Dubai Police Now Equipped with Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Fleet

The Dubai police are equipped with an enviable arsenal of exotic vehicles at their disposal, and now they have something more to deepen the green envy: 3 new Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid cars. The luxury hybrids were given to the force at Dubai Police Headquarters with many high titles in attendance and much exuberance.

Porsche Panamera S E-HybridThe greener additions to the Dubai police force serve as a visual reminder of the government’s recent drive for more eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles. What better way, after all, to promote change than leading by example? The region is packed with immense wealth and because of that, it is also brimming with all types of supercars. There is a definite push on the pedal gearing up for a surge in hybrids and electric options. This could be the perfect arena to further the hybrid and electric movement, as they are often more expensive to purchase at this time, and money is typically not an issue in Dubai. Could this be the financial jolt companies need to produce fleets of more affordable hybrid options for the masses?

Dubai police carsThe Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid at a glance:

  • It is not likely that the Dubai police force cars are electronically limited
  • 416 healthy horses in the greener pasture
  • Capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds
  • Top speed is an estimated 270 km/h
  • She is a plug-in hybrid, able to take charge and also sip fuel when required. There is a combustion engine paired with an electric motor and also a high-voltage battery—consider it a triple threat.
  • The model has a 36 km range in electric-only mode and the battery can be fully recharged in just 4 hours.
  • A bit of recharging occurs during driving via brake energy recovery
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Congratulations to the Dubai force on their newest fleet additions–it could not be that depressing to be pulled over by a hybrid Porsche!

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Ferrari 400 Superamerica Nets $6.38 Million at RM Sotheby’s Auction

The clear leader of the $60M RM Sotheby’s sale at Amelia Island was the Ferrari 400 Superamerica, which demanded a modest $6.38 million to change hands. The recent partnership between leaders RM Auctions and Sotheby’s has led to a higher standard in luxury auctions, and the total sales are certainly communicating the trend.
The clip above describes the car in full detail with some welcomed action footage.

The 1960 Ferrari 400 Superamerica SWB cabriolet at a glance:

  • Chassis number 1945 SA: The 3rd of 7
  • This car was the successor to the 410 Superamerica, taking the engine displacement down from 5.0 to 4.0. The healthy V12 long block produced 340 Prancing Horses.
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Pininfarina coachwork
  • Fully restored, matching numbers and once owned by Oscar Davis
Ferrari 400 Superamerica

The 1960 Ferrari 400 Superamerica SWB cabriolet dressed in a sinister dark green with red leather interior, two colors that typically signify a certain holiday when used together. There were quite a few more collector Ferrari cars at the sale, along with the following sale items:

  • 1972 Daytona spider sold for $3.3 million dollars
  • 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano tripled auction estimates when it went for a staggering $682,000
  • 1988 Jaguar XJR-9 with a history of Daytona wins and Castrol livery went for over $2 million
  • Other cars included more Jags, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti cars and, of course, those Lamborghinis.
Ferrari 400 SuperamericaThe newly joined RM Sotheby’s hit sunny Florida and is now baking in success, having brought in more money than all competing auction houses combined during the Florida Concours d’Elegance this year. It will be interesting to see how the other auction houses proceed moving forward—will there be more teaming up on the horizon or will they develop new strategies to take on such a lofty entity?

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Video Shows Potential Bugatti Veyron Successor– Looks No Different!

In the aftermath of the seemingly never-ending farewell to the record-breaking beast that is the Bugatti Veyron, new video footage shows the potential successor lapping the Nurburgring rather leisurely. The car in the video is being described as a Veyron test mule. The odd thing is that the machine looks just like any other member of the Veyron family, so let us hope it is not a successor. It could prove disappointing if the brand fails to make a move toward something different after making such a spectacle of the end of the production line.

The clip above shows the Veyron test car taking it fairly slow around the Nurburgring two times. Is it the successor? With the line ending recently, it would only make sense for it to be so, but why does she look so hauntingly familiar?

The Bugatti Veyron successor is rumored to be named the ‘Chiron’. While the Veyron reigned supreme for years and is certainly a spectacular supercar, even the special editions maintained that same signature body. It would seem rather redundant for the highly anticipated successor to share the same iconic shape, a profile that even the most dedicated fans are likely growing tired of seeing. So is it possible that they are simply testing out new hardware in the old shell to keep a new body style under wraps until later in the testing pipeline? Would that approach even make sense for testing purposes? There are simply more questions than answers at this point in the game.

