Aston Martin Vantage Convertible Rental in Chicago

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Aston Martin has used the Vantage name on various high performance models it has built in the past. The newest model is the sleekest and most agile so far and is definitely one of the finer sports cars on the market today and a perfect addition to our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars. 

The Aston Martin Vantage rental car comes equipped 4.7-liter, 420 HP engine accompanies the sleek design to make it feel like you are flying through Chicago's city streets avoiding all traffic jams and red lights. With a top speed of 175 mph, the Vantage will cruise effortlessly along I-94 on your commute back to the suburbs. 

Take advantage of Chicago's warm summer months with the Roadster and put the top down. Retailing for around $110,000, a weekend exotic rental from Chicagos Imagine Lifestyles is the perfect way to drive in style without breaking the bank. 

The Vantage luxury rental car is classic Aston Martin at its best. Rent an exotic car from Imagine Lifestyles Chicago today.

  • Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Curb Weight(lbs.): 3770
  • Fuel City (mpg): 15
  • Fuel Hwy (mpg): 21
  • Horsepower: 420
  • Torque (lb.ft): 346
  • Wheelbase (in.): 102.5
  • Length (in.): 172.5
  • Width (in.): 80
  • Height (in.): 50
  • 0-60 mph: 4.7 sec