Shelby Cobra 427, Vintage 1965 Rental in New York

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Tired of the typical exotic sports car rentals like the Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini Gallardo? Didn’t think so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a slice of history with our latest addition: The 1965 Shelby Cobra! 

Now you can scour the streets and haunts of New York with an air of classic glamour and mystery! This is a 427 Shelby Cobra convertible with a gorgeous gray-on-silver racing strip and custom wood steering wheel fitted to a 5-speed manual transmission. The body of this Shelby is perhaps what made it so famous, the curves and lines are so sophisticated yet sporty, a testament to the high-end old-world lifestyle that lives on in New York! 

This classic car would be a stellar choice for a special anniversary, wedding or to make an impression at a business affair. You know that no one else will be arriving in a car like this! 

The 1965 Shelby Cobra rental will make you feel like a celebrity for a day, even Jay Leno owns one! While Jay isn’t likely to loan you his, you can rent a Shelby Cobra from Imagine Lifestyles anytime you please, just call 305-432-3205 for a fasdt and free quote.