Bugatti Veyron successorThe Bugatti Chiron is said to be a tribute to a concept from the 1990s, also named the Chiron. It is pretty much the ‘Eleanor’ for the brand, a project repeatedly started and stopped, never fully reaching fruition. Will the concept finally see the green light two decades later? Stay tuned!

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Video: One-off Bugatti L’Or Blanc Encounters Rare LaFerrari and Backs Into It

In what could be humorously described as a territorial dispute, the exquisite one-of-a-kind Bugatti L’Or Blanc backed into a precious LaFerrari. It seems that the streets of Paris can be a rough-and-tumble place for a supercar. The unfortunate incident was captured on video for the world to view and cringe. View the LaFerrari Bugatti crash below:

Watch it go down in the short clip above:

LaFerrari Bugatti crashBugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc: The most delicate of supercars is a street bully? 

The Bugatti Veyron and the LaFerrari are placed at the top of the list in terms of most expensive and exclusive rides in the world. The chances of seeing the two nearly mythical beasts next to each other are slim, making the encounter that much more shocking. The LaFerrari comes with a price tag exceeding the million-dollar mark, with a list of wannabe buyers as long as a Monday workday. The one-off Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc is a special edition slice of glamour featuring delicate porcelain from a rather exclusive firm, and is also well north of the million dollar pricing bracket. Porcelain is not as potent as Kevlar and other materials used in armored vehicles, so why this driver opted to plow into reverse without triple-checking remains a mystery. He seems to just pull onto the road without a care and carry on about his day.

It must be tough to own a LaFerrari. The video above shows one being damaged during the loading process. It takes months and sometimes years to get delivery on a machine of this magnitude, making additional wait time for damage repairs that much more painful.

LaFerrari crashThe exotic car encounter/bang-up took place outside of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, France. The absolutely shocking factor is that it appears that the Bugatti driver simply drove on, without stopping to check for damages. The first thing most would do would be to leap out like Spiderman and check for damages. In all likelihood, however, the driver pulled into a safer spot or perhaps had little concern of his ability to pay the damages.

The clip above shows an unrelated incident involving the Bugatti L’or Blanc and a verbal slap on the wrist from police.

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Tech Savvy BMW May Offer Plug-In Versions of New Lineup

BMW previously mentioned offering plug-in options for the core models, but has since changed gears with plans to provide a more expansive approach. According to BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch, “With the introduction of every new model, there will be a plug-in hybrid version of that, too.” Imagine seeing BMW plug-in models gracing dealerships across the nation, it seems like a concept far into the future, but could be coming quite soon.

BMW plug-in

This full-force style mentality makes perfect sense seeing as how the BMW plug-in technology has been created to fit all brand products. It seems like yesterday that the mere idea of hybrid or electric vehicles becoming mainstream was brushed aside as a pipe dream–now most leading automakers are onboard with the technology and implementing it with more availability than previously imagined. Will it soon be as commonplace to see hybrids and plug-ins charging up as it is to see lines at the fuel stations? If the momentum continues, that could be a very accurate prediction.

BMW plug-inWillisch also addressed rumors of a BMW i5/i7 plug-in hybrid, the supposed direct threat to the Tesla Model S. He stated that BMW does not have a car like that, but in the same breath provoked hope by saying that even if such a vehicle is to become a reality, it would not be anytime soon. Automakers are smooth and tactful in regards to wording used, often deflecting rumors with phrases that seem to discredit them, but the carefully trained ear can piece together the truth. For example, when a brand addresses rumors with phrases like “We are not currently focused on producing that model”, it does not necessarily mean they do not ever intend to, but that it remains in secret mode or the back burner. Overall, the process of creating, testing and ultimately producing a new model is a highly involved one, and the automakers are naturally careful about when certain aspects of the pipeline are revealed. We look forward to learning more about what BMW will be plugging in the near future.

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Aston Martin Drops Lawsuit Against Fisker Thunderbolt Project

On the heels of Aston Martin bowing down to Porsche’s lawsuit against the usage of the GT3 label, Aston Martin has shown mercy to Fisker. Fisker has agreed to cancel their Thunderbolt Project, a Vanquish-based prototype that led to a bit of pre-litigation. The parties have amicably resolved the issue, which is certainly rare in cases of this nature. Aston Martin found designer Henrik Fisker’s Thunderbolt Project to be a copyright violation when the concept was previewed at the Concours d’Elegance recently in Florida.

