelry collection!

Aston Martin jewelryThis collection of luxury jewels reflects a fondness for the exclusive Aston Martin One-77 car. John personally crafts each piece with input from Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman. How many lovely ladies can say that about their sparklers?

The collection:

The Aria necklace features the new Astar cut Morganite nestled inside rare Australian pink diamonds and finished with a speckling of white diamonds. This piece is among the most expensive at $371,500.

The Bella Astar pieces include a necklace and matching earrings. They are Astar cut Tanzanite with Australian pink diamonds and white diamonds.

The Adara ring is a striking Astar cut aquamarine diamond shrouded in perfect white diamonds and set in platinum. It can be yours for far less than an elusive Aston Martin One-77 special edition car at just $33k…although, like the car, it should be properly insured.

Aston Martin jewelryFor the lads, there are dapper cufflinks in the collection! They are Astar cut lemon Quartz accented with white diamonds and 18ct white gold. Snap these on your favorite guy for just $5k.

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