Aircraft Charter

There is only one way to travel and that is to fly in a private jet. Imagine Lifestyles jet charter service will steer you away from commercial airlines with all of the amenities jet setting provides. Private jets are a luxury experience: Drive your car right up to the hanger, open your trunk for the crew to assist you with your luggage and walk aboard your jet.  Imagine Lifestyles Jet Charters only work with the finest flight crews whose goal is to make sure your flight experience is picture perfect while traveling to your luxurious destination.

Heavy Jet Charter

There are distinct advantages to light jet charters, medium jet charters and also heavy jet charters. A heavy jet provides ample room for around 9-15 passengers, and can scale longer distances than medium sized jet charters. Some larger private jets can accommodate 20 plus passengers. Even though these are large jets, their speed is impressive, shooting you ...

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Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter includes the Eurocopter EC130B4, Bell 206 B III, Bell 206 L4. These are a trio of top of the line helicopters, available to provide one of the most intense private air charter experiences available! The panoramic views from a helicopter are about as up-close and personal as you can get from an aerial standpoint. Factor ...

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Light Jet Charter

Lighter private jets are ideal for jaunts around 3 hours, and for parties of around 5-7 passengers. This category includes a variety of versatile and sleek aircraft models. While a light jet is ideal for both business and pleasure, they certainly are a stellar way to shoot back and forth between corporate offices while avoiding wasting large amounts ...

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Medium Jet Charter

If your group is slightly larger, a medium jet charter is ideal for approximately 7-9 passengers. A medium sized luxury jet can wisk passengers to their destination in enviable style and comfort, with a rage of around 2,000 miles non-stop. These are ideal private aircraft, with the capacity to hold a business meeting in transit, providing a smooth and nearly ...

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Super Medium Jet Charter

Somewhere between medium jets and large jets, you can find the super medium jet class. These are a well-kept secret by connoisseurs of travel worldwide. For superior executive air charters, a medium jet could be your solution. These jets offer a lighter weight than a jumbo jet, translating to less fuel consumption. A super ...

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