Bentley Rental

Luxury cars from Bentley, available as rentals below, are built to be grand touring exotics that bellow glamour and sophistication. The Bentley Continental range is quite impressive, especially the Continental GT convertible. The Bentley drop-top, perfect for Miami, Florida, is drop-dead gorgeous and just what every luxury car rental should be. The GTC like the Coupe and Flying Spur, is the perfect balance between luxury and performance. The four-seater, stately convertible makes use of a V12 engine, putting out 550 hp. The GTC features elegant wood-trimmed interiors, Breitling analog chronograph and the latest GPS navigation system. Enjoy luxe interiors and a hi-fi stereo while driving sans top in this luxury rental car. If you’re not into the driving experience, then rent your Bentley with chauffeur. Take a vacation like royalty with an exotic luxury Bentley Rental!

Exotic Luxury Rental Cars from Bentley are Available in the following locations: NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and South Florida

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Chicago Bentley Rental Cars

Everyone wants the finer things in life and the Bentley name signifies everything great about the automobile.  Arguably one of the finest luxury cars in the world, Imagine Lifestyles is proud to offer Bentleys within our fleet of luxury and exotic rental cars in Chicago, IL. The Bentley Flying Spur and the Continental GTC are both prefect choices for navigating ...

Los Angeles Bentley Rental Cars

Bentley rental cars are designed and engineered to provide both style and high performance in a Los Angeles luxury car rental. A Bentley makes a glamorous statement and perfect exotic car rental choice for business or pleasure needs. One of the most popular Bentley rental options for Los Angeles is the Bentley Continental GTC. What better way to experience Hollywood than ...

Miami Bentley Rental Cars

Bentley's are built to communicate the sophistication that a grand touring exotic car rental Miami should display. A Bentley rental is a glamorous choice for a Miami exotic car rental, especially the Bentley Continental GT convertible rental Miami.  This is a gorgeous exotic car, and the convertible option makes it perfect for fair weather destinations like Miami. Other options from the ...

New Jersey Bentley Rental Cars

The only way to drive through New Jersey is in a luxury car rental from Imagine Lifestyles. There is no better car to drive down the streets of Atlantic City than a Bentley GTC. Built to communicate the upscale style and sophistication that a grand touring exotic car rental New Jersey was intended, a Bentley rental NJ dazzles.  ...

New York Bentley Rental Cars

A Bentley is designed to blend sophistication and superior performance cues that you are looking for in a luxury car rental in New York. A Bentley car rental is a glamorous, exotic option, ideal for business or pleasure purposes.  Two popular Bentley rental options New York are the Bentley Continental GT convertible rental NY.  The Bentley convertible rental option ...

Philadelphia Bentley Rental Cars

Philadelphia is a nice quiet city that demands a luxury rental car as your tour the city. Rent a Bentley from Imagine Lifestyles and tour old city, city hall, the Art Museum and Kelly Drive in comfort and sophistication.  Bentley's are built to communicate the sophistication that a grand touring luxury car rental Philadelphia should display. A Bentley rental Philadelphia is ...