Fisker Thunderbolt ProjectBelow is the official joint statement on the resolved Thunderbolt Project issue: “On March 26, 2015, Aston Martin filed a lawsuit against Henrik Fisker and other parties alleging various infringements by “Project Thunderbolt” of Aston Martin’s intellectual property rights. 

The parties are pleased to report that they have been able to swiftly and amicably resolve their differences. The terms of the resolution are confidential except that the Parties wish to confirm 3 points:

1. Henrik Fisker has decided that “Project Thunderbolt” will not be produced;

2. Aston Martin will withdraw the lawsuit; and

3. In view of some apparent misunderstandings surrounding reports of the case, the Parties wish to expressly confirm that the contentions made by AML were those, and only those, made in the lawsuit.  The Parties confirm that that they have amicably resolved those matters, as well as any attendant misunderstandings. 

The Parties will not be commenting further.”

Fisker Thunderbolt ProjectWill Aston Martin eventually move forward with the Thunderbolt? It could serve to draw attention away from the distracting GT3 problems.

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Colorful New Ferrari App Lets You Build Custom Car Instantly

Visualizing the perfect dream machine build just became easier with a new Ferrari app called the ‘Ferrari AR showroom”. The application allows visitors to Ferrari showrooms to completely customize their favorite models to get a better feel for color, rims, brakes and wheel combinations while making the important purchase decisions. Yes, life can be that rough.
The brief clip above shows the Ferrari AR showroom app in action:

The Ferrari AR showroom app is used on tablets in the showroom, eliminating the squinting associated with smaller devices. The app was created by developer Zspace with input by the Horse, of course, to provide a more in-depth and visual experience at point-of-purchase. Will it decrease the number of customized eyesore decisions cruising the streets wearing the Ferrari badge? Unknown. Will it offer a glimpse at what a buyer thinks will look good in their mind before making a potentially tragic mistake? Indeed.

The Ferrari AR showroom application at a glance:

  • Brilliant 3D tracking created by augmented reality specialists Metaio
  • There are 7 feature spotlights to choose from, including a unique x-ray view depicting engine and components. It breaks down further into braking function, with parts popping out when clicked to show pieces.
  • Users can even get a visual of their desired Horse in a wind tunnel setting. Try getting that treatment on just any showroom floor.
  • For the time being, the app is offered for the following 5 Ferrari cars in showrooms: The Ferrari 458 Speciale and spider, the Ferrari FF, the Ferrari California and the dazzling Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari appOverall, technology continues to become the pulse for exotic car companies across the globe, with few being left in the dark. Volkswagen actually used Metaio technology a couple of years ago to provide tech info for the XL1 concept for premium visuals. Is it just a matter of time before these types of visuals are as common as new release photos when new models emerge?

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Sotheby’s Now Owns Part of RM Auctions

Luxury auction house Sotheby’s has acquired an ownership interest in RM Auctions, creating a dynamic duo of great magnitude now dubbed ‘RM Sotheby’s’. Their first joint sale took place in Florida last month with a record $60 million in collector cars changing hands.

RM Sotheby’sSotheby’s and RM Auctions: Game, set and match. 

Sotheby’s now owns a 25 percent share in RM Auctions in a long-term investment strategy to cater to the burgeoning market. Analysts peg the market for collector cars at a staggering $2 billion, making the partnership a seemingly wise move in terms of creating a larger fishing net than those wielded by competing auction houses. This is not the first time the pair has joined forces—recall the ‘Art of the Automobile’ auction back in 2013. That team effort ended in $63 million in sales in just 2 hours, with the Ferrari 250 LM going for $14.3 million. That sale and a few other joint efforts were but the beginning of this now legal union, which is certain to flourish as the economy continues to regain strength.

