Shelby Cobra 427, Vintage 1965 Rental in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the city of the stars, so why not revisit the days of Hollywood glam gone-by in a gorgeous 1965 Shelby Cobra rental LA-style? The very first drivers of this elegant vintage car were old movie stars and celebs, a trend that actually continues to this day—Jay Leno has one parked in his famous garage! 

Face it, Leno will never lend you his 1965 Shelby Cobra, so you are welcomed and encouraged to rent ours! This is an easy way to transform the ordinary red carpet or weekend LA event into something extraordinary and special. As soon as you slip into the Shelby, you will feel transported back into an era of glam and excess…the perfect mood to impress in LA! 

This is a 427 Shelby Cobra with a stylish gray coat finished with silver racing stripes. The interior is a complimentary gray with a stylish wood steering column. Be assured that you are not likely to see another Shelby Cobra on the roadways with you, ensuring that your entrance will be elegant and memorable! 

This is the type of car I picture Marilyn Monroe or a member of the Fabulous Four parading around in, and now you can capture a slice of history and captivate your audience in one! Simply call Imagine Lifestyles at 305-432-3205 for a fast and free quote today, and begin planning your wardrobe for your trip down memory lane!