Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine in Chicago

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Are you tired of looking for something more over-the-top than a standard limousine rental? The Lincoln Town Car is also available in the form of a stunning stretch limo! Treat your crew to something special with our Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine in Chicago anytime you want to create a memory that lasts! Featuring oversized dimensions to adequately accommodate up to 10 passengers, the cabin of the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo includes black leather bench-style seating with room for 3 persons per bench, and 4 more along the side bench. The open seating arrangement creates the ideal layout to entertain and enjoy the ride in style. Extending a full 120 feet in length, the Lincoln limousine looks modern and sophisticated-a testament to the superior engineering and design capabilities of the luxury marquee. Exterior opera lights coat the car in a dramatic fashion, a lighting trend that continues into the cabin, where elegant champagne flutes illuminated by LED lighting sparkle. Isnt this stretch limousine the perfect accessory to your evening out in Chicago? Take advantage of the Lincoln Town Car stretch Limousine in Chicago, IL, Miami or South Florida, Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY.

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  • Maximum Passengers 10
  • Full Bar
  • Complete comfort control
  • IPODwith surround sound
  • Dimmer controlled lights
  • Hands free intercom