RM Sotheby’sRM Auctions enjoyed phenomenal success in Monterey last year with $140 million in sales. Because both companies cater to the same types of collectors and there is much overlap, the alliance makes complete business sense. According to RM Auctions CEO and founder Rob Myers: “The partnership that has been formed between RM Auctions and Sotheby’s is undoubtedly the most effective way for us to reach the ever-growing worldwide audience of collectors who take a keen interest in the collector car asset class. No other organization in the world has a client base as far-reaching as Sotheby’s and since we have worked so closely and successfully with them in the past, it makes perfect sense that we form a strategic partnership that creates a truly worldwide platform for collector cars. It’s an exciting time in our company history, and for the hobby at large.” Sotheby’s returned the flattery by referring to RM Auctions as the clear market leader.

RM Sotheby’sAdditional RM Sotheby’s auctions are slated for Fort Worth, Texas, Lake Como, Italy, Monterey, California, London, England, New York and more locations will emerge as they are announced. Sotheby’s will have the opportunity to increase ownership as the relationship grows. Overall, it will still be some time before the entity is only remembered as a set.

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Autonomous Audi Q5 Completes 3,400-mile Road Trip Solo

Audi has been occupied perfecting its new direction on the autonomous vehicle route. The autonomous Audi Q5 just completed a coast-to-coast solo trip from San Francisco to New York, a quest totaling 3,400 miles. The vehicle managed the entire trip driverless, save a 50-mile span through a construction zone. There was a likely nervous human being riding shotgun.
The clip above offers some shots of the journey:

autonomous Audi Q5The autonomous Audi from auto supplier Delphi Corp. embarked on the journey for strategic testing purposes equipped with cameras, powerful laser sensors, radar and other fun gadgetry. The trip was a landmark success, leaving Audi with the knowledge of what aspects of the driverless car are working and where there could be improvements. The sheer mileage that the Q5 was able to navigate solo actually took the company by surprise, as they had anticipated a bit less. According to Jeff Owens, Delphi chief technology officer: “We expected we would be in autonomous mode most of the time, but to be in it close to 99% of the time was a pleasant surprise. The equipment was flawless.” While 99% is not the universal definition of flawless, it is most impressive.

autonomous Audi Q5The Audi Q5 was a model citizen, never breaking the speed limits and collecting approximately 3 terabytes of data across the country. In fact, the only concern in terms of abiding by the law was the vehicle’s reluctance to change lanes when a police officer was pulled off on the side of the road. While there were minor issues with the sensors and cameras, the success certainly outweighed any minor bumps on the road. The technology unleashed in the autonomous Audi is able to recognize specific lane markings, though its sensors get a bit nervous when dealing with large vehicles like 18-wheelers and lorrys.

autonomous Audi Q5The big picture is that Audi has made a significant impact in the driverless vehicle arena, which has also paved the way toward a developing new central computer aimed at drastically reducing accidents. The new technology will be incorporated into newer vehicles in just a few years, according to reports. Hopefully the system has a voice and a sense of humor to rival that of the infamous ‘Siri’!

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Look for the Next-Gen Audi R8 in New ‘Avengers’ Movie

The next-gen Audi R8 will be gracing the silver screen in the next ‘Avengers’ film, Avengers: Age of Ultron. It would seem that Tony Stark has a passion for the model and it will provide plenty of eye-candy among the action!

next-gen Audi R8The 2016 Audi R8 will be flanked by other new family members in the movie, including the 2015 Audi TTS and the Audi A3 cabriolet. The Audi R8 and the much-loved Marvel series have quite a cute history, with the original R8 hitting the screen way back in 2008 for the first ‘Iron Man’. According to Loren Angelo, director of marketing at Audi of America:  “After eight years of successful partnerships with Marvel, Audi aligns with the evolving narrative of the Tony Stark character to showcase the all-new, redesigned 2016 R8. Having been part of the character’s storyline for the past three Iron Man films, it is a perfect fit for Audi to return in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron with Tony Stark driving the iconic supercar in its next generation.” Tony Stark certainly is a perfect fit for the ideal Audi R8 owner, perhaps right up there with Christian Grey of the infamous ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? You know, the youthful, wealthy and easy-on-the-eyes types!

Iron ManIron Man will be upgrading to the next-gen Audi R8

Audi has had the privilege of working with Stan Lee himself, the iconic co-creator of many Marvel superheroes, to design a video that will emerge on YouTube prior to the new Avenger’s film hitting theaters. While there likely will not be any stunts as outlandish as the Lykan Hypersport jumping between 3 skyscrapers like in ‘Furious 7’, the Avengers: Age of Ultron is certain to deliver in the action arena